Inilah emel yang saya hantar ke Editor, The Star berkenaan kenyataan-kenyataan balas yang membelasah Munirah, Hewi PKPIM.  Kenyataan beliau telah diremeh dan diperlekehkan oleh sesetengah kumpulan wanita yang tiada hala tujuan.




Dear Editor


When Munirah Bahari of National Islamic Students Associaton of Malaysia made statement that our school uniform are sexy, she must have a very credible and strong evidence to support her.   


She must be given room and opportunity to share with the public on the findings and facts the her organization had gathered.  We should give more room for young people like her to express their ideas eventhough it is something that yet to be proved and to be challenged.


We should try to understand her beliefs and from what perspective she’s narrowing from.  We cannot simply put her claim as baseless or irresponsible just because we think as what we think.  


I agree, the victims of rape and sexual harassment doesn’t be the one who are wearing sexy outfits alone, those who are clad in tudung are also the victims, it is not the matter of age neither, an infant of one month may also be victim as well as a grandma of 80 years old.  Even the disabled also was not spared.  The worst side of rape is that even their own daughter – their own flesh did not save from the rapist.  


We might missed some useful information or facts that may reduce rapes and sexual harassment cases if we continue to sideline others discovery.  I strongly urged that Munirah be given chance to explain further on her statement.  After all this is something that concern our daughters and sisters appearance at school.



Kg. Changkat, Gombak




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