Now their turn to guard Istana Negara

Royal Malay Regiment on guard at Buckingham PalaceI dont feel that I should be proud of this “palace guarding” event at all. 
However, my respect to the Royal Malay Regiment for their sacrifices made during Japenese Occupation, Emergency period, Indonesian Confrontation and as United Nations peacekeeping forces are still high and no doubt that they had sacrificed for the nation until the last drop of their blood.  That is recorded and that will definately written in gold ink (tinta emas as we say it in Malay language).
My only argument is that I dont understand what is the rational behind sending our army guarding the palace of someone who had conquered and destroyed our land, our kingdom, stealing our wealth and surpressed our dignity and at the same time insulting and killing our independence fighters in multiple humiliating ways? 
Some quarters even boasting it as the first Muslim regiment to guard the palace… so what?  What so great with that?  Cant you see the mother nature of problem in the world that located in Palestine was because of the ancestor of this “Your Highness” whom the palace that Royal Malay Regiment is guarding now.  We lost Temasek (Singapore), Narathiwat, Songkla, Patani and Yala (Southern Thai) due to the games played by those British officers.
On financial aspect – definately it cost the country a lot.  And on moral aspect – it makes us looks like we are still under the feather of British Empire – we still look at the Great Britain as our “boss” and idols.  We are not 100% independent – we are still under the mentality of the occupied nations.
Remember the Anglo-Dutch Treaty or known also as London Treaty in 1824?  The English and The Dutch agreed on many issues regarding our homeland and they decided as they wish.
Next, the Burney Treaty 1826 – signed between British and Siam which recognized Siamese claimed on Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu. British occupation on Penang & Province Wellesly was recognized and their trading in Kelantan and Terengganu will not be interuppted by Siam.  All 4 Malay Kingdoms was not represented in the negotiation. 
In 1909, another treaty known as Anglo-Siamese Treaty 1909 or better known as Bangkok Treaty 1909 supersede 1826 treaty divided Malay states into 2 parts, which stay until now.  Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu was relinquished from Thailand claimed and taken back by British while Menara, Pattani, Jala, Singgora and Setui remained under Thailand control.  Originally, Setui and Perlis is under Sultanate of Kedah while  Patani, Menara, Singgora and Jala is under Sultanate of Pattani.
Who killed Tok Janggut in Kelantan and humiliated his jenazah?  Who killed Dato Maharaja Lela in Perak,  Who killed Pahlawan Mat Salleh in Sabah and who fought with Mat Kilau and Dato Bahaman in Pahang, who fought with Dato Dol Said in Naning?  Who fought with Abdul Rahman Limbung in Terengganu?  They are all the British.
I’m finished.  Now, I would like to see if these Palace Guards will soon be dispatched to guard our Istana Negara as mark of respect to our Agong, to our kingdom and to our sovereignity.
Kg. Baru
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4 responses to “Now their turn to guard Istana Negara

  1. amin j.

    Nicely written..
    Love your true nationalism

  2. shahrulpeshawar

    Thanks bro. If not us that protect our “bangsa” who else will?

  3. HeroZero

    What of the thousands of British soldiers who defended us from the communist insurgency and help formalized the creation of our federation? what is 130 personal to guard a palace and their queen compared to death by lead in the field? They trusted us with their most important treasure. We are honored to be given such a duty. What is friendship among equals? We forgive but never forget. Enemies can became friends. Its the so-called friends we must be vigilant with.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you did not forget about the 3 Anglo Siamese Treaties that make the Malay land divided. I also hope you did not forget about the struggle of Tok Janggut, Dato Bahaman, Dato Maharajalela, Dato Dol Said and others.

      We are trusted with the descendants of those kings who insulted our kings and kingdoms before… anyhow, everybody have their own opinion..

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