Last Thursday (12 June 2008) I was back in my wife hometown in Kg. Kuala Penor, Kuantan, Pahang.

Nelayan di Penor

While in Kuantan, I normally spend my time with my father-in-law and brother-in-law netting fish.  I’m no expert in netting nor fishing, I’m expert in eating fish only.  However, I like the thrill of pulling the net and the excitement taking the fish out from the net.

My father-in-law is a well known crab trader in Kg. Kuala Penor, he used to market crabs at Chinese restaurants in Kuantan.  But now he’s concentrating more on rearing lifestocks – chicken and ducks.

Back to my netting story, this time, we start our operation after breakfast – at around 9 am, the weather is a bit hot but not a normal hot, a “friendly hot” (anybody else using this word? inspirated from friendly fire).  We move to the location with motorcycle. 

We are heading to a place known to the local as Pokok Nipah.  It is a place where lot of fish will come for food – the biodiversity of this place makes a lot and various species of snails living in the area and this attracted the fish to come.

The Catch

We caught fish known as Talapia – I’ve known Talapia since my  childhood time, however I didn’t know that Talapia keep and rare her babies in the mouth. so when we pick the Talapia from the net, we can see the mother throwing out her babies.

The catch for the day is not as per expected – less than my estimation however, it will surely safe our fish budget for one week.  Anyone out there who wanted to try Netting Talapia in Kg. Penor, Kuantan, contact me – you may stay in my father-in-law compound – build a tent okay…



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  1. 0nG3HH

    sy juga anak jati penor…

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