GHOUT attack

People always said that those with ghout are the rich and famous.

I was first attacked by ghout while working with Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  I remembered one day after coming back from our normal ceramah programme when suddenly my right ankle felt hot and souring.  Someone which I cant remembered tried to massage it and of course it hurts me too much.

After sometime, I realise it was ghout and I inherited it from my father and he got it from my grandmother.  Well, it is a family tradition after all – a gifted tradition by ALlah. 

Previously, when ghout attacked me – I will take ponstan – a pair of blue and white pill (tablet).  It cure you after 3 – 4 hours.  When I was in Afghanistan and Pakistan, I took ponstan.  For your info. medicines are cheap in Pakistan – ALlah bless Pakistan.  I remembered one of my journey to the hilly Azzad Kashmir, a day before I had ghout (in Pakistan you cant escape taking dhal, mutton and meat), what I did?  I took 4 tablets of ponstan and drink a lot of water – plain water and ALhamdulillah in the morning when I woke up – I’m able to walk as usuall.

In my latest trip to Kashmir during 2005 earthquake, towards the ends of my working trip, I was again attacked by ghout – Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir was laughing at me as he keep mentioning that I’m young and yet have ghout… well…

Lately, a friend of my age who also had ghout though his waist and body is less from me by 2 times introduced me with another reliable medication for ghout – he introduced indocit to me.  Indocit is superb – it cure your ghout faster than ponstan.  Once, I felt that my ankle start to pain, I took indocit immediately and it reduce the pain much faster than I expected.

However, my best advise is to control your food consumption and reduce your weight – ideal weight is the best treatment for ghout.  Yesterday, after 10 am, I was again attacked by ghout the latest after almost 6 months without ghout – and my indocit had finished – and the nearest pharmacy has closed.  My only resort is to drink as many as possible plain water, and that what I did.  Today, in the morning – I’m able to walk and run again as usuall.  Drink a lot of water but you must urinate it as much as possible to because the acid is going out with your urine.

To safe you from ghout – dont take plenty of nuts – peanut, soya, dhal etc, do not take a lot of meat, mutton, and sour food or drinks.  Take more on green vegetables and soup.  Adios.

Shahrul Peshawar,  Kg. Baru

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9 responses to “GHOUT attack

  1. Leslie

    I’m a first time sufferer of ghout.I’m now 57 years of age and prior to this I had been active in outdoor activities.What can be the most extreme consequence of ghout? My medical practioner has advised the best way to avoid recurrence is to control my diet – he has provided a list of food that I should avoid or control apart from providing medication.

  2. shahrulpeshawar


    I believe the list of food that you should avoid are all kind of beans, such as soya, peanut, walnut, etc.

    You must also try to reduce consumption of mutton and meat. If you had taken them in large quantity, drink a lot of plain water or some fruit vinegar to reduce the asid uric.

    A lot of walking may also end up with ghout for those who are not “active” in exercise.

  3. zaida

    my father already 63 years old, he suffering with ghout since a few years ago, Its suddenly come and suddenly go, Latest now his in hospital, the doctor said that they goin to do the operation, at his foot. doctor advice him to do the operation after he did not feel any paint, So i need the advice whether after the operation hes goin to fully recovery. thank you

  4. shahrulpeshawar

    Hi Zaida

    I never heard that ghout can be cured through operation. What I believe, ghout can be cured through proper diet and constant exercise. The cause of ghout depends on the level of uric acid in your body.

    I would suggest you to visit this link to understand more on ghout and the precautions:-

    I hope the link will be helpful in assisting your father’s problem, and I dont think that operation can stop ghout.

    shahrul peshawar

  5. Hi,may I suggest Goji Guarana and Tea Roiboss your ghout.

  6. azwa

    Hi… may i suggest u ecpi water to solve your ghout.
    only ecpi..

    any information please call

  7. syed abah

    I was first attacked by gout when I went to visit my construction site in Kuantan. By the time I reached there I just felt like crawling.

    At nite the pain got worse. I just couldn’t close my eyes due to the pain. Covering the feet with blanket was so uncomfortable and painful.

    I had gone to see the Dr twice. 1st they gave me an injection. 2nd time I met different Dr and he recommended not to simply take injection as taking too much strong painkiller will not be good for me especially I am also a diabetic patient. So he gave me Rhemofenax (a pain killer capsule)< Goutnil and urisoda.

    Yesterday I had it again. Thought of going to Convention Centre KLCC to search for computer parts but the tunnel reaching the convention centre seemed to be very far. I just sat at Haagen Dazs seat and had a glass of cold cappachino instead.

    At night I couldnt sleep. Luckily I still had that medicine from the 2nd Dr.
    When I woke up in the morning, some of the pain had already eased but not 100%. I made up my mind to stay at home and it is so boring staring at computer without doing much movement.

    What do u think of the medicine?
    Besides controlling our diet definitely we must have some good medicine at home.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      I normally attacked by ghout after taking meal consist of these mutton, meat and beans including soya. Normally, when I feel the pain coming, I will immediately drinks plenty of water… and urinate it as many as possible as this is the only natural way to get rid of uric acid.

      Sometimes, my method doesnt work – I need to ge some pain killer too and I usually use voltaren – 2 pills is enough. I believe, the best way to control ghout is by controlling your body weight. Once you have ideal body, weight X tall – you will hardly attacked by ghout… yet I still saw some thin people attacked by severe ghout. Wallahualam

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