MERCY’s FUNDS for Cyclone Nargis & Sichuan E-quake

Total Donations Received for Cyclone Nargis: RM 4,016,427.39 as per 18 June 2008

Collection from:

*       Office: RM 1,215,778.15

*       Maybank2u: RM 319,013.87

*       The Star : RM 2,481,635.37

Total: RM 4,016,427.39

Total Donations Received for Sichuan Earthquake: RM 472,750.46

Collection from:

*       Office: RM 472,750.46

Total: RM 472,750.46

shahrul peshawar, kg baru

you can visit Mercy website under Agensi Bantuan Kemanusiaan Tempatan category on right side of the screen.


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