HUMANITARIAN FUNDS – 100 companies

Listed are the links where you may find suitable donors for your organisation – Good Luck

2008 Ranking for world biggest company

as per 2007 rankings


100 muslim companies

100 muslim companies

Do write to their marketing or PR department, I’m sure you’ll get something from them.



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  1. Curtis Hugh Alexander

    Dear Sir,

    Please allow me to introduce my self. My name is Curtis Hugh Alexander. At present I am back in the UK & I would like to know if I can speak with someone with regards to something I firmly believe should be distributed on a World wide scale & not just in the Countries that are benefiting from this Medical break through.

    We are working in close association with a company named Medmira Vitest. We met with the Chief Executive officer, who very kindly flew in from Halifax Canada, also in attendance were the CEO of Vitest who flew in from Switzerland, & Tamba Sam Sumana brother of the vice President of Sierra Leone.

    We held a presentation at the offices of Arup who very kindly aloud us to use their premises for the presentation, there were many people that attended the presentation all with Honourable intentions with regards to the Medmira Vitest medical kits.

    One of the Directors of Arup Mr Peter Connell suggested that I contact you as in his opinion you would see the benefit of what has been developed & may be in a position to help.

    Basically the Medical kits that Midmira Vitest have & that are recognised by the World Health Organisation will determine if a patient has Aids, HIV, Malaria, within in three minutes normally ninety seconds.

    The Medical Kits are inexpensive to produce easy to use & as the kits diagnose more than one possible symptom saving a lot of time & money.

    There is to much to discuss in an e-mail & therefore I would like to visit your premises along with Mr Markus Meile, Karl ready & Dr Louis Beaumont where the kits can be presented to you & demonstrated.

    Two Million kits have been distributed to Nigeria, & our intentions are to distribute in all of West Africa & also get the kits recognised by the NHS in this Country.

    We really need some assistance in what we are trying to achieve & would welcome your involvement with open arms.

    There is a lot of Research & Development that needs to be done on other products that are in the pipeline, there are approximately fifty to sixty products in the pipeline & manufacturing & distribution units through out Africa parts of Europe & the United kingdom, & with your assistance I am hoping we can start to make some changes.

    We have very strong connections in West Africa as we have been operating there for over three years now, Our connections are with President, Vice president, Priminister, or first lady.
    It has taken a long time to gain the trust of the people in the Countries we are operating from & to date we have used our own finance which has been very costly but worth the effort.

    We are not I hasten to add a Charity although this may be an avenue to explore at a later date neither do we operate on a totally Philanthropic basis although the amount of time & finance we have put in is at the moment lending it’s self to philanthropy.

    We have been allocated land in sierra Leone for the construction of a University with campus, also for the construction of Satellite medical centres that will be positioned at 50 mile spacings over the Country delivering medical care to the people that reside in the provinces.

    In Mali, Guinea, & Sierra Leone we have been asked to deliver & present presentations for the homeless(ie) Social housing.

    A full Presentation for this will be ready next week for social housing and developing sustainable communities in Africa – this will be a fully inclusive pack ready to finance – we have an in principal verbal expression of interest from local banks, we have firm interest from a world top 25 international bank – a government contract from Mali with the formal presidential presentation taking place 1st week of July for sign off 2nd week of July – ministerial invitation letters pending for when we are ready from Guinea – Sierra Leon to make the formal presentation – We are in regular dialogue with ARUP & they have expressed strong interest in the projects we are doing in Mali & Guinea & will endeavour to deliver the projects inside our Mali & Guinea company licences.

    I look forward to your response in anticipation.

    Kind regards

    Curtis Hugh Alexander
    01892 616 270
    07735 688 878

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