Questions surround death of Hamas militant

JERUSALEM (CNN) — A Hamas militant was killed early Sunday during an Israeli arrest attempt, but the two sides offered different accounts of how the man died.

Troops surrounded 25-year-old Shihab Nacshe’s home in the West Bank town of Hebron, an Israeli military spokeswoman said.

Israeli troops called on Nacshe to surrender and the two sides exchanged gunfire, the spokeswoman said. Troops then heard explosions that they believe to be from explosives hidden inside the house, she said.

Nacshe was killed in the blast, the spokeswoman added.

Palestinian sources said Israeli troops surrounded Nacshe’s house throughout the night.

When Nacshe would not surrender, soldiers fired inside the house, according to sources. Troops then bulldozed the house, killing Nacshe, the sources said.

According to The Associated Press, Hamas released a statement threatening retaliation “at the time and place we choose.”



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One response to “Questions surround death of Hamas militant

  1. Let them kill one, 10 or 100…. More and more Palestinians get infuriated by the Israeli actions and will seek to replace the dead. Israel should learn from history.. Hitler killing the millions upon millions of Jews, did not annihilate Jews from the world. Likewise, the new Hitlers of Israel, will never be able to annihilate the Palestinians.

    Palestinians have the right to resist occupation – Nazionism – and Apartheid.


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