My first workstation as humanitarian

I was send to Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.  It was back in 1995, few months after graduated from ITM Shah Alam.  I was 23 years old then. 

It was Autumn, a bit cold to me.  I cant read any of the signage as every words was written in cyllyric.  I really missed my family, eventhough this is not my first time staying apart from my family. 

I stayed in Chilanzar, Tashkent and went to Uzbekistan World Languages University (UZGUMYA).  I learn Russky Yezik through formal class and Uzbek gapiring through informal ways. 

I like Uzbekistan.  I like the community – The Uzbeks, The Russian, The Tatar, The Korean, The Kitai, The Jews, The Turks and other inustranie chilaviaks.  I was travelling all over Uzbekistan using various mode of transport without much problems and did not face a lot of trouble dealings with the people and authorities.  

I miss my prepadavatselna, Yvgeynia Nikolaiva who had taught me Russian in a very simple and easy approach.  I learn fast and understand the predlajennia by hard. 

Ochin xarasho gaspadina Yvgenynia, ya ne znayu kagda vasha ya magu smatrit sledushi rass.

Waxpyl Pewavar – I have no Russian cyllyric in my computer


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