I was reading emails from my egroups – yes.. tonnes of emails…, when I suddenly come across one email with title “Jejak Kasih”.

It was written by Kak Nelli, I knew her but definately she didnt knew me.  She was among few female humanitarian activists @ social workers in Malaysia.  She was known to me mostly on the orang asli projects organised by UIA students all over Malaysia. My mentor Br. Ahmad Kamal Ali and Br. Khairil Annuar Khalid had been telling me on all her good jobs on various projects.

I met her in several occasions but we never had any long and serious conversations as we did not knew each other well enough.  However, I respect her very much, and still hope to attend any of her programme to get some knowledge and skills to sharpen and strengthen my vision in humanitarian arena.

Salute to you Kak Nelli



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  1. Martinelli

    Thanks for the complements, Shahrul. Suddenly I found your blog at search engine. Well, I’ve been trying to recall you but, at my age, it’s not easy to remember everything. Salute to you much more…still young but having the heart of gold.

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