Blackwater trained Afghan police joins Taliban

After fighting the Taliban for the past seven years, many working for the Afghan security forces are now switching sides.
Sulieman Ameri and his 16 men were until a month ago serving the Afghan government as police patrolling the border with Iran.
Now they answer to the Taliban and their goal is to drive all foreign troops out of Afghanistan.
Ameri, now a Taliban commander, told Al Jazeera that he joined the Taliban because of what he called anti-Muslim behaviour by international soldiers.
“I have seen everything with my own eyes, I have seen prostitution, I have seen them drinking alcohol. We are Muslim and therefore jihad is our obligation,” Ameri said in the mountains south of Herat.
“Our soil is occupied by Americans and I want them to leave this country. That is my only goal,” he added.

In early September this year, a senior Afghan army official and 50 soldiers have reportedly abandoned their uniforms and joined the ranks of the Taliban.
Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf announced the move in a statement published on jihadi internet forums on Tuesday.

“At 10 a.m yesterday, the deputy general of the border guards, Nur Ahmad Khan Bahlawan joined the ranks of the mujahadeen together with 50 soldiers as a result of a secret relationship established for some time with the men from Nu castle in the region of Badghis.”

According to the Taliban, the deserters reportedly brought two rockets and three sub-machineguns as well as a quantity of money.

The official was working with the soldiers as border guards.




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