Uzbekistan Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Kyrgyz Republic

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Uzbekistan delivered 400 tonnes of humanitarian aid for US$201,000 to Kyrgyz Republic, the Uzbek Embassy in Kyrgyz Republic said in a statement.

The humanitarian aid was delivered in accordance with the resolution of the Uzbek President Islam Karimov on providing humanitarian aid to the people of the Kyrgyz Republic, who suffered from the earthquake on 5 October.

The earthquake with an epicenter in Nura village of Alay district of Osh region brought serious damage to Kyrgyzstan and claimed 74 lives, including children.

The Uzbek Embassy said that the humanitarian aid was delivered to Kyrgyz Republic on 9 October and 10 October. Fourty-four vehicles supplied aid to Osh region of Kyrgyz Republic.

The humanitarian aid includes various construction materials to the earthquake-hit region, including 120 tonnes of cement, foodstuffs, including 60 tonnes of flour, a tonne of vegetable oil, as well as blankets, knitwear, children’s clothes and other goods of first necessity.

Shahrul Peshawar – Well done.  A good neighbor will never let her neighbor suffer.

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