My Journey this weekend – MAT CAT Wedding

I decided to visit my friend – Ghazali Ismail, who at last got married.  The “aqad nikah” (wedding) session was held in Kepala Batas, Kedah and followed by “kenduri kahwin” (bridal party) on the bride side.. all happenned in 18th October 2008.  By the way, the name of his bride is Adillah.

I start my journey to Kepala Batas from Gelugor at 6pm after being told by my friend staying in Lahar Yooi that he was not at home but in his grandma house. I had committ earlier to visit his family for Aidilfitri Open House, in Malay culture that means I didn’t start my journey with my right-side leg (melangkah kaki kanan) or in Sudanese culture that means my horse is not faster enough.

Approaching Gurun, I stopped for a while, looking at the Mount Jerai.  Taking some photos from camera left by Farid (my collegue).  My memory with my previous company NAZA KIA refreshed back.  I used to come to Gurun and stay in Cinta Sayang, Harvard and NKA. Just after the junction to Gurun, rain starts dropping.  Very little at first but suddenly changed into cats and dogs.  Luckily I’ve changed into my raincoats (actually the raincoat prepared by the owner of the motorcycle that I borrowed).

My trip was actually full of nice and green sceneries of kampung and padi fields, and I’m relax cruising the highway straight to Alor Setar but the heavy rain had turned my driving mode into tense, careful and slow. My helmet didnt have the face-visor, so every rain that dropped at my face was so painful as it was needle stabbing. 

Finally, I reach Alor Setar toll (South Exit).  I’m not sure whether this is the right exit.  I asked one rider – TZR Yamaha

“Bang, jalan mana paling dekat untuk ke Kepala Batas?  Utara atau Selatan?”                                           “Brother, which will be the nearest route to reach Kepala Batas? South or the North?”

“Kalau ikut sini masuk bandar, jalan dia jadi rumit, ikut Utara senang je, dalam 10 minit”                       “Here you’ll enter the town, complicated, follow northern route, easy & only 10 minutes away”                     

I decided to follow his advice and after making u-turn and passing the toll gate on the way to the northern route – my motorcylce got stuck.  I couldnt engage the gear.  Hah… at around 8pm, normally in KL all motor workshop will be preparing to shut down at this time, and I’m now in a highway of nowhere, and this motorcycle – Jaguh Modenas is not an easy machine to push, I was so down. 

With a bit of my simple experience and knowledge in motorcycle, I discover that the problem was only a very light one.  The chain was out from the sprocket.  I used to put it back when my bicycle face the same problem so it is just a minor problem to me… but thanks to ALLAH it has nothing to do with gear.  I continued my journey and I pray that ALLAH let me have the safe journey.

I then reached the last toll gate on my journey – Toll Hutan Kampung, just few kilometres after it, I stopped at Masjid As Shahab as the rain was so heavy and the road start flooded.  I ring Ghazali asking for direction.  Then I call my wife, asking her to pray for my safety and safe journey.  I start my motorcycle again… but it was so heavy, how come?  Then I realised, the tyre was punctured.  I look at my watch – which was given by my close friend Azlan Norani, almost 9pm, is there any motor workshop still operating.  I move slowly to the opposite road.  Yes it is motor workshop area, but all shops closed.  I was then told by few people around the area to move forward until Petronas on Alor Setar – Jitra route, after the bridge opposite the road.  I went to the place.  Haah.. I’m lucky, the workshop still open.

I give salam and asked him to assist me.. He replied my salam and regretablly he told me that he did not have any spare tube for my Jaguh tyre.  Argghhh, where on earth can I find the spare tube?  He told me to get it in Tanah Merah, behind Petronas station – I must hurry because the mechanic are not sure whether it is still open or not.  I ask for telephone number of the workshop – the mechanic replied that he dont have it.  I ask for his favour to borrow his motorcycle (Honda Cup) – He gave his assistant motor but the petrol inside it was very little – have to gamble. 

I went to Tanah Merah, praying to ALLAH for HIS Mercy and Forgiveness should I make it that day.  I reach the shop behind Petronas – YESSSS… the shop still open, I get one Jaguh tube and I put a face-visor to my helmet… Now I need to fill petrol for the Honda Cup, then I wanted to get some cash. Lucky the petrol station (Petronas) got one ATM (Maybank).  I have to queue.  At last my turn come, but suddenly the incharge of the machine told me that the ATM had finished the receipts – they need to install it.  I told them that I dont need the receipt, but the man replied the money wont come out should the receipts rolls not installed.  It took me around 15-20 minutes.

Once I got the money, I rushed back to the workshop.  The mechanic had opened my tyre and found out it was punctured due to a nail.  I leave him the tyre and I went to the nearby restaurant looking for something to eat and drink. As usuall – I asked for Kue Teow Kung Fu and Kopi O.

I was so tired and exhausted.  But, remembering that my journey was a for good purpose, to visit my friend weeding – it motivates me to stay put and be tough.  I then reach the house on Ghazali in-laws at around 10.15pm. 

I was so happy to meet him, the last time I met him was in 2004, the previous election.  Then we just exchange calls and sms.  Still with his old style and synical jokes – anyhow I enjoyed it.  We talk about our friends and past experience while being served by his in-laws with Nasi Minyak and Kari Daging. We drink Milo and Kopi O before I asked permission to leave the house.  His In-Laws requested me to stay as it is cold, rainy and already midnite, so better for me to start my journey back tomorrow morning – I agreed with them – I pray before I sleep.  Haaaahaa, for your information I slept infront of Ghazali’s room.. after sending sms to my wife.. I… zzzzzzzzzz.

Tomorrow morning, after Subuh prayer, we went out to look something for breakfast – we found roti canai.  Besides bringing back, we ate at the Warung (shop) too. We went with Ainuddin – brother in law.

After taking photo of the newly married couple with the Jaguh, I continue my journey to Georgetown.  I decided to stop-by at NAZA KIA Academy to say hello to some of my friends however, I met only Nasir.  Before that, I stop at Gurun Rest Area to have some nasi lemak and kopi O – I dont like nasi lemak with bunga cengkih inside – my wife like it but I dont.

Along the way, I took few photos on paddy field (sawah padi).  I really enjoy my journey.

I took these photos on the Penang bridge.

Penang wanted to expand its land, so they do the “tambak laut” project, putting sand into the sea.

I reach Georgetown on 11.30am, Alhamdulillah, everything run smooth and safe. (scenery from my office – Level 52)




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