My Aidilfitri Trip – 1st

Alhamdulillah, It tooks me sometime to compose this posting.  I will start from 1st Syawal – things that happenned. 

Syawal comes again.  After fasting for 30days long of Ramadhan, it was really an enjoyable moment where families meet and exchange news and present besides strengthening relationship and bond among us. (the photo above is my parents and my brothers and sister – 4 of us)

This is my family – Keluarga Pak Ngah


Ramadhan taught us on time management, the importance of time, sharing the feeling of the poor and the unlucky.  Ramadhan too taught us to be responsible for others through zakat fitrah obligation.



Family of my elder brother – Keluarga Pak Besar


Syawal being observed by moon sighting and/or through calendar or taqwim (calculated date on movement of the moon).  Morning of first Syawal started with Subuh (Fajar) prayer followed by Takbir – Allahu Akbar.  At around 8.30am, special prayer for Aidul Fitri will be held at mosque – everyone should attend – men and women.  This is a great moment where we show our syukur  (praise) to Allah for passing the test of Ramadhan beside we can meet and greet others living in our area too.  I missed Aidilfitri in Malaysia 2 times.  (1995 in Tashkent and 2003 in Peshawar).  I missed Aidiladha few times (1995 – Tashkent and 2002 &-04 – Peshawar)



1st SYAWAL – route for the day:  Kg. Changkat – Sentul – Taman Koperasi Polis


Sesi Bermaaf-maafan – Forgiveness Session


forgive me mak… abah…

be a good daughter, be a good mother and be a good wife…

kena rajin baca quran

jangan lawan abi & umi

sayang atuk…

rumahku syurgaku…

jadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah lagi itqan



the grandchildren…

Family Che’Din

those standing are single but some are not available anymore…

reciting Yaasin for Che’Din

Aleya Maisarah – the twin sister of Aleya Mashitah laid here



2nd Syawal – route for the day:  Kg. Changkat – Kajang – Seremban – Ayer Keroh – Pagoh – Tongkang Pechah



As planned today we will be moving to my village first – Tongkang Pechah, Batu Pahat.  Thanks to my wife for her understanding.  It is our family tradition to gather on the 2nd day of Syawal every year.


stop by at Ayer Keroh R&R

mandi-manda dulu, barulah segar dalam perjalanan

My brother lead discussion on family lineage

open debate on theories and findings

the eldest

Salasilah keluarga TAIB bin DALAM


continued in My Aidilfitri Trip – 2nd



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2 responses to “My Aidilfitri Trip – 1st

  1. Nice life journal for your Aidilfitri. May Allah blessing you.

  2. shahrulpeshawar

    Thank you bro. May ALlah blessed you and your family too.

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