My Aidilfitri Trip 2nd

My village is Kampung Bindu located in Tongkang Pechah town which is part of Batu Pahat district.

Everybody in the village is my relatives.

this is our Rumah Pusaka …i’m not sure what it is called in English.

3rd Syawal – route for the day – Tongkang Pechah – Muar – Sagil – Segamat – Rompin – Pekan – Kuala Penor

When we reach Sagil – memory of my school time appeared.  I had climbed Mount Ophir (gunung ledang) for more than 3 times.  2 times while in Sekolah Aminuddin Baki and one time while studying in Institut Teknologi MARA.  All three times the climbing start from Asahan and ended down in Sagil.

Lazy, I took the photo from the car.

We start moving from Tongkang Pechah around 10.30, at 02.30 we already in Rompin.  There are two routes to Pekan from Rompin; one through Muazzam Shah and the other by the side of South China Sea.  We chose the first route, since it is still on Aidilfitri mode, very few shops were open compared to other normal highway.  Finally we reach one restaurant for lunch, my children and Rosemah was so tired and hungry.

We continue our journey along Sg. Pahang, we reached Pekan and straight to Kuala Penor.  Pekan is better known as Pekan, Bandar Diraja which means the Sultan (The Ruler) of Pahang stayed in Pekan.  His Istana (castle) is in Pekan.

Kampung Kuala Penor where my in-laws staying is located by the seaside.  We can go to beach by walking at anytime we like.  A very peace and nice area to visit.  Anyone interested to come can contact me, we can arrange a “homestay” style – or a “tent” style.  You can learn how to catch crab and siput, kepah and kerang.  I love fish netting very much. 

read my posting:

My in-laws also like gardening, we even plant our own vegetables and reared our own poultery.

One more thing, my father-in-law built the house by himself and he’s very proud of it. 

5th Syawal – route for the day – Kuala Penor – Temerloh – Raub – Gombak

We planned to go back to Gombak at 4th Syawal but my mother-in-law requested us to stay longer, so we agreed and we stay one more day.  We took the opportunity to visit the beach and few relatives.

Ahmad and Mashitah was reluctant to go back to Kuala Lumpur, Ahmad was protesting because he believe we should stay longer in Kuala Penor.  He was kind of orchestrating a demo ala Hindraf together with Mashitah.. hahahahah.. but as usual, the FRU kindly give only 5 minutes to disperse.. and he was disperse with tears… so sad.

We planned to visit Rosemah’s friend Aimi in Temerloh if time permitted.

This area is known as “Pokok Bakau”,  lot birds and ducks playing and resting in the area.  I usually netting fish in the area.  The catch was marvellous.

on the way to Temerloh, we stop by at Mentakab to rest… I was so sleepy.

After visiting Aimi in Temerloh, we start our journey back to Gombak, but the road was stuck with heavy jammed.  So, we decided to divert our route to Raub – have our dinner and continue our journey using old Gombak- Kuantan route.  Very few vehicles using this road, we escape all the jammed, no toll, happy journey and nice scenery. I usually use this alternative route – you’ll passed Janda Baik – Genting area – Alang Sendayu.  End of my Aidilfitri journey.




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