Mercy Corps aid worker killed in Somalia

A Mercy Corps staff member in Jamame, Somalia, was shot and killed while walking in town on Saturday evening local time. Mohamed Osman, age 44, was a Somali national and a principal program officer for Mercy Corps’ work in southern Somalia.

Mercy Corps is saddened by this tragic incident. We are mourning the loss of Mohamed, who worked tirelessly to build a better future for his country, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Local authorities are investigating the incident. It appears that the motive was criminal and there is no indication that Mohamed was targeted because he worked for Mercy Corps or more generally for an international aid group. Mercy Corps’ Crisis Management Team, made up of the most senior executives in the agency, is monitoring the investigation.

All other staff members in Jamame are unharmed, and maintaining their safety is our most important responsibility. Mercy Corps’ work in Somalia will continue uninterrupted.

We remain unequivocally devoted to helping the people of Somalia. Since 2005, we have been helping communities in the north and the south to build the foundation for long-term recovery, peace and economic development. Our South Somalia Livelihoods Recovery Program, which Mohamed managed, enables people to earn more while building vital infrastructure for their communities.

SHAHRUL PESHAWAR – I condemn the killing.  The Police should make sure those involved in the killing to be punnished.  It cost a lot of effort and time to train a Humanitarian.


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