I did not monitor closely on the bn component parties general assemblies, but I cannot close my eyes and say nothing. I have to share something which I feel need to.  After all, this is my country…



It is so interesting and surprisingly to notice that those who are clearly convicted of having various scandals, and their moral are questionable still got position within the parties and being nominated for better and higher posts.


Love is blind but political members are blindest (hahaha… check it in dictionary)


In MCA, someone who even had a “CD terlampau” and he himself confirmed it is him now holding a very strategic position.  I’m not so sure if our Chinese friends are not sensitive in this kind of ethic collision or they are also being fooled by the leaders.


In MIC,another “CD terlampau” was also circulated but the person acting in the CD is getting more support than it should be – amazing – just like what we watch in Bollywood sequence.


In UMNO, someone who had stepped down due to some moral mischief had been nominated for better position. By the way, the man that had been send to the jail due to the matter had now become a Chief Minister in some other state. 


Again in UMNO, someone who had put himself in trouble with a waitress and being investigated by the police and the news being published widely in local newspapers once again stand tall as some “akar umbi umno” (grassroots) still look high on him.


Even someone, who was caught right-handed by police not in Malaysia for money siphon was confirmed on the race. 


Pity, how the rakyat (bn members) still couldn’t see the fox with chicken feathers (musang berbulu ayam) as fox.  They still see it as chicken… 


On the other hand, DAP is learning faster than UMNO on Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar… (in simple word – do good things and at the same time stop the bad things)




Alor Setar



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