Former Chechen commander assassinated in Turkey

Chechen commander assassinated in front of his own home: Sabah
11 December 2008 | 14:50 | FOCUS News Agency

Istanbul. Islam Dzhanibekov, a former Chechen commander, was assassinated in front of his house in the Umraniye district of Istanbul. In September, another Chechen commander was also killed in Istanbul, the Turkish Sabah daily reads.

Returning home with his family after an evening with friends at approximately 22:00, 38-year-old Islam Dzhanibekov was victim to an armed attack as he was getting out of his car. Dzhanibekov died instantly from three gunshots in plain sight of his wife and children. According to police investigations the gunshots hit the victim from a diagonal angle and the weapons used were especially made for the KGB. Known as ‘small special guns’ and used in assassinations, both the SP3 and SM4 models only let off minimal noise when shot.  Police are stating that the previous Chechen commander that was murdered, Gazhi Edilsultanov was also killed by a 7.62 gun and the
same weapon might have been used in both murders. Dzhanibekov, who had been residing in Istanbul for six years now, and known for moving numerous times, had been living in Umraniye for two years and was involved in the blanket business.


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