KUALA TERENGGANU P036 ELECTION – Is not winning but pride…

I’m not a political analyst or borrowing my ex-boss favourite word – political scientist, but I’m just an ordinary man who are looking into things and events as it is.


UMNO has no other choice but to win this by-election.  If not it will be a bye-bye election for them.  The election will become benchmark for umno as they had suffered a lot since March 8, General Election and  Permatang Pauh by-election.  UMNO can predict their future whether it is bright or a bit blur. 

Najib definitely will work hard to make sure to umno fan that he can deliver, that’s all, nothing much.  While Pak Lah, who was planning to step down might not involved full force in the campaign, this time Pak Lah definitely will come as election tourist, visiting some of the Bilik Gerakan and handing over something to the rakyat.

UMNO is struggling to convince its own supporter that they are still intact and in good shape despite all problems, conflicts and controversies between various fractions within the party due to power shift.  Wanita UMNO problem is a big headache though through lips both Rafidah and Shahrizat agree to cooperate… hihihi it sounds like a fox promise not to eat chicken.  Voters will also confuse because so many UMNO leaders especially those who will contest in the next UMNO AGM will take this opportunity to capture as many as possible coverage than the candidate himself.  It is worst than last Aidil Adha – where some UMNO leaders were shown in TV performing hajj, joint the takbir program etc. 


UMNO is under pressure as PAS has still keep mum on who will be their candidate in the election.  UMNO need to know who he/she is as they need to have enough time to tarnish and blackmail that guy reputation. Desperate of winning – UMNO using their official media (TV3 and RTM including Bernama and NST group) start hitting the bush – and they got something – hudud issue, open dance, new car for pakatan states, Kelantan GLC matters and others.  Not enough, Najib start much earlier announcing tonnes of promises on ringgit and sen to the rakyat of Terengganu as if the money all belong to him.  Price of petrol suddenly drop as if they had been concerned on the rakyat plights all this while.


PAS on the other hand couldn’t take this by-election lightly, though the mood is there and furthermore the wave after P44 – Permatang Pauh was secured for Anwar Ibrahim – the setback and non-confidence especially on the Federal Government take over, Malay and Islamic issues including performance of some of the Pakatan Rakyat states and some of the YBs performance and attitude might have some effect too.  The smear campaign combined with various UMNO trademark during election – such as – pengundi hantu, pengundi pos, duit kopi, turap jalan, beras, kain pelekat should be penetrate and curb as much as possible.


During 8th March General Election, PAS candidate Mat Sabu was defeated by a slim majority that is only 600 plus.  He was challenged by UMNO and a one-woman show – Makcik.  Bear in mind – on 8th March the wind of change is so strong and warm but now it is almost reaching antartica – slow and cold. The candidates from PAS must be someone who can deliver – being a local or not local is not a too big issue.  The one who represent PAS in this election shall be seen representing the new breed of “new politics of Malaysia”.


There are also some difficulties in Haji Hadi part to select the right candidate for this election as everybody has the qualities needed and experience deemed for this position. Anyhow let the PAS President take his time until new year eve to make the announcement.


UMNO will definitely play the sentiment of Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu as their number is quite big and may jeopardize their effort to retain P036 seat.  Beside ISA, the best next is divide-and-rule policy legacy of the British intruders that BN still needed to ensure their survival.


Let the voters decide whether UMNO still needed or PAS should be given chance.


Shahrul Peshawar

Alor Setar



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