Gaza Images: Beit Lahiya UN School

Today, international journalists are finally inside of Gaza, listening to those who are still pulling decomposed bodies from the rubble. Yesterday, CNN played Obama and the party in DC all day. Tomorrow, we will all be watching Obama’s inauguration on the news. We are no longer told the stories of Gaza, such as the story of Amira Al-Girim, who slept in the street alone for two days with a badly broken leg, until she pulled herself into the house of a journalist and was discovered.

On Saturday, Amnesty International’s team made it into Gaza, and has reported documentation of Israel’s use of white phosphorous. Bare-footed children were “running around lumps of still smouldering phosphorous.” Remember that MHMD’s uncle said they were simply burying the toxic chunks in the sand, without another way to dispose of them. Houses were also vandalized by Israeli soldiers.

Saturday was also the day that Israeli tanks shelled the UN school in Beit Lahiya, where 1600 civilians had sought shelter. Below are images from the attack on the Beit Lahiya school, to which the Israeli army had exact GPS coordinates. I ask you to look at them to understand a tiny bit of what it means to use white phosphorous in the most crowded area in the world, and what it means to shell a UN makeshift shelter.

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2 responses to “Gaza Images: Beit Lahiya UN School

  1. Ir. Sulaiman Bin Hj Abdul Rahman

    The Israeli army is not a gentlemen fighters…! They are ‘purely-damned’ cowards. Killing and fighting a group of unarmed people especially kids, women, senior citizens, public etc.

    Their behaviour is similar to the blood-sucker devils which controls American people by holding a string at their nose.

    To tell the world who are the real warrior, provides Palestinian people the same and equal weapons, training, support & facilities to face this bloody coward army.

    Lets see who are the real MAN…!

    May Allah bless all the Palestinian people and jihad to all Hamas military. The final destiny and final words from Allah for all of you is HEAVEN..


    • shahrulpeshawar

      Next step, HAMAS should spend some research on R&D. Find ways to jammed the electronics equipments used by Israeli Defence Forces, Israeli Air Force and Israeli Navy like what Bosnian and Chechnya fighter did. Insya Allah, instead of the guided bomb dropped into Palestinian territories – it shall dropped on their own people.

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