Homeless Palestinians squeeze into tents in Gaza

By Andrew Hammond

HAY AL-SALAM, Gaza Strip, Feb 5 (Reuters) – Thousands of Palestinians are living in tented camps after Israel’s three-week assault on the Gaza Strip, hoping for a swift end to Israel’s blockade so they can rebuild their homes.

Aid workers said on Thursday at least 16,000 people have found temporary accommodation in 10 camps set up in districts laid to waste in a war that local medical officials said left around 1,300 Palestinians dead and more than 5,000 wounded.

But conditions are cramped, with several thousands of tents held up at border crossings from Israel into the Gaza Strip.

Israel has limited supplies into the coastal enclave since Hamas Islamists took control in fighting with the Fatah group of U.S.-backed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

“I worked for 28 years as a teacher in the United Arab Emirates and I put it all into this house,” said Yousef Abu Eida, pointing to a collapsed concrete mass behind the tents in the Hay al-Salam district of Jabalya refugee camp.

“I lost everything.”

Aid agencies have handed out blankets for the cold nights, when the camp residents gather around log fires. So far, latrines have only been installed in some of them.

But with no formal ceasefire in place between Israel and Hamas, they say they don’t feel safe. The Israeli border is visible only a short distance away.

“We can’t sleep at night. We’re afraid the tanks will come back. They (Israelis) say they want this area as a ‘safe zone’. People are frightened,” said Bashir Khidr, who shares a tent with 20 other people.


As he talks, children navigate the concrete slabs and twisted iron and steel of collapsed homes.

Building materials are banned because Israel says they could be used for making rockets fired into its south.

“We ask European and Arab countries to open the crossings to allow building materials in and humanitarian needs to give shelter to thousands,” said Diab Dhumeida, a charity volunteer.

He said 450 families lost homes in the Salam district and another 340 tents are needed to give each a space of their own.

Aid pledged by countries around the world has only trickled in pending a deal between Israel, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Egypt, which borders Gaza on the south.

Khalil Abufoul, head of disaster management unit at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, said that 800 to 1,000 trucks used to enter the territory daily before the 2007 Israeli blockade.

“During the war it fell to 50 to 60 trucks a day — now it’s about 100 to 120 for different organisations and companies,” Abufoul said. “For me this is not humanitarian access, you need more flow than before but the flow is very little.”

(Editing by Samia Nakhoul)



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15 responses to “Homeless Palestinians squeeze into tents in Gaza

  1. I guess they shouldn’t have let hamas uses their homes as weapons dumps, command posts, sniper pits, kassam launch pads, GRAD launch sites. Bunkers etc…… oh but hamas didn’t give them the choice,,,

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Hi robert, if IDF have the balls to fight HAMAS hand to hand without support from Apache or Abrams why not? If the US is not backing Israel, I think they even didnt know how to manufacture a needle.

  2. we did hand to hand with them. the choppers were there to take out the rocket launchers etc.

  3. and why did the brave Hamas fighters sip off their uniforms and dress in civvies and hide like little girls?
    you call them brave? as they hide behind women and children? you call them brave as they wired up homes as booby traps while the civilans inside knew nothing of it till the IDF showed them what those so called brave SOB’s did?

    • shahrulpeshawar

      and why did the well equipped IDF still hiding behind Abrams after the chopper had done the bombing job? By the way did the chopper manage to dig out all the rocket launcher? na na na

  4. Abrams? we don’t have any Abrams here sonny jim,

    you and your hamas buut boys can have their we are braver then you are love fest all freaking night long but what it comes down to in war is this,
    who dies and who walks away,
    hamas is still digging it’s fake fighters graves. they didn’t win a thing and what you call bravery most people call stupidity

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Robert – I thought you know that Merkava is a prototype of Abrams… better call it Abrams than Merkava. How you determine brave? A group of fighter, which is less than a battalion manpower can prolong the war.. though you use all kind of weapons, traditional and modern – you still cant stop them… and their rockets is still flying far and far… deep inside your town. One thing you should know, it is getting more precise from day to day…

  5. Ifigured you as not to bright and actually find you even worse,
    the abrams is americas MBT which has a rear mounted Turbine engine . no rear crew acess and is slightliy square edged in all the right places/
    the Merkava series MkI MkII MkIII and now MkIV are all Israeli made Israeli designed and only in Israel except for 1 Mk2 that is in Beruit.
    engine is in front, right side of driver has crew/troop door in the rear. noting about it save the ammo was designed in the states
    if you are going to open a pie hole about something know the subject… if not keep the pie hole shut or flies might lay eggs in that mess

  6. I love this head injury crowd of know nothings.. it just makes life so easy for the rest of us.

  7. since you now show total stupidity when it comes to anything Israeli. here is a site for you to bone up on the Merkava,


    if you still think it is american after reading this then go see a doctor.

  8. shahrulpeshawar

    Come on Robert… dont be too angry. Anyhow I appreciate the website you forwarded to me.

  9. Stupidity amuses me,,,, you are very funny!

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