umno – it is not bye-bye but good bye…

UMNO is struggling to convince their own members that the party is doing the right thing by removing the bad guy from the party hierarchy.  UMNO is trying to repackaging and rebranding itself into something smell better and look nice, however it still doesnt sell well. 

UMNO had been trying to potray a responsible and caring image to the nation.  However, until today, they still cant persuade Malaysian.  The benchmarks lies on the result of two by-elections – Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. It become more difficult after the coup-de-etat of Perak State Government. 

After trying damn hard to convict Anwar Ibrahim with various allegations which failed,  they change their style and strategies – they put their own members on trial and trap.  Accusations on people like Azalina, Norza, Ali and others are part of UMNO Public Relations activities.  It is just like playing Russian Roulette, your luck will decide.

My concern is simple, previously UMNO had suspended Isa Samad on money politics, at that time, Ali was second after him, how did the disiplinary committee had missed Ali then?  They could stop him before this. Ali is not new with this kind of game.  It is an open secret in UMNO.

From where they got tonnes of money if it is not through their position and connection?.  UMNO did not provide the money directly – it is through channels and canals.   Those who are in the comfortable seats are the one who are able to dictate and communicate for the ransom.  For whom these tonnes of money for?  It is for the downline who had been all the while loyal to the leader who feed them, who fullfil their needs, who absorb their burden, who bought their vote…  Who cares? 

Instead saying bye-bye! to UMNO, I would rather say Good Bye!

Shahrul Peshawar


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