Trip to Bukit Selambau


I was in Bukit Selambau for a straight three days.

I’ve seen many interesting scenarios and points to share.

1.  As usual, plenty of “Election Tourist” – people who came just to register that they had been in Bukit Selambau.  They will visit all the “Bilik Gerakan” as if they are the Wakil Calon or the candidates themselves.

2.  Traffic Jammed – As expected – outsider and party workers are coming with their own vehicles, took almost all parking space available.

3.  Independant Candidates, some of them are well equipped with basic election machinery – “bilik gerakan’, posters, buntings, bodyguards etc. This time it is not like the “Makcik” who contest with Mat Sabu in 8th Mac 2008 – Kuala Terengganu.

4.  “Sponsored Bebas Candidates” – Very simple – I did not meet anyone in this world who will throw his money down to the drain.  If it is someone else money – it may be.

5.  Again, why I said that Bebas Candidates are sponsored – someone had been organising their “Ceramah Perdana”.  So funny when all Bebas candidates sit in the same stage and asking voters to vote them while they themselves are not united.  Anyhow, I didnt go to that Ceramah Perdana.

6.  The real fight definately will be narrowed to Keadilan and BN.  Between the eyes and the “dacing”.  I dont think the “ayam jantan”, “kelapa sawit”, “bas – not pas”, “gerek”, “kepala harimau”, “buku” and others can be the voice of the grassroot…

Shahrul Peshawar


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