PM… what does it stand for…

PM stands for Perdana Menteri in Malayia and Prime Minister in some countries. 

PM described by wikipedia as below:-


[edit] People


[edit] Computing and Internet

  • Pac-Man, character, video game, and TV series
  • Paper Mario, game for Nintendo 64
  • Particle Mesh, an algorithm for calculating the potential of a system (used in computational physics).
  • Perl module, a discrete component of software for the Perl programming language.
  • Personal message or private message, a type of e-mail within community sites or chat between two people.

[edit] Business

[edit] Media

  • 3pm, a former New Zealand children’s programme
  • PM, an ABC Radio national news magazine programme
  • PM, BBC Radio 4‘s long-running early evening news and current affairs programme.
  • PM, a politically leftist U.S. newspaper in the 1940s
  • PM Magazine, a news programme broadcast in the US from 1976 to 1991
  • Perry Mason, a fictional defense attorney
  • Popular Mechanics, an American magazine devoted to science and technology
  • The Peoples of Middle-earth by Christopher Tolkien

[edit] Transport

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Music

  • 2PM, a seven-member boy band from South Korea
  • 4 P.M., an American male R&B group
  • P.M. Dawn, American hip-hop act

[edit] Other

Lastly, PM in Malaysia also known as Perempuan Mongolia… opps…




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2 responses to “PM… what does it stand for…

  1. Hamba

    Pembawa Malapetaka aka Madey!

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