I turn my back to the Police Force


I really dissapointed with Malaysian Police Force.

The way they react to the Pakatan Rakyat and rakyat as if they are the tugs and terrorists.

I was so shocked that despite claiming that they are among the best and most professional force in the world, they still did what third world countries Police did.

They even pull people from a coffee shop – so desperate to show power.

They are the one who stir our peaceful country by not doing their job properly.

I wonder how many police had been stationed in Ipoh on 7th May 2009 – for the sake of pulling down a legitimate state government.

and WE knew, EVERYBODY knew, THE WHOLE WORLD knew – that Malaysian police failed to curb Mat Rempit, Drug Addicts, Pirate VCD and still they couldnt solved Nur Jazlin case.

What a shame.

Contrary, they spend all their mights and machineries to stop the up-rising of the people.  They use whatever power remains to instill fear to the people.  They use maximum torture to the people.  They are the one who denied the rights of the people.

Pause for a while – where are in the world now the most mighty Romans?  where are now the police of Shah Iran?  where are they now?  They have gone when the people rise and fight for their right.   The same is waiting you PDRM!.  Once you become a pensioner – you will know how high is the sky and what the blue uniform can provide you then.

Your salary was paid by the rakyat.  Your duty was to protect rakyat.  Your heart should side with rakyat.  You are not paid by BN, you are made slave by them.

I’m not scared.

Shahrul Peshawar, Alor Setar


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