NIZAR still the Menteri Besar of Perak

Malaysian court is still not FREE yet.  It is only that we have a “Judge with brain and heart”.

Do not jump the gun too early, it may kill you.

Politics is about perception.  Remember that!.

Politics is full of surprise… and this is another surprise from Najib, after he freed so many ISA’s detainees.

Keep yourself with latest information, remember not to believe all “Media ARUS Perdana”

Keep yourself update with reliable and authentic sources.

In next 24 hours, Perak can be something else.




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2 responses to “NIZAR still the Menteri Besar of Perak

  1. Salam, sheikh.. thanks for the reminder… ana setuju dengan “do not jump too early”. Mai la blog ana. Ada 2 updates on perak. Jom la pakat komen. Tq.

  2. Salam sheikh… Thanks for the useful reminder. Do feel free to visit my blog. Got some stuff on perak latest updates.- Mikael

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