Stop Killing Malay Muslim in Southern Thai


Referring to the massacre of Muslim in a Mosque of Cho Airing district.   Al Fatihah.

Thailand should understand the attitude and behavior of Malay Muslim.  Malay Muslim is different from other races grouped as Thai Muslim.  It should be clear that Malay Muslim did not consider themselves as Thai Muslim.. they prefer to be known as Malay Muslim.

The signal is very clear, do not force them to become Thai people, become a Siam.  They have their own identity, own culture and own language.  Do not force them on these matters. 

Thai government may coined it into development or rebuilding or whatever program under the government, but as long as local or the Malay conceive it as a ethnic identity denial – the fighting will continue and will be more systematic and organized.  Malay people are well known fighter and die hard to the Thai government.

Change your policy on education and social especially on southern part of Thailand.  Learn to respect the heart and mind of the people in southern.  Malay in Malaysia is not happy with the situation and we are closely following the development on Southern Thai.

Understand the Malay and you will solve the problem.

Shahrul Peshawar, Alor Setar



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2 responses to “Stop Killing Malay Muslim in Southern Thai

  1. Thailand

    Malaysian= STOP interfering in Thai affairs.Sort OUT your own malaysian affairs first by RESPECTING the other races and their culture.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      MALAY is not Thai affairs alone. MALAY is our affair too. MALAY is the biggest race in the region. SIAM have to learn how to respect others. You may do whatever you like with BURMESE, CHAMP, RAKHINE, MON, VIETNAMESE and others but not with MALAY – dont mess with us – In Malaysia other races are free to practice their own culture. They can live with their language, their names as they like, they may have their temple built, they may open their own school… we did not FORCE others to SPEAK and to DREAM only in one language as you are forcing it now to our Malay relatives in the Southern Thai. Get your fact right Mr. Tiedland!

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