Michael Jackson buried as Muslim?

mikaeel jackson

Al Fatihah to Mikaeel.

Surah 39, Ayah 42 “It is Allah that takes the soul (of men) at death; And those that die not (He takes) during their sleep: those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back (from returning to life), but the rest He sends (to their bodies) for a term appointed. Verily in this are signs for those who reflect”

I have no idea whether he will be buried as a Muslim or not.  If it is, He will be doing a great da’wah by reminding people of the world that no one will escape from death and there is Hereafter worth to ponder.

All the best my brother.

Shahrul Peshawar.



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321 responses to “Michael Jackson buried as Muslim?

  1. makaeel is a muslim name and he is a muslim and i believe in him that he is a muslim

    • mikka

      i really hope that m.j will buried in islam. i love him so much,i alwys feel like hi’s not dead yet.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • samah

        yes….ur right……..its really hard to believe that m.j is dead……i also wish that he is burried as islam….

    • N.H

      OK you ppl out there Michael Jackson is not a Muslim.
      He refused to convert to Islam.
      MJ is not going to be buried like muslim ppl get buried. You guys need to let the man rest in peace and stop making up and saying stupid stuff about him.
      Makaeel is a christian name by the way.

      • ali

        no it is a name of one of the angels

      • don’t talk rubbish dear remind u dat michael jackson av established himself as a muslim n ur words doesn’t make any difference bcoz it is clear dat doesn’t make u happy dat he has converted to ISLAM.so better shut ur mouth rather dat to say nonsense.our dear brother av been choose to b in the right path in the last couple of days in his lifetime.bear in mind dat anyone know wat was the private ceromony dat was held by his relatives.may be they have performed the salat_ ul jannazah who knows.may the almighty bless him n forgive all his bad deeds n surely we’ll meet one day in heaven (JANNAT UL FIRDAUS.ameen.

      • Aishah

        Mikaeel is the name of one of the angel and also a god name in Islam. FYI, christian and islam shares many things. Only when the christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, then these religions broke into two. But Muslims trust in the only Allah. Christian also knew Allah right? Plus, I think Mikaeel was chosen by Michael because it is sounds like his real name..Whatever and whoever Michael was, I will forever love him because he was a very good person with pure heart..

      • Noori

        xuse me mister he was a muslim n the humd he recited was a clear avidance tht he wasa muslim..u get a lyfe man..n jus chillax let his family decide at tu du…n by the way hes mikael no….!!!!

      • Aisha

        Why are you being so rude?? there’s no need to swear like that!! Stop giving off a bad image of islam! If hes a muslim then rabana yar7amhu n grant him a place in jennah.. if not then he’s not. Simple as that.

      • sarah

        makaeel is muslim
        and makaeel is a muslim name not a christian

      • Ash

        He was not a christen. He was some sort of Jehovah witness.

      • Muhammad

        Micheal jackson is a true muslim,if your father or you can convert him to a christain, why not do it since he is alive.Stupid animal, useless in the dustbin.

      • rodney

        i just think that u need to keep ur mouth closed and stop speaking for him .
        i mean come on the only thing u said is not not not witch makes it look like u dnt know wat ur saying

      • zede

        dude both of you are wrong in all senses
        islam and christianity debate:
        mikaeel,mikael,michael all these names are actually 1 name and you choose how to spell it yourself

        christianity and jewishism (not well versed in jewish as yet, i appoligize if some words offend you ) and islam:
        in the torah it speaks about the jews and moses
        in the bible it speaks of the torah, the jews, moses and jesus
        in the quraan it speaks about all of the above in addition of muhammad and the quraan
        who knows probably islam is the newest testiment of faith

        michael as a muslim:
        eh ?if he is he is if not oh well
        we won’t know for sure so let it be

        and dude who wishes michael to see him in the after life:
        how in allah’s name (haha i fooled you allah means “the god” and christians and jews or anyone who isnt a muslim and speaks only arabic must call thier god/diety by allah/illah)
        are you sure you’re gonna get into the highest level of heavan with michael for all we know when you are shown your final place it may be hell ( but it said in the quraan that every one who says there is no god but the god (single god ) and muhammad is the final messanger/ misiah or whatever you wana call it)
        but you may enter hell for a period of time for verbally assaulting another religion ( need i remind you the prophet shared a mosque with christians ) (have you freakin watched my name is khan , you sound like the guy sharuk stoned and called shaitaan )
        oh and dude who i just showed your faults know i’m just a casual 14 yr old youth who knows more than some of you idiotic muslims that follow and eat the other man’s s#@t and accept whatever he tells you in friday khutbah and not do ijtihaad ( like that guy who was slaughtered for calling himself a muslim and going against what some idiots preech and he said “ana al haq ” ( i am the truth) and when they got mad and slaughtered him his blood sprayed on the ground and leaked and said ana al haq. bet you didnt know that.
        and i accept and believe in the phrase there is no god but the god and muhammed is his final messanger . and i proudly say i am a muslim ( a submitter to the supreme being )
        not the same as you

      • Az

        If you’re not statisfied,I have nothing to say expect to pray to the only God, ALLAH. Do you muslims agree with me ?. Please comment

      • Naziba Tasnim

        Please, no racism here. He’s just trying to discuss his own opinion.
        Let him be; you can’t actually FORCE someone to agree to your opinion, can you?
        And N.H, you’re being too racist. I’m not saying you to burn in hell or something, but..exactly, why the hell did you comment anyway? You could have ignored this site, am I right?

        Muslims are not meant to fight with anyone, so don’t fight.
        Also, Christians shouldn’t be too racist. Just ignore this website if you don’t like it.

        I am a muslim, but I doubt that Michael Jackson is a Muslim. Oh well, Allah knows.


      • Mel

        I ain much of a religious person..but im a thinker and also a talker but at this moment when i read this, (i jst found out bout this site) i dont feel like sayin much, i just feel the need to throw u falcon punch right in the face you fuckin peace a shit you! Yeah thats right, we bad boys are also computer literate nowadays and you put your words as if u know enuf about wat is wat! Lik a teenage who thinks he knows whats best in life.

      • M.J's fan

        Mikaeel is one of Muslim’s angels name.

    • nargess

      oright man shut up with all this crap
      he was a musilm u idioots
      he converted not long ago., there are pictures of him with a shiek, he even got his name changed!
      his brother convinced him into converting becasue jermaine jackson is a very religious and true beliver in islam, he married an afghan women. so stop saying shit about friking micheal jackson, for once in your fukn lives leave the guy alone. if use were really musilim use would belive that he converted because he truley belived in us musilms unlike other people. its hard to convert people. but no micheal jackson didnt do it for fun he had hope and heart. and people should go get a life with there stupid accusations, the guy had money he had everything , media were all jelous n wanted his money obviouslyy!! so get your facts right before use say shit:) all good? its called commen sence . oh n for the guy below makaeel is not a christian name idiot, its a islamic name too duhh, asif someone would name them selfes chritian when they just converted to a musilm :S ROFL rightttt… he never hated anyone, he loved everyone as much as him self. think about it. he had charties and fundraisers to help the poor, he gave money to alot of people.. if it wast for micheal jackson those people woutdnt be alive right now! god .

      • Noori

        muahh nurgess n all u muslim guyzzzz…mikeal was a gr8 person n may ALLAH rest his soul in peace…AMEEN…!!!!

      • mr brown

        i believe that allah knows best at the end of the day allah decides were a person goes hell or heaven, just leave everything up to allah and let him rest in peace now we will all find out on the day of judgement.

      • Aisha

        Theres no need to be so rude.. why r u guys swearing like this? what type of an image r u setting off islam!!

      • sarah

        nicely said nargess… some of these ediots dont get it.. so its better to not waste your time with them lol… but again nicely said

      • Satya


        I think u have to keep ur mouth shut and stop talking B-shit about MJ. U say that he was seen with a sheik and so he is a MUSLIM converted, i can google u a picture that he was with a father and u say that he has reconverted into a Christian , I request you to not talk wrong of a person who had to face problems while alive and help his SOUL to rest in PEACE, Peace for u MFs i know is JIHAAD, I am not talking about that, i am talking about the NATURAL/ORIGINAL PEACE

      • Muhammad

        Thank you brothey,may Allah reward you abundantly.

      • samah

        this is not that main thing we are debating…..the main thing will decide the all-mighty……..he was a muslim or cristian….it doesnt matters . matters that he was a great man and person…..he used to sing for us….and we today we are debating for him……..it doesnt matter yaar…let allah take the main decision…ok………

    • Infidel

      He’s a muslim? Well that explains quite a lot, especially the paedophile antics he got up to. Dirty, filthy religion inspired by hatred and oppression.

      Glad he’s gone so he can’t spout his vile filth (Islam in my Veins) any more. One less mohamedan woohoo!!

    • vishwarup

      I want to advise all muslim…people to be modernised. We can see their population rate is too high…there is either autocrate or violence in any muslim country,, they are born to fight and kill….they must control their birth rate. If the present situation continue the people will not be stand in earth any more than 100 years…So all muslim please don’t make your female as a production machine for children and try to keep only one wife…your female are as a slave. Your eyes are keeping blinded with kuran…Think yourself..

  2. May Allah forgive him. I hope he will be buried like muslims.

    • I wonder why Michael converted to Islam?
      Was it because he was anti-christ or he hated christian leaders and fanatics like so many others?

      • Jack Hartley

        I don’t think he converted to Islam because he hated Christian or something so. I think it’s because he wanted to.

      • floridahiphopolympics

        Well with Michael’s Jehovah’s Witness upbringing more than likely arose a greater sense of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I find most that new him say he was very spiritual in his musical endeavors and his life in general….

        May God bless his soul for he touched so many of our lives in despair

      • naz

        Why are you even posting on this page? Nobody wants you here nor cares for your opinion. It’s people like you that only make this world worse off. Go get a real life and do something good for someone instead of making your mindless comments.

      • muhmad

        no , simply because his bro is muslim, its so that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • rita

        i would say – because Hidayah reachs to whoever welcome it, at no specific time and no specific reason, its for the peace of the heart and reason for living.

      • Shahzeb

        Hi pochp……No he was not anti -christ….Real thing is that Islam is the true face of christianity that Jesus christ brought 2000 years ago…..

      • he converted to islam because he feared Allah The Mighty.

      • Anyways

        well i think what it was was that he had gone through so much in life., how the media practically menatly abused him, and all the disgusting charges on him. And so i think he found real peace in Islam and the message of Allah, it made sense to him. Thats just what i think and then plus his brother Jermaine Jackson definetly had something to do with it. God bless him RIP

      • ali

        Muslims also love and believe Jesus PBUH.
        He is also our propet sent by god to lead his people but after he, God sent Muhammad.
        Like what happened after Mose when God sent Jesus.

      • drs

        maybe he joined islam because it’s the most violent religion and puts down women and felt he needed protection.

  3. Muhammad Shahroze

    I love micheal jackson because he was the first man who started breakdance and this is ma hobby i really like the dance of micheal jackson, is he was a Muslim or not but i m really sad that he has died may God or Allah bless him

  4. Adam A'lateef

    i really wish and pray he is buried as muslim becos that will very good one for him and his family.

    And i use this medium to pray that Allah shoul pls 4give him his sin and make him an inmate of the Al janah.(Amin)

    • Ayesha


    • Jackie

      Michael Jackson was NOT a muslim. His memorial service was clearly a Christian oriented service. I love the fact that Lionel Ritchie sang Jesus is Love and the Pastor prayed in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

      • amanda

        hai jacky,
        dont be so absent minded…your name is jacky already and maybe you are also Jeehova we also dont know. Either MJ is muslim or not, just wait to the next new up coming then. WHY you are Tension? All i Knew, Once you are muslim..they will buried you as a muslim but must be incomplete figure in and out, Come On…
        Leave MJ alone..What kind og god is dosent matter, you are not be there also what…Can you just wait for your turn? You tell me what is the different muslim and non muslim?…it only the way how they gonna put you when the time is coming and how faithfull you are with your god. even tho the Prist and Imam never fighting about MJ why should we bother?..the Law is there, and whatever you do badly out here cant bring down there. and i belived they not gonna buried you in the sky tho…?everybody will go DOWN there and its up to our behavior how we gonna pay our debt there…GOD knows..its dosent mean you are polite person your heart is good also isnt it? Our world life style is only like a drama story..
        May God ( what ever god ) BLESS MJ>

      • =.=

        Dear Jackie,

        youre so overreacting, whats with you and the fact that mj converted to islam? he was the one who converted, not you. so dont sweat it.

      • sg

        Go home !!
        no one cares about what you love honey

  5. lawyermommy

    I do not think he was a Muslim but for all, Christian, Muslim or plain empty unbelieving clowns, they will be faced with the hereafter.
    It is like air, you do not get to walk away from it because you claim you cannot see it.


    • Born Again Believer

      I converted from Mormonism to simple childlike faith in Christ as I became “born again” at 26 years of age. It was a true spiritual awakening moment for me. The Bible says unless ye become born again ye shall not see the kingdom of God. I’m not sure whether or not “MJ” experienced being born again, but I surely hope so prior to his last breath, because I loved him just as if he were a Christian brother, and hope that he spends eternity with the Lord. My own beloved Father prematurely passed at age 35 when I was 8, so I can relate to what “Paris” is feeling; at any rate I was NOT even sure whether my own father had been born again upon his demise. Now, at near age 57, I’m STILL just hoping I will get to spend eternity not only with Jesus in Heaven, but also with my “Daddy” I’ve SO DEARLY missed over all these years…Prayers for “MJ’s” children…EVERYDAY.

    • Born Again Believer

      Notify me of follow-up comments via email, please.

  6. Lebiba Saban






  7. Wasn’t he going to freeze his head or something like that?

  8. Lebiba Saban


  9. Younes

    I hope that he will buried as muslim, because this man have done a great thing to humanity in his life, we hope GOD be merciful on him !

  10. Umiesha

    Bismillah As salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah

    InshaAllah, I really do hope that Michael Jackson was a Muslim. If his brother Jermaine says that he was then al Hamdulillah he was. If that’s the case, may Allah ta’ala forgive Michael/Mikael of his sins and grant him peace and mercy in the grave until the Day of Resurrection. I surely hope that Jermaine will be able to arrange to have his brother buried tomorrow (Sunday) insha Allah. It might be hard to convince their parents to allow this since there is so much going on in regards to the investigation, but it does not help Michael to keep his body outside the grave for longer than 3 days wa na’uthu billah. Let’s all try to keep our duas for Michael that he is shown mercy from Rabbil Alameen! Was salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah…

  11. Umiesha

    InshaAllah, I really do hope that Michael Jackson was a Muslim. If his brother Jermaine says that he was then al Hamdulillah he was. If that’s the case, may Allah ta’ala forgive Michael/Mikael of his sins and grant him peace and mercy in the grave until the Day of Resurrection. I surely hope that Jermaine will be able to arrange to have his brother buried tomorrow (Sunday) insha Allah. It might be hard to convince their parents to allow this since there is so much going on in regards to the investigation, but it does not help Michael to keep his body outside the grave for longer than 3 days wa na’uthu billah. Let’s all try to keep our duas for Michael that he is shown mercy from Rabbil Alameen! Was salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah…

  12. azure

    It is rumored that he converted to some other religion four days prior to his death. Can you confirm if that is true?

    • shahrulpeshawar

      I’m sorry Azure, until this moment I havent got any information on this news and I wish it is not true at all.

    • Alice

      no that rumor is not true.
      They anounced on the radio that they have found out he died as a muslim. They also said that he did not tell the world that he was muslim because he was afraid that no one would listen to his music anymore.

      The only reason he wanted people to listen to his music again was because he was going through alot of financial debts. etc

      So to pay off all his debts he dicided to go on world tour this summer i think. But as you see that never happened because he died befor he could…..

      may he rest in peace~

      • nee

        actually alice.. its jermaine thats muslim. not michael. michael was christian.. know the difference between the brothers and who`s what before you speak or write. ok?

    • amanda

      You can changed wifes or husband thousand times but i dont think so you will change you religion like that..except for some one of akind reason>>

  13. I am Sorry to hear that..
    hopefully MJ will find a happiness in the heaven

  14. I am a Muslim Convert and i hope he will be buried as a Islam. ” Ya Allah ampunkan lah segala dosa-dosa nya dan bertempatkanlah nya bersama dengan orang-orang yang beriman ” amin. Al Fatihah.

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  17. sharmin

    I am happy he was Muslim.

    Allah bless him

  18. maryam

    inshallah if he was muslim he will be buries the muslim way. may Allah bless his soul and grant him a good place in paradise. i really pray that he did die as a muslim inshallah, ill be realii happy if this is tru

  19. Ciphur

    He had accepted Islam.He was lucky that Allah had guided him to the truth.
    I sure do hope too,that he is buried as a muslim,inshaAllah.
    May Allah forgive his soul and have mercy on him on the Day of Judgement and even in barzakh !

  20. Aalia Tabusam

    Micheal Jackson seemed to be a very humble individual!… I hope he did become a Muslim but no one knows.. so people should accept that and let it be and pray Allah forgives his sins. Everyone will taste death his time had come everyone has to go one day. He was a lovely man.

  21. xoZ

    Im not sure if he died as a Muslim Inshallah he did.
    Anyway his brother Jermaine tried to convert him to islam since 1990 or 1991. Dont know if he MJ converted. And About the song ”Thank You Allah”
    It isnt MJ who sings it. Anyway Inshallah He died as a Muslim and Brother Plz Read
    3 ihlas and 1 Al-Fatiha to his soul!

  22. how in Earth you would call him Muslim and he would be buried as Muslim????? you make so much of nothing u stupid and would like to link everthing to Islam… PPL look around you and stop talk about one thing which take you to hell. look at the big picture and see GOD in other ppl faith and belive cos ur Islam is going in wrong direction and unfortunatly you following that…

    GOD may help you in finding the right way and true about this religion….

    • Excuse me?!

      Why are you even here? Respect other people’s beliefs. If you do not like what you’re seeing, then just keep quiet. You don’t have any rights to insult Muslims!

      Of course, in every religion there is God. But in Islam, it’s always Allah Ta’ala. If you don’t like what we’re writing here, then I suggest you leave and never visit this site again.

      • I agree. Who the hell is that. Who is he or she to judge about other religion. I suggest he/she should gives some respect for other people’s believe and leave everything to God. If he or she so believe in God, so what the hell, people can say anything.. just leave it to God, the Creator.. why argue and condemn.. how does that represents the image for the people of their religion.

    • Nadya

      then proof to me that your faith is the truth. how much do you know your religion? or are u just following blindly?! do you even tried to read up on Islam from reliable sources? otherwise stop insulting others just cos they don’t share the same faith as u.

    • Born Again Believer


    • amanda

      i belived…you got no GOD and Religion..NO brain some more> the doctor took the MJ brain for the Autopsy caused of MJ Dead Shock.,and i think you also needed badly coz your brain cant turn and think..
      Who the HELL you are to compare and insult the muslim? you are freaky nuts idiotic i ever heard>
      Bless u U MOST BE BLIND..( no wonder your name like that!) May God put you in a deep shit HELL no 99999999 , down under

    • Mithas

      Dear, who so ever u r

      I want to remind u that Islam is the only religion which is solution for humanity, u have to face the day hereafter, be prepared for that…

  23. habibasays

    CNN reported that an imaam visited his family to talk about his burial.

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  25. Well usually, don’t Muslims bury dead bodies as soon as possible?

    • muhmad

      yeah they do, but jackson i believe he is muslim anyways i dont care coz he didnt do anything memorable for islam!!!!!!!!!



      • In Islam, when someone convert, we coined it as “getting Hidayah” – Hidayah literally means getting guidance or direction from ALlah.

        It has nothing to do with hate or anger. It is purely spiritual journey of someone soul. Michael Jackson is not the first – there are others before him ie. Cat Stevens…

    • Parisa

      Yes.That’s true,but it is not in his ands anymore to decide neither his family.

    • amanda

      Depends how you die and the most important is WHO ARE YOU..come on boy, dont write something that you dont know and out of the blue..

  26. floridahiphopolympics

    Hopefully all will be in attendance this will be a great rennaisance in his childrens life being buried as a taqweena “true believer”.

    Insi Allah he rests in Paradise

  27. Safyan Shah

    I even can’t believe, that he died. Anyways, am really happy to hear that he was a Muslim.

    May Allah Subhanahu WatAla grant him Jannah.

    JazakAllah Kher

    • katie

      Have you heard or watched anything that proves he was a Muslim.Some how i dont think he was on youtube type in Jermaine Jackson interview and hell say in that interview he thought Michael was looking 4 that devine feeling and wouldve converted in the end.I dont think he did tho

  28. Why your guy want michael jackson became muslim?Want good to became muslim?Why ur guys want everyone became muslim?I am really don’t understand.If michael jackson is muslim,your guys know what happend.
    Does muslim teach by allah became self fish and non respect to others religon.I am not sure.U tell me.

    • rita

      to wallace

      if read thru no one knows for sure if he was a muslim or not, for faith is between one and God…
      but for sure it is a great lost….
      my pray goes to him.

    • Hamba Allah

      Do you want to know why? Coz we thanks to Allah and proud to be a muslim and coz of Lakum dinnukum wa liyaddinn…me for my religion and you for yours. It’s mean that i couldn’t help you for your sins and in our next life and you too, you couldn’t help me for my sins and in our next life.

    • amanda

      Hai wallace,,
      The good things become muslim is we DIDNT ask like your question…what a shame!!
      If you dont know, kindly ask the pro bout that>
      I dont think so MJ is selfish and non respect. and i dont think so you can do charity like MJ million and billion…GET OUT from this SITE PLEASE!!!!

  29. muhmad

    i do think he converted to islam, he stayed away of fame for long time, m jackson was a great guy, he wasnt (straight) in his youth!!!!
    but i guess when he hit 45 or something he converted to islam, m jackson was a great singer, but why did he never reveal that he converted to islam?
    was he scared of his fame to cut down ?
    was he scared of his reputation as a christian singer??

    or was he afraid of some criticisms of others artists and singers?

    did he hide his islam because he did not want to lose his title as the “KING OF POP” , how ? because there are alot of islam haters across the world and M jackson as i believe he wanted to end his career in London and as i read in 2012 and to retire and after retiring he was propably going to reveal he was a muslim, and the main reason he didnt say anything of being muslim is he wanted to collect as much money from concerts in uk and europe and maybe middle east as possible,

    love you m jackson

    – i was a former fan of him and i memorized alotta his songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shahrulpeshawar

      I think we should not be too personal on this issue.

      We can positively say that he died as a Muslim and we can also be sceptical by questioning his ibadah and akhlaq while he’s alive. To me, as long as he recite syahadah – he will enter jannah though he will have to go through “many roadblocks” before entering jannah.

      Once someone recite and believe in syahadah (Kalimah Toyyibah), it is our (muslim) fault if he or she did not perform or practise proper ibadah and akhlaq as requested by Islam. We should teach and educate them and not to criticize them and in Michael case, I believe his brother did a lot of dakwah to him and may ALlah bless us for this discussion. Amin.

  30. nura abubakar

    All thanks and blessing with forgivness of Allahu subuhanahu wata’ala be with micheal jackson for his lucky to be in the religion of God, God who has no partner(worship) in his kingdom. and micheal die as a muslim . may Allah grant him aljannah…Amin

  31. nura abubakar

    Is lucky for a muslim a true religion of God(which has no partner nor father,mother or son and family),,,i pray for better rest of brother micheal for converted to islam. God for give him,,,

  32. Sophia

    May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on Michael Jackson and all muslims…… islam is NOT a faith/religion, you cannot seek salvation through it. Orthodox is the ONLY true religion and I pray that someday muslims will come to seek the truth, sadly you have all being misinformed, however it is never to late.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Thank you Sophia. I like the way you preached. However, what make you really sure that Orthodox is the only religion that can save man from Hellfire. Do you really understand about the concept of Religion and GOD?

      • Nur Aini

        Al- fatihah tu michael jackson.. i pray that he will be buried as soon as possibly… the body felt all the pain causes by the autopsy and moving the body around… i dont know how to say this… im very sad that he have not been buried yet….

    • maryam

      i respect what u r sayin, but if u think bout it, how many times has ur bible been altered, quite a few times i believe?! so u tell me, if ur holy book been changed so much how can ur religion be tru, whereas in Islam, not one single word of the Qur’an has been changed. so proof dat Islam is the only tru religion!!!!

      • nee

        maryam.honey understand about things before you speak on them.. the bible was never altered. the only thing that has ever happened with the bible is translation. (Translation means when you take a written text or language in its formal form, and make it easier for everyone to understand) .

  33. I hope he die as a muslim bcs he hate jews.

    • Riku

      not quite … muslims r not the only one who hates jews … many christians also hate jews … but im still glad he died as a muslim …

  34. 1stboybandfan

    Cool quote from the books “The Table” and “The Cattle”. Micheal Jackson converted to Islam before his death, about 7 years ago. I just think it is sad. I just hope someday Judism, Christianity, and Islam can all get along and not have it ending the world in some way. Anyways, I just think it is so sad, I felt so bad, I brought my blog back full force and made a tribute to him, since he encouraged me to do it back in 2006.

    As for my name on here, it isn’t about the Jackson 5, but a boyband from 1998. I like your blog and Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are to both be buried Wednesday at 2 different funerals. It’s sad isn’t it. I respect Islam and I have read the Quaran, a translation of it so I could understand people locally where I live with those beliefs.

    • Dear 1stboybandfan

      I understand your concern and respect it very much. In a way, the source of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is from the same source, from ALlah SWT the Almighty God.

      However it is almost impossible for the three religions to get together as we are sharing different values and belief.

      Nevertheless, I invite you to discuss and argue on any concept or issues in Islam which you may need some elaboration further. If I myself cant answer your question, I promised to get someone to provide the answer.

      May ALlah guide you.

  35. ACDC

    This is crap!, Michael Jackson has never been a muslim…dream on!….this is the problem with muslims they are very gullible.

    check this out http://wikiislam.com/wiki/Fake_Conversations

    Shame on you muslims…

  36. budi

    MJ Is Pure Muslim,because to “Convert” is from Soul, deept hard , let him burry as Moslem

  37. MJLuvr4evr

    I’m not very sure if Michael was really muslim because everytime he recieved a award, he would thank God, not Allah, or did he just recently convert?? But if he did convert, would we all c him in heaven, even if we weren’t muslim??

  38. whether Jackson was a muslim or not, he has already met with his Lord and final deeds on this earth is ended.
    thus if there is prove enough to verify that Jackson was muslim, he mus be respect from the hands of unbelievers who are going to manage his burial, but if there is doubt about his faith. Allah will do the finall judgement on him.
    finally, i am saying u muslims correct your faiths avoid useless things like loving musics and their doers which Allah doesn’t like

  39. I hear about his revert…
    Even..a Islamic song sang by him…[it’s a suspection..i suppose..well, i don’t know really]

    I hope if he is a muslim..he will burried like a muslim…

  40. i think he is a muslim..

  41. I Thank God for everything , if M Jackson is buried like a Muslim or not … Guys the soul is the most important part that God judge. the soul is gone long time.. we just have the body with us so if u want buried like a Muslim or Christianity.
    I love u M Jackson we will meet in heaven.
    May God Forgive u and US

  42. Hamba Allah

    Astaghfirullah Al adzhim…may Allah gives u a hidayah. Bissmillahi Rrahmani Rrahim..By the way i want to ask you! Are you the best man along the human being? So you can freely judge us as muslim like that, huh? Here i tell u, think first before u speak. Look u’r self n ask u’r self who are u? N try to find what Islam is, until you know everything about it before you judge us.

    U should shame on u’r self

  43. assalammualaikum…
    alfatihah untuk mikaeel bin abdulah




  45. yusuf ismail

    i thinks he is muslim

  46. Bruce Ramsey

    If he WAS a Muslim, looks like he was the first Muslim to be going on a 50 gig rock dance tour of moonwalking and girls showing some skin as back-up dancers.

  47. Bruce Ramsey

    “Surah 39, Ayah 42 “It is Allah that takes the soul (of men) at death; And those that die not (He takes) during their sleep:”

    Allah turns people into zombies during their sleep since they “die not”?

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Hai Bruce

      When death come right to your eyes… then tell me whether you will become a zombie or not…

  48. May Allah forgive him and have mercy on his soul. Ameen.

  49. Eva

    What are you people talking baout? Michael Jackson is not a muslim…the guy is a Jehova withness…yall run ya mouth without knowin some one……He will be burry as himself, not as anyone. get your facts right man.

    • shahrulpeshawar



      You are late by 2 1/2 years.

      Michael Jackson is a muslim and his Muslim name is Mikaeel.

      Your religion do not care much on burial as we (muslim) did. Graveyard is another episod in the journey of your soul.

      You will believe when your moment came.

  50. lawyermommy

    Shay Riley aka Evia Moore aka Haima Sal Andersen is an online thug who should be jailed.
    SCUMBAG rodents that steal and scurry around online should be hunted down, tried and jailed. Anyone who says anything different should read the law.

    This woman is evil, spawn of vile vermin breaking into peoples computers, illegally wiretapping their phones, activating the microphones to listen to MY life etc. This thug Shay Riley scurries around online stealing crawling around using the Internet as a pathetic cover. Stealing, lying a low life criminal VILE in the most absolute sense.

    This woman has children and judging from her conduct and the conduct of other Predators like her, this woman and her husband Akbar SHabazz probably sexually abuse and molest those children. If this reprobate, Shay Riley of the “Black Female Interracial Marriage” blog is not tracked down by the justice system those children have no hope and no future.

    This woman is an abject and hopeless failure in everything. Her 15 minutes of fame where she was interviewed for an AP article were based on her lies, fabrication and misrepresentation. This vile psychopath misled the press and the public. She even had a website “Whitemenwhopreferblackwomen”.. only there was no whitemen, it was just this vile prevaricator Shay Riley aka Halima Sal Andersen aka Lisa vasquez and her accomplices.

    Shay Riley aka Evia Moore of the “Black Female Interracial Marriage” blog is a vile criminal low life failure. A pathetic Predator. A rodent hiding in the shadows of the internet scurrying around and committing the vilest acts.
    She should NOT be around the children she sirred because she is an unfit mother, a common crook and online THUG. She is a failure so she has nothing to impart to them except her bile and vicious criminality.

    This criminal is breeding children who have no future and no hope in life. This online thug and Felon Shay Riley aka Halima Sal Andersen aka Evia Moore should be in jail. She is a pathetic excuse of a human being. A low life failure and vicious malevolent thug!

    This is the online pedophile like fiend for whom the justice system and jails were created.
    The children need to be removed from the custody of this wretched, amoral psychopath mother Shay Riley aka Halima Sal Andersen. This woman is a felon!

  51. dbs

    I don’t care about Micael Jackson’s faith ……. I am not sure about his religion …… but I can say his brother Jermaine Jackson had found the truth that is why he was converted to ISLAM.

  52. Grace

    allah is fake god. only Jesus is the son of God, God himself to dead on Cross for all human-being
    Michael is Muslim or not can not change this truth

    May God Mercy on all Muslim brothers and saved them and get rid of allah ’s bondage

    in Jesus name pray, Amen !

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Grace, thank you for your comment.

      ALlah is God and God is ALlah. But Jesus is not son of God. Jesus is son of Maryam. Who is the father of Maryam? How Adam was created? Any father? Any mother? None. How Eve was created? Only Adam is around – no mother that time…. ALlah created Jesus without father to show to mankind that ALlah is Mighty and Powerful, HE can create anything, anywhere, anytime – Kun fa ya kun.

      May God give guidance to you as same as Michael Jackson. Insya ALlah – Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

      • gee

        theres only one god..the creator,the almighty father.adam is the first man god created.but when god saw adam is the only one that has no partner while the rest of his living creatures has,he made adam to fall into sleep and took one ribs and create a woman and become adams partner..and to fullfill gods creations,he give his bleesing to them and ask them to fill the earth with mankind..

  53. gee

    guys…they dont really care about us! his a jew…and its not easy to condemn the truth!from his birth he was guided by the true knowledge of god and wisdom.if he turn back from him,only god knows about it..stop criticizing,we all brothers…so those claims mj’s religion..are you sure, you are doing the right thing as what god told us to follow?same thing like mj?dont fight over one true god..yet,dont stop learning and find god.not juz to believe but to act on what god have said and apply it in our daily life.as its only for our own good! please god than man..

  54. mahmud


    InshAllah he died as a muslim. MJ was always feeding and never needing. He did alot for Africa and the orphans, he spent alot in charity.

    To Grace, ”Kunfa Yakun” means ”be and it shall be”. Adam was created without mama or daddy, Jesus was created withh mama but no daddy. That is the wisdom of our Lord, to him be the knowledge and wisdom.

    Listen, Read the Quran and you will learn the hidden and the unknown, depending: if God provides you with the gift of faith.


    • gee

      as for a human process,even today..no life that never comes out from the womans womb!if adam doesnt have a father and a mother,it is because he is the first human creation of god..jesus which is michael in heaven..is the one god son that Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. I am giving YOU a new commandment, that YOU love one another; just as I have loved YOU, that YOU also love one another. 35 By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves.”

  55. TEE

    Gosh I hope he was not a MUSLIM!!!!!….I thought he was a CHRISTIAN.

    You Muslim’s hung around with Michael at that trial just to get money…NO MORE NO LESS!!!

    • shahrulpeshawar

      Tee it is just your baseless assumptions and your statement didnt hurt Muslim at all, not even a milligram..

  56. where will michael jackson be barried?

  57. clit

    he became muslim to get rich arabs money hahahahahha persian gulf ppl

  58. lawyermommy

    The bottom line is that Michael Jacksons death teaches everyone a lesson which is to live your life on your own terms.

    Shay Riley aka Evia Moore aka Halima Sal Andersen of the “Black Female Interracial Marriage blog” is a Predator and vile molester. A failure who probably sexually preys on her own children. These are probably the slime sucking low life money whores that poor Michael encountered and rather than hunt them down in any way that he could and keep hunting them for as long as he needed, he let them be and now see what has happened.

    This woman of the web site http://www.akbarshabazz.com is a low life scumbag who illegally wiretaps my phone and activates the microphone in my phones as a listening device. Sening Trojans and using Malware to spy on me… THIS WOMAN IS A VILE THUG. Shay Riley aka Halima Sal Andersen is a failure, a pathetic writer, unfit parent and spineless PSYCHOPATH!

    At least Michael does not have rodents like this low life to deal with!

  59. there’s no sign that mikaeel will be buried in islam way…..

  60. Afta all, Allah may 4giv his sins n may his soul live in peace…we miss him…

  61. baby face

    i wonder why mikaeel jackson bleached his SKIN

    • Khaled AlSaroori

      Well you just have to wonder my friend.

    • MJJ4Ever

      well, “babyface”.
      he had vitilligo and lupus.

      ask his freakin dermatologist.
      it is a disease which causes skin discoloration and pigment loss-

      do not say it is fake, because my grandfather has it.

      do not insult it- for it causes much distress to the victim and makes him/her want to change himself, or makes him/her want to look good at all times.

      so do try to understand Michael Jackson please before judging…
      also, white people sit in the sun all day to get darker- why bother MJ about getting whiter?

      ..”Judge not with a heavy hand”….

  62. Michael

    He will be buried, regardless of what his belief system was. There is no god.

    He lived, he loved/was loved, he died. A fate that awaits all of us. The clock is ticking.

    • MJJ4Ever

      u will believe when your time comes that God is very real, very much alive and very much watching over us.
      it is obvious for those who think.
      you believe science instead of religion??
      well, let me just tell you,
      life is a test, my friend.
      those who believe, shall pass
      those who dont,
      shall fall into the deepest circle of Hell
      and you are one of them if you do not believe.
      for a moment
      maybe youll realize
      that God is watching over you,
      waiting for you to change.

  63. Khaled AlSaroori

    May Allah forgive him for any sins and grants him on the highest level in Janna (Heaven).

    khaled saif.

  64. Ali

    No he wasn’t. This was just another rumor made up by the media. Michael has NEVER said he was. The only religion that MJ has ever said he belonged to was Jehovah Witness when he was growing up.
    I know a lot of people in the Muslim world want to believe this and have been taking it for the truth and spreading it like it was the truth.
    However, it is not. I think it’s important that we make sure he is remembered for who he was, not what the media said he was. We as MJ fans should know that there is more untruth and truths out there about him, this is one of those untruths. I know some want to believe it so bad but I think you will all see the truth tomorrow at the funeral. If this rumor was true then he will have a Muslim funeral. So if you don’t’ believe me then wait and see tomorrow.

    Also to prove my point. It’s been reported in the media like once a year for the past three years. So that should say how much truth there is to this stories. If you want the truth, look for the MJ communities online. There is no better place to find out the truth, these people know everything there is to know about him.

    Forgot, these days no one knows really. There have been rumors about him turning into a Hindu right before his death and also that he was spending a lot of time with some Christian friends talking to them about the Christian faith.
    That just proves my point even more, these, just as the one of him becoming a Muslim, are just rumors. Please, try to spread this so that people will remember him for the facts we know, not the untruths that are told by the media.
    Michael has always shown respect for all religions and races. We should remember that and not make lies into truth.

  65. naga_utd

    MJ..who is he?..he is the great celeb in the world?? maybe..but only in this world…he is only a normal person..nothing different with us…the different is, he is a celebrities..a great singer..only a singer and dancer but he is not great than Prophet Muhammad S.A.W..world is not forever..everybody will die..also like MJ..so just pray to ALLAH..may ALLAh bless him..We??..just wait and see..

  66. Michael Jackson's fan

    May Allah Almighty’s blessings be upon you Mikaeel, I hope i’ll see you in eternal live (if Allah wishes)
    Allahu Akbar

  67. michael H

    We all will face death, no matter how big or famous one gets…all you take with you from this earth is the good deeds you have earned…Michael and all his fame will not save him from god and the judgement day to come….the only good thing that he did in his life for judgement day is covert to muslim. Peace be with you M.J..because you are my brother of faith.

  68. if he realy accepted the islam allah will send him direct to janat

  69. michelle

    I still wondering is he moslem?,but from so many things I heard I think he’s moslem,Islam is a beautiful reliqion,I think that’s why he being moslem until he die,even I read that he took syahadah before he die.
    I belive if whole people In the world knows the truth that he’s a moslem,that will change everyone who hate islam,and they will searching what is islam means, and read Quran,everything happen yesterday,now and tomorrow is already on Quran.about how this earth making,even before telescope huble knows it than human know it now,or about palestine,it’s all on It way before all of us saw it by ourself.is any holly can do that?why people still asking wichone is the right reliqion??

  70. michelle

    The news was exclusively. Reported by X7 online that michael family will likely have a traditional islam burial for him where he won’t be emblamed,but will be washed and cleaned and wrapped in a white sheet and must be buried facing mecca.
    Michael’s brother jermaine is educating the family as to the special rites because he feels it’s important to bury his brother according to the muslim way.
    If it’s really happen tomorrow,I belive people who hates islam will turn into searching the truth of Islam,I hope they read Quran and knows that Islam is the right reliqion,everything is on Quran from this earth makes to the end of the world,or even about what happening now,like about palestine,it’s all on Quran,and It’s writing by Allah way before we know all of that because Allah is the real God.can any holly do the same like Quran do??I wonder why people still asking which one is the real reliqion??ALLAHUAKBAR

  71. Muslim guy

    Hope Allah bless him hereafter and will be placed with Faithful Muslim. Amin…..

  72. Shahana

    i think that if Micheal Jackson was converted to Islam, it would be a very very very good thing for him, n no doubt if he had died in Muslim Faith, he will be rewarded hereafter n will be placed with faithful muslim. If so………May God 4give all his sins.

  73. i think micheal should be burried as he wished because i think evryone deserves what they wish and he wanted his body on full public display but nobody listens.

    micheal should not be burried without his brain.

    and i think he should be burried as a muslim as he is one.

    but its not up to me we should respect his wishes

  74. Redwane

    Salamou Alaykoum

    For those who wrote there comments yesterday or before today’s ceremony , were you expecting Michael if he were muslim to the knowledge to all his closed ones, especially his familly, that his body would be taken to a chapel (church) ans in a golden plated cofen?

    I don’t know, if ha became muslim at least his brother would have recpected Islamic Law more than any sympathy toward idolistic fans or christians or family other wishes

    Subhana Allah

  75. Redwane

    To everyone who believed like I almost did that michael declared his conversion to Islam, were you excpecting that his body will be taken to a chapel (Church) and in a golden plated Cofin ?

    For sure his brother would have had enough respect to the Islamic Religion in regard to the Funeral and how it should be and give respect to his brother if Michael had really declared that he were Muslim, this regardless of any other wishes from his Idolistic fans or Christian family or society

    Subhana Allah


  76. Redwane

    To everyone who believed like I almost did that michael declared his conversion to Islam, were you excpecting that his body will be taken to a chapel (Church) and in a golden plated Cofin ?

    For sure his brother would have had enough respect to the Islamic Religion in regard to the Funeral and how it should be and give respect to his brother if Michael had really declared that he were Muslim, this regardless of any other wishes from his Idolistic fans or Christian family or society

    Subhana Allah

  77. J

    Hij wordt echt niet als moslim begraven hou toch op met die onzin. Die mensen waren zo christelijk als maar kan dus hou op oke !

  78. Yousif

    No, Michael Jackson is NOT a muslim and even if he was, did he practice the faith? His funeral is being held in a Christian manner and may our LORD Jesus Christ forgive him for his sins as he had died for us on that cross! Yasoo3 al masi7 m3ak a5ooya Mi5ael!

  79. kabe

    well from looking at the memorial today and listening to the songs about Jesus and Soon and Very Soon we are going to meet the king, i guess he wasn’t a Muslim. and since he prayed with andre crouch 3 weeks before his death for the anointing of the Holy Spirit, i guess maybe he was a Christian.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      There is no Holy Spirit – Only one GOD.

      • kabe



      • Redwane

        Whoever Doesn’t want to beleive in the Oneness (not 2 or 3 or 3 in one or one in three or more) ONE and ONLY ONE GOD (Without any confusion) , just as it sounds and as any simple mind will clearely anderstand it to beleive it
        (God doesn’t want us to get confused in knowing Him, beacause of His Mercy, otherwise … well I gess you got it)

        and doesn’t want to believe in all the Prophets including Ibrahim, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Jesus etc.. and the Last Prophet Mohamed . Peace be upon them all

        Well who ever doesn’t want to , He is not fully submitting to God the Lord of all the worlds
        Our creator.

      • TEE

        Correction…read the word…Michael and everyone else who is dead they are just that DEAD…we like to believe there in heaven as it makes us feel better knowing our loved ones are with the creator. However, on judgment day the horns will sound and graves will be opened, deeds will be read from the book of life, at that point some will go to HELL and some will live on earth as it will be remade into a PARADISE that GOD will dwell in with us…imagine that!!!…I’m sure gonna miss McDonalds, LOL….peace!

    • TEE

      Sounds like he is a Christian to me…..besides he was always raised a devoted Jehovah’s witness I believe until age 21….what would make you people think that his mother would go by the Islamic Law for burial is beyond me…R.I.P. MiKe

  80. Clearance

    I think there is no forgiveness in the grave.stop going wrong.Jesus is the only salvation,way,and thruth.any other way,am not sure.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      You are correct… I share your ideas… but besides Jesus, there are others ie:- Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. By the way, Jesus is not son of God or part of God. Jesus is human send by God to the people.

      Grave is beyond your fantasy – be in it and you’ll know the real situation then… but for Muslim we believe in question and answer session after burial..

  81. Mussa

    Do Muslims sleep with little children?
    Do they dance with half-naked women?
    Do they make videos of the undead?
    Do they live lives filled with the desire to make money?
    To divorce and marry at a whim?
    To do false business dealings and not honour contracts?
    To amend ones face and features through surgery?
    To be vain?
    To be lurid?
    To dance before women?
    To portray oneself as godly and saintly?
    This is idolatry.

    I cannot believe there are Muslims desirous to identify Michael Jackson as a Muslim.
    It is 100% clear he was not a Muslim and if he ever proclaimed the Shahaada it was in bad faith.

  82. Yitzhak Syahu

    Hahhahhahaha.You guys are hilarious.Well he is buried as a christian now.You people better start contributing to the world like MJ and stop claiming people as muslim.

  83. Keling Yahudi

    Its sad to see how mislead ppl are on this site!!! you muslim ppl are so fond of cheap publicity stunts such as this….grow up ppl!!!

    • shahrulpeshawar

      It is not cheap publicity as you thought. It is our deepest feeling to our muslim brother… we are not like you – killing your own blood – Schindler’s List

      • Yitzhak Syahu

        What brother?He is not even a muslim.Why you still insisted?You know you people has been colonized for around 600 centuries?So instead of making stupid claims here,please buck up on what you people had missed.You know what I mean.

      • shahrulpeshawar

        To you maybe he’s not… how sure you are he is not a muslim?

        Ha ha ha we are colonized? We are peace loving people… we dont kill people for land or property. Intruders like you did. If not muslim who had taught you about civilization, I think you are now still wearing fashion kinda Flinstones… wakakakakaka.

        You’ll denied it – I knew.

      • Born Again Believer

        I’m not here to argue what religion has done or not done for the good of mankind, but only to share a personal testimony of a peace-loving personal spiritual experience. Like I mentioned, not EVEN sure when at 8 years of age my own father had received Christ as his Savior prior to death, but it is mandated within the pages of the Bible this be done in order to spend eternity with Christ in Heaven.

      • chris

        i have never seen so many muslims on one website, this is our country, why do u all come here, you have you own countries stay there, at my school we have exactly 0 muslims, and i want to keep it that way, may Jesus Have mercey on you, when your burning in Hell, you are the most dangerous people I no, you guys have so bad of countries you have to come to the greatest country in the world wich just so happens to be CHRISTIAN if you have a problem with us being a CHRISTIAN country say something, your greatest country in your history is the ottamans, and they could even build a good city, u had to take one of ours, I guess you had to come here, i mean people can only take so much poverty and sand, accept jesus just like the majority of the us have, there is a reason christ has more followers then any other religion,Allah dosnt exist, Jesus and our god exist, your supposed god allah rewards killing people, ours is grand, have fun burning in Hell, say hi to juwdus for me

      • shahrulpeshawar


        Not to insult your intelligence. You must read a lot. You must even read the Koran and make some comparison with Bible. Ottomans is not the only greatest era of Muslim ruler, we have plenty. Yet, all was destroyed by whom? Not to be mentioned here… go and seek the truth.. go Chris go….

  84. king

    So,i think we all know now..if he is a muslim or not.
    He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.
    Are we going to stop the al-fatehas for him?

  85. Salamz to all brothas And Sistas in Islam .
    Just wanna share a thought , that on Mj’s Death everyone is gettin the Fair Share of everythin eventhough he’s dead , Pity on his Soul … By All Mighty ALLAH . ! Why I say this cause everywhere & everyday peepz are showing his event on Air Via television though Internet or the Papers .. And havin his memorial of him . Why ? its for their own Benefits, Just last words, If Michael Jackson ( Mikaeel) died a muslim , I hope its gonna be an eye opener for the whole world a man of this Callibre is openingly taking Islam for his Beliefs , Let Them Ponder Why .? Cause not a man like him ever made this choice before there are a few of em like The Famous Cat Steven ( Yusoff Islam), Muhammad Ali, And the Infamous Black american Malcolm X, No matter what is been said about Islam, I can be proud to be a muslim as we have A Prophet that we can make a example from ,that is Muhammad Saw. as he is much famous before then anyone now as The whole Muslim world identifies him as the Gods messenger and there is no other after him ..! So I just hope if MJ died a Muslim May he have peace in after Life , But please Peepz dun make any Hassle of Mj deaths …by takin a chance of his popularity to own benefits … Syukran
    Asalamulaikum to all Brothas & Sistas

  86. Tajj

    It’s true , he became Muslim in November of 2008.
    He changed his name to Mikaeel. Of course the media in the US is not reporting it because he had millions and millions of fans and if they found out that he converted to Islam , well , you know they will take interest in it and follow. Think about it. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It cannot be stopped. People are coming to their senses more and more these days.

    Here’s the video report about it:

    About other famous people that have become Muslim:

    God is great.

    God Bless you and your family, Mikaeel.

    • Redwane

      Sorry Brother Tajj

      What they said there contains some lies and when lies are present should we believe?

      they said that Former Singer Cat stevens was present when michael converted to Islam. Well here is whar Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) commented about that when he was asked

      Did Yusuf Help Jackson Become Muslim?

      Contrary to persistent press rumours, I was not at any kind of conversion ceremony for Michael Jackson. Nor, I believe, was Dawud Wharnsby or any of the others mentioned in connection with the story. Granted, I was in Los Angeles at the time these rumours first appeared – but I was busy filming a video for a new song, Boots & Sand.

      I have met Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s older brother, who became a Muslim some years ago. As for Michael himself, I hope that he finds inner peace and can return to making the kind of music that has inspired generations.

      Please see his link in his official site (You can’t go wrong)


  87. El

    I believe it doesn’t matter whether Michael is buried as a Muslim or not as long as he is welcomed with open arms to where ever he has gone, whether it be heaven or somewhere else.

    • Redwane

      Whoever Doesn’t want to beleive in the Oneness (not 2 or 3 or 3 in one or one in three or more) ONE and ONLY ONE GOD (Without any confusion) , just as it sounds and as any simple mind will clearely anderstand and beleive (God doesn’t want us to get confused in knowing Him, beacause of His Mercy, otherwise … well I gess you got it)
      and doesn’t want to believe in all the Prophets including Ibrahim, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Jesus etc.. and the Last Prophet Mohamed . Peace be upon them all

      Well who ever doesn’t want to , He is not submitting to the Allah the Lord of all the worlds
      Our creator.

      He is not going to Paradise, by choice

  88. madrasguy

    idiots mj died period,
    why the hell u pull relegioous out of him,
    just leave him alone.

  89. M. Ahmadinejad

    Wow, just been throw this feed from top to end, and its scary to see how some ppl can be so ignorant and small minded sometimes. to too many Muslims here, it seems very important that Michael could have been a Muslim, its as if its a reassurance to there believes, (if he has converted its more proof that islam is the truth kida thing).
    I don´t understand that, its very ignorant i think, what diference does it really make whether he was Christian, muslim, jew or Buddhist, what matters is what he did is his life (not whether he converted or not) and whether he was good to humanity, being good is NOT a muslim or Christian thing, its and attitude towards life and other people. for those of you how think that being a non Muslim is being a kafer, think again, will you not like MJ´s music any more because his a kafer now?
    I was brought up as a Christian in a very Muslim country in the Gulf, and I can assure you… you don’t show tolerance to other religions like the Kufar do in other countries, if you don’t believe me u should go and live is a place like Saudi …say for a few years or so..and then come back a post here and tell us. and yes I have read the Kuran and studied it for many years at school (in Arabic).
    Coming back to MJ, please let him rip, he was good because his influence on the world was good, not because he might have been a muslim or a budist or what ever…!

    • shahrulpeshawar

      I cant see why you take it as your problem when someone else wanted MJ to be a muslim? And you have your right to say that it is not being a muslim, a christian, a buddhist, a hindu to make you a good creature in this world.

      Reading Quran or staying next to the mosque doesnt meant that you understand Islam. Islam is something to do with hidayah – invitation by ALlah HIMSELF. You may come from an Orthodox family, staying in a chapel, reading gospel yet, when Hidayah reach you – nothing can stop you from being a Muslim.

      Do not ever confused!. Islam doesnt need MJ to show to the world that Islam is the truth religion. Islam have enough evidence as a true religion without having to create any other festivals or events to convince people that they are the best…

      • Born Again Believer

        Not asking for what’s the BEST…only for what is truth and light; best NOT to take a chance with salvation. You either get it right or not, and the consequences are yours forever.

    • Redwane

      Dear M. Ahmadinejad

      I think by your name you must be named by Muslims and I hope that you are one as well.

      However , I just wanted to remind you if you are Muslim, or if not to let you know that when a Muslim dies, it becomes a duty for the Muslims to pray for him like christians or juish or budists etc.. will do for the people of there religion.
      I think with the exception that in Islam it is even Incumbent on Muslims to pray on the deceased Muslim

      I don’t believe people wanted to know if Michael died as Muslim just out of curiosity, and if some do what a shame.

      But to me, If Michael converted to Islam really than I would need to pray for Him as a Muslim too.

      Allah knows best

  90. well Allah knows the best if he was Muslim or not….we shouldn’t get into a lot details.

  91. shima

    -think deeply what teaches you everything if it’s not ISLAM (just if you don’t mind searching for proofs)
    -do not say anything if you know nothing
    -do not judge if you don’t want to be fair
    -maybe you hate it because of some people who are called ‘MUSLIMS’, but bear in mind, every man can not escape from doing wrong things
    -don’t blame this faith because ‘these people’ do not really practise what ISLAM teaches them
    -only the chosen ones will really have the passion to practise ISLAM as their way of life and I bet you will find these people are extremely very open-minded and nice
    -use your thinking not your emotion
    -and when you have try your very best to know what ISLAM is all about, see and feel it with your heart

    it’s the best gift to be blessed by ALLAH’s guidance
    i hope this will make you guys ponder a lot
    as this is a muslim obligation to share this extraordinary miraculous faith with everybody including you babe

    peace =)

  92. Mohd Aiman

    Mikaeel bin Abdullah is truly muslim. No one can blame to Mikaeel because ‘hidayah’ reach him to become Muslim. May Allah bless Mikaeel (M.J). Amin.

  93. Kelkey

    Does it matter ?
    He was the King of Pop that is all we all need to remember it should make no difference to any creed or religion.

  94. Kelkey

    It does not matter ?
    The King Of Pop had Died it should not matter to any creed or religion
    Get over it !!!!!!

  95. RK

    You all are ass@ls. Let him rest in peace. Dont believe in tabloids. these tabloids are one of the biggest causes of his death.





  97. Jespho

    Well, either you and I like it or not, we would all die one day. Though, the second, minute, hour, day, month and year is not known to anyone except God.

    I am strongly believed that Michael Jackson is a Christian. Actually, he wore muslim female’s dress few weeks before he died. He may be using it for his own personal reason.

    I want all muslim brothers to kindly preach to their fellow brothers in Iraq, Iran, and other muslim country.

  98. Pakistan

    i hop that he’s buried in muslim manner…it will be a grt opportunity to expose islam to the non-muslim americanz

  99. if he’s muslim n the family knwz then he should be buried in muslim manner…

  100. Des

    No you idiots!

    He had a Christian memorial.

    Jesus was praised, and that is what he also did during his life.

    No mention of mohammed or whatever.

    Thank God is Jesus name he was not a muslim or he would have wound up in hell.

  101. Born Again Believer

    Christ’s love to you…

  102. Thomas

    Most poeple are saying god bless him and forgive him if he he was a muslim!! if your a true fan you wouldnt care of his faith or anything else like the people who attended his funeral yesterday infact 99% were christians so does it mean the rest of you guys only feel bad a bout his death if only he was a muslim? Ask your-self that question first every ones equal in gods eyes black white ect!!!

  103. rajirab

    Religion is an extremely personal thing between god & us and is by freedom of choice and enlightment..Michael Jackson was a living legend. A real super star like no one ever before. He was a victim of hidden agendas, betrayal and greed. It is so sad to see Michaels haters continue to work on ruining his image as they cant stop to bad mouth him even after his death, while his children and family mourns along side with the entire world. His haters can’t figure out how Michael, has emerged gigantically much more larger than life after his sudden death and being celebrated as a undisputed hero all over the world. Michael was a rock star and rock stars do unusual things. The fabricated cases against him were proven false in court and were so obviously motivated by greed giving Michael irreparable and irrecoverable emotional loss. But all that changed overnight as the whole world has clearly rewarded and acknowledged the joy Michael brought to a common person all over the world regardless of any geographic boundaries. Every person has a child in him so one doesn’t have to be jealous of Michael’s (Peter Pan) character. We all have ours. The enormous and intense sad reflection world wide is a referendum of Michael as a world hero, a good and kind man and the greatest performer ever to receive this kind of gigantic international loveable submission only somewhat comparable to lady Diana but only much larger. Michael continues to live but without any suppression or victimization but only in eternal love and appreciation shown by the world. I was not a big fan of Michael Jackson but now I am.

  104. Muslim guy

    The issue where actually Michael Jackson was buried are still mysterious. Some say, Michael Jackson was not in the coffin. You are being fooled actually and this is a good news. His body was transferred into somewhere else that no one knows. I strongly believe, he was buried in a way of Muslim’s Tradition without anyone know where is it. May Allah forgive all his sins…..

  105. rajeen

    Are you ppl nuts?I wonder how many of you even understands what MJ had been conveying all these years through his lyrics,songs & his humanatarian acts.He beleived in equal rights & how ppl from different cultures & religions could live peacefully together, ” heal the World” says it all.If we ever admired MJ & loved him, we should immediately act on the messages he tried to send out to the world where there is no barriers & discrimination, if not, least we should do is hate on each other.


  106. wish

    the Memorial that has been taken for him was nothing to do his real belief.I strongly believe that they never let him buried in islamic way .So their family kept it as a secret.Ceromony was just show off. I strongly believe that he converted to Islam but do you really believe that media and jews and america let him have İslamic funeral ??please grow up!! His recent life shows that he has change in some way.I also believe that he was such a good man who helped everbody and Allah gave him an opportunity to save his iman Allah knows the best.We still keep sending our fatihas to him

  107. Susai

    i din no the muslims are so fanatics…Michael neve convert islam and there is no prove telling that he converted to islam…n u guys are just wishing he was an islam..is there any use if he is an islam..i dont think there is use in arguing bout his religion. all we know is the King of Pop is dead.. the burial was Christian way and not Islam way.. And u should no something that music is illegal in Islam so how u can accept him in ur religion…?? U no according to Hindu believe every1 are born as a Hindu before they go to any religion because only in Hindu religion there is no converting shit…U can be only born as a Hindu. there is no way u can enter into Hindu religion if u convert into other religion. And u guys should no something that Hindu is t oldest religion in the world so this means tat all re born as a Hindu but then only they convert due to influence from others… Thatz all… And to most of u, learn the fact before talk coz there is no real prove stating he is an Islam… jus know sumthing that Michael was famous for his songs when he was Christian and he neve did anything after he convert to Islam if its true wat u guys said…

  108. Susai

    i din no the muslims are so fanatics…Michael neve convert islam and there is no prove telling that he converted to islam…n u guys are just wishing he was an islam..is there any use if he is an islam..i dont think there is use in arguing bout his religion. all we know is the King of Pop is dead.. the burial was Christian way and not Islam way.. And u should no something that music is illegal in Islam so how u can accept him in ur religion…?? U no according to Hindu believe every1 are born as a Hindu before they go to any religion because only in Hindu religion there is no converting shit…U can be only born as a Hindu. there is no way u can enter into Hindu religion if u convert into other religion. And u guys should no something that Hindu is t oldest religion in the world so this means tat all re born as a Hindu but then only they convert due to influence from others… Thatz all… And to most of u, learn the fact before talk coz there is no real prove stating he is an Islam… jus know sumthing that Michael was famous for his songs when he was Christian and he neve did anything after he convert to Islam if its true wat u guys said…..

  109. mujtaba

    up course, the true religion with ALLAH is “ISLAM”

  110. Tulip

    I think Michael died as a Christian.

    Did you hear Lionel Ritchie’s song “Jesus is love” during the memorial?
    It was so powerful and the words were very clear.

    Also, MJ reached out the Andrae Crouch a few weeks before he died. Crouch directed the gospel choir during the memorial. About this encounter you can read here:


    I am a Jew, not a Christian, but it is my strong feeling MJ died with his face towards Jesus. He wasn’t easy to label, for he saw good things in all religions, but my gut feeling says his eyes were set on Jesus.

  111. leas

    Oh dear Micheal, you have touched our lives with your music in the 70’s and even now I still sing your songs. Can’t get enough of your beautiful music. It’s sad you had to leave this earth so early without saying goodbye. We will love and miss you forever. May you rest in Gods cradle. PEACE

  112. mariah

    michael died as a christian,jermaine was interviewed on the larry king show at the neverland rrannch,to which jermaine responded to larry kings question about mj’s religion and his burial rights,jermaine siad that they were raised as jehovah witness and he choose to be a muslim,he aaalso did give mj some reading materials on islam.so michael jackson was n will always be a christian because he said in an interview that JESUS love children n so mj was just following JESUS teachings.

  113. abdulhafees

    bieng a muslim is good micheal live a life like a prophet everyone love him till the day he died,and i believe the will still love him in hereafter.gone too soon.

  114. Lucy

    I am so Happy that MJ`S Memorial was just the way it has to be the Christian Way………..The Name of Jesus was lifted up that day… I am Happy that The King Of Pop Is now with The Lords of Lords and King of Kings… JESUS CHRIST……….

    For The Bible say.. Thath God so loved the world that He send His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ ,,, Whoever believe in Him will receive eternal life……


    OH GOD!!!!!!
    god has take his child home to rest
    let him rest in peace

  116. Tulip

    What I believe about Michael Jackson’s spiritual orientation at the end of his life?
    Let me say first that this is not about a competition between christians, jews and muslims. It is about Michael. Walk with me and try to see the signs we get from Above, while asking ourselves in which state MJ died.

    First, it is an older video, but in it you can see Michael referring to Jesus as the keeper of children. He refers to Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament.

    Second, it has turned out to be that MJ reached out to gospel leader Andrae Crouch, a couple of weeks before he died. You can read about it in the following article:


    Then, the very weekend before MJ died, on June 21, some pastor of a big evangelical church, without of course knowing MJ would die later on during the week, spoke to MJ directly in his sermon. You can watch this here:

    Finally, during the memorial Lionel Richie sang “Jesus is love” with power that cut through the soul, watch it:

    Adding up all these signs, I come to the conclusion MJ reached out for Jesus towards the end of his life.

    Regarding to the first video: Jesus was the man who asked people to believe as a child, purely and right from the heart. Michael refers to Jesus’ attachment to children and them being an example for adults. MJ considered himself a child all the way to the end of his life.

    Regarding my second link: MJ did not turn to a rabbi, a Jehova’s Witness minister or an imam for spiritual guidance, just a few weeks prior to his death. But, as seemingly foreseeing trouble in the near future, maybe even his death, he asked a black gospel leader, Andrae Crouch to pray with him for the Holy Spirit to be present during his upcoming tour in London.

    As for the third link, the pastor who spoke directly to MJ, without knowing he would die later on during that week: this cannot be a coincidence, he must have pointed to MJ to let the people know even a person with that kind of a void, can turn to the Father. It is for the careful listener to hear the meaning of this timing of these words, so soon before his death.

    The last video sums it all up: the powerful text Lionel Richie sang, embodies the hope MJ probably had towards the end of his life.

    MJ was not only a doctor shopper, desperately seeking for his soul to be calm, he was also a religion shopper. He flirted with Judaism ( I am a Jew from Jerusalem) and last year also with islam. But adding up all the facts as mentioned above, it is for me 100% sure that MJ at the end of his life returned to the person he loved the most from his childhood on: Jesus. We Jews and you muslims must respect that and have peace with it.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      I like your homework. Do more research on Islam especially on Jesus PBUH from Islamic point of view and why Muslim cant accept Jesus as Son of God and the Trinity concept.

  117. jay welsh

    Michael was not a Muslim. he frequently quotes Jesus as a influence.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      You see Jay, not only Michael, I myself quote Jesus PBUH, Muslim believe in Jesus as a prophet and Muhammad is the last messenger.

  118. Tulip


    As I said, both jews and muslims must need to accept MJ surrounded him mostly with christians. Towards the end of his life he reached out to a black gospel leader, who was just as familiar with the meaning of Jesus as MJ was.

    Until so far not a single rabbi or imam have come forward to say MJ reached out to them prior to his death. It is my conviction MJ was searching for the teachings of Jesus again as are portrayed in the New Testament. All signs point in that direction.

  119. MJ FAN

    michael jackson wanted to learn about islam. but he never converted. its just that he wanted to know about islam. he was a christian when he died n may his sole rest in peace. n u ppl get a life n let poor MJ rest in peace. what is it to u if he is buried christian or muslim? may his sole rest in peace

  120. moe

    MJ is a muslim and and it is said in islam that any person in relgion rather than islam will go to hell. and its also said that any person whao converts to islam allah shall grant him heaven.so god is great and my allah lock him up in heaven.(rahmet allah alleh)

  121. moe

    I do belive MJ was a muslim and and it is said in islam that any person in relgion rather than islam will go to hell. and its also said that any person whao converts to islam allah shall grant him heaven.so god is great and my allah lock him up in heaven.(rahmet allah alleh)

  122. wish

    How could you believe thay he coluld have declared that he was a muslim I can’t imagine what would had happened to him .We all saw that what happened after he sang just a song to get all anger from different lobbies.We can’t be sure about his conversion but we ,as muslims hope that Allah might have given a chance to find right path in his last period.I do believe that with his vision and what he he did for poor people Allah may help him.AllAh knows his last time and beliefs

  123. paddy

    whether he’s muslim or not it doesn’t make any difference. if he muslim, his body should be buried the next day..but with the gold coffin..??what do you think? there’s no point to argue about religion because it will lead us no where.


    i hope he was muslim, but you cant be sure. & he could have wanted to keep it a secret, the media messed up his life enough ! i wanna know where hes buried, or how .. is he even buried yet? =/
    i hope he goes to heaven, hope allah showed him the right path ! <3 REST IN PEACE. i love you :(

  125. assad


    • No Fan

      Assad is a crybaby. GET over it! You can’t say for sure waht the man was. He had mant secrets. He is dead now, SO END OF STORY AND DEBATE. NO REALLY, nothing more to say. You give the rest of the normal people a bad name, so zip it.. I went to the cemetery today to see him. Do muslims (small because insignificant) have cards at their grave sute that read “God bless you my friend”?

    • Devastated

      Does Quran teaches me or you to use valgurities. Every religion has its own faiths and beliefs. Our beliefs do not teach us the wrong path but then its the human conscience that leads one’s life to the wrong understanding of other religions and faiths..Don’t misuse the Quran for your own pleasure..

  126. Tulip

    Cat Stevens has denied the rumour MJ converted to islam, though he did for sure socialize with them a lot. I’d rather believe Cat Stevens than others. Also Jermaine Jackson avoided to answer Larry King’s question on the issue of islam.

    A lot of both muslims and christians are in denial here. MJ was neither both. Though he had a preference for the prophet who is associated the most with children: Jesus. MJ considered himself still to be a child and has felt attracted from childhood on to the teachings of Jesus, the person he once called “The Rabbi from Nazareth”.

  127. wish

    Even he was muslim nobody stop having a christian ceromony for him !!! because his family and people around him are not muslims. ( except his brother)Even MJ was muslim it was obvious that he could not have a muslim funeral. They may have been afraid of the influence of this event on people.But Allah still may forgive his sins and have mercy upon him no matter his funeral was islamıc or not. Allah knows the best!!!! I know he was such a good hearted man and he did alot of things for sick kids all over the world and he also suffered alot from this showbussiness world

  128. u ppl claimin michael is muslim get a life..wat will you get if he is muslim,christian or a jew?let the poor thing rest in peace. and official news report confirms michael died a christian and will be buried near his neverland mansion he had lived in for 21 years. and he was going to be buried in a gold coffin. muslims bury in a normal coffin and have an unmarked grave usually. so to conclude it all he was christian rest in peace MJ. u must be teachin the heavens to do the moon walk.

  129. JB

    Haha! Not only did he not have a muslim burial, he’s not even buried yet! In fact, he’s probably having lunch with Hitler and Mussolini as we speak. There’s a special place in hell for people like him.

  130. MJ dies as a christian is wat is the latest news. rest in peace michael and teach d heavens to do d moon walk

    • Assad


  131. Prayers For MJ

    Dear All,

    I have a request please stop arguing that he was a chirstan or muslim. We must always realized he was a God creations like us rather arguing as he was of what religion. We should make prayers for him that God May grant him paradise against his goodness.

    As we all know the fact that we also have to go back one day so stop arguing and start praying for him.

  132. Assad


    • Susai

      Dear Assad
      u re telling MJ is islam again n again but u re using such a rude words to state tat…does ur Islam religion thought u to talk like that?im not an Islam but i think Islam is a peace loving religion if im not mistaken… U dear Assad, I think u dont even deserve to be an Islam at the 1st place and that means u to back up Islam is a disgrace to Islam religion i guess…nway there is no prove at all that he converted….get the facts and talk…

    • katie

      Assad IF this was true why didnt Michael Jacksons albums and new this is it dvd have his name spelt Mikaeel and Michael.Im sorry if ive offended ne1 but im getting sick and tired of all these rumours about Michael Jackson becoming a Muslim because there is NO PROOF.If ne1 has ne proof or ne updates then please email me and my email address is

      I also think its fair 2 say that Michael didnt hate ne1 and lets not 4get his message about spreading love stop fighting and start caring 4 1 another and treat 1 another with respect.
      No matter what his religion is/was my love 4 him wont EVER CHANGE.No1 or nothing can change what he means 2 me.But i dont think it is true that he became a .

  133. Tulip

    I quote Assad’s posts, above here, over and over again:


    Now I know why MJ did not have a muslim burial and was so focussed on Jesus: Jesus never used language like “fuck off”. MJ would not have wanted to be associated with such people like you. Control your anger!

  134. @assad..
    its muslims like u who make ur religion vulgar..n for ur kind information MJ never went to saudi arabia..he had been in bahrain n was a good friend of one of d sheikhs..but its confirmed he never converted n died a christian..now assad u go n get a life..n mind ur language B!T&H

  135. Tulip

    Well, it’s time for me to go.

    Coming back to the topic of this blog,

    Is Michael Jackson a muslim? Probably not.
    Will he buried as a muslim? Certainly not.

    Rest in peace, Michael!!

  136. wish

    Offical papers!!!! Do you believe in them???

  137. Peace

    I just want to say these meassages started off with people discussing the religion that Micheal Jackson choose to believe in but towards the end of these messages it has ended up with people critizising faiths and religions. You should ask yourselves Is this who I am? Is this how people have chosen to represent my religion? Is this right? I believe we are one and every living being knows the truth but some choose to ignore it. Unfortunately we struggle to help each other because we do not trust each other. We have become selfish and greedy and Micheal Jackson was one of those rare people that knew this and wanted to make a change. I want to remind people that all religions are about being good and bringing the good out in people through showing love. Micheal Jackson had loads of plots planned on him by envious groups which made his life hard yet he still fought along and helped people. I wish he rest in peace in the place that he is in now. I want to end this message by saying whatever you believed in every religion should pray for him because we do not know his religion. Also if people want to find out the truth they will if they open their hearts and search for it. We can only hope that people wanting to change things learn from mistakes that others (also trying to make a difference) have made (Micheal Jackson).
    If you care enough
    for a living
    Make a little space….
    Make a better place
    Heal the world By Micheal Jackson

  138. wish

    Allah knows the best!!!!!

  139. sara

    honey, if u stop watching cartoons all day long, and maybe focus on BBC or CNN if u know what channels those are, you will know that MJ dearest had said “i will be converting to islam and cleanse my soul” in 2009 he officially stated that he is muslim. IT was pronounced, now let it go. get over it. Hes a muslim THE REASON why he GOT BURIED as christian was because his big ol’ mama was a jehovas witness(if u knw what that is) and could not for a second allow that. HAd michael known he was going to die, HE WOULD NEVER ALLOW BEING BURIED AS A CHRISTIAN. ya digzz so stop talking sh*t behind ur comp screen and have a holy day kiddo. salaam’a’laikum wa’ rahmatillah wa barakato my brothas n sistas!

  140. Tulip

    Sara, could you give me the PRECISE link where MJ says he converted to islam? Not the link about what other’s say about him. To be knowledge MJ did not say or confirm that. He felt lonely and was good friends with Jermaine, so he socialized a lot with muslims. But that doesn’t mean he converted. Both Cat Stevens and the Canadian music writer deny he converted in their presence, after media reported that. So far, no other muslim present during that conversion has come forward to confirm it.

    And for that matter, saying the Shaha’da is an easy thing to do. MJ said many things he later retracted from. Until now the only proof we have is that he, just a few weeks prior to his death, turned to gospel leader Andrae Crouch and asked for “the Holy Spirit to give guidance” for his upcoming tour.

    I am not saying MJ dies as a traditional Christian, nor did he as a Jehova’s Witness. I am only saying, he BIG example was Jesus, not the other prophets.

  141. MJ FAN Hater

    LEARN to spell you RETARDS. Use PROPER words. If you can not spell, DON’T show your COMPLETE ignorance here. This is why the world is failing!! The U.S. welfare system is FULL of IGNORANT JOBLESS MORONS like you. You RETARDS lives revolve around this MAN. Christian, Muslim or Jewish. The man is DEAD(period!) You people would rather argue over what he was or was not tahn ask what about his kids. Let the man rest in peace and pray his children do not here any of the TRIVIAL bullshit you people are spewing.

  142. abubakar sadiq

    i have nothing to say about this death, the almighty is the only one that will judge this issue, and i want 2 address the world knowing that Muslim or Islam is not a demostrated religion, becareful of your self, weather is a muslim or not action speak louder than word. Allah knows the best?

  143. Tulip

    BTW, what a cute little kids does this blog has up above here!!

    Here is an interesting article about this subject:


  144. Devasted

    Hi to those who wrote about Michael Jackson’s conversion to Islamic Religion, I am sorry to say that I felt pathetic on you guys who speak without some sense and creating a scene over the deceased “Michael Jackson”. What kind of world are you people in? Is it a pleasure for you guys to exchange a war of words whether is he a Muslim of a Christian? We have enough of holy wars for political reasons and we do not wish to have one for our late Michael Jackson. Please stop criticising and condenming each other religion. I supposed you guys have not known or listened to one of his song Black or White. If you have listened carefully to the lyrics, you guys would not have contemplated. Michael Jackson has gone too soon and most of us are still mourning for him. All we could do is to stand as one united people, regardless of race, religion or language is to pray for the world’s special everlasting entertainer “Michael Jackson” to rest in peace.

  145. truth

    Islam is a peaceful religion we know or we feel somehow he found the right way .But after his death everthing is depends on his family.We do hope that Allah gave him a chance to see the truth in his final days just because of being such a good and loving person during his life time.Allah knows the best.( by the way if he converted it was impossible for him to declare it .You know western world and lobbies and showbussiness.It is not usually true what you see .There is always hidden truth behind it)

  146. nito


  147. nito


  148. gulten

    fatiha doa for michael joseph jackson i just want to tell that i allways love michael ever i miss him soo much !! i love his songs i grew up with them i will allways listen to his songs because they are attached to my heart his beuatiful voice and his beuatiful heart and no one will never ever replayce his voice his standing infrount over every one and showing his love to the world and even my children will listen to his songs and i just want to say also that michael had a great mother, katerin may god bless her and the rest of his family which she support michael all the way in every way she was there for her son may god bless them and michael children who have been veryy looked after and thay will allways be looked after from michael family i believe with all my heart that one day will all meat god and may allah our god put lots of blessing on michael joseph jackson R.I.P

  149. Ash

    He was not a christen or Muslim. He was some sort of Jehovah witness. His funneral was done in Jehovah witness way.

  150. Suras

    You guys are like cats and mouse fighting where the soul goes….Allah if great wud hv put a chip when you r born to worship him ….but he didn’t do tat…why bcoz he is an idol god in Kaabah…muslim can’t deny this fact….aswad is a stone like the one hindus pray…in short u guys r in delusion….surf Faithfreedom. org………you will learn the truth from Dr Ali Sina.

  151. Um hey people of the world! Watz up?? I love Michael Jackson and I am only 7!! I don’t want him to be buried as a muslim coz he is not a muslim! Can’t he be buried in…. thats it NEVERLAND!!!!

  152. Sara

    Hey guys,
    Michael Jackson is not a muslim. For god sake, pls don’t make up a story.. Did any of you has the prove or evidence of him saying that he is a muslim? His bro converted in muslim but when MJ was asked to convert, but he was not interested. This is what all the people in this world knows. If he was converted then why his name was not being change to Michael Khan/muhammad and so on?
    All this story of MJ is a muslim are CRAP!!!
    He has much better work to do rather than conert in Muslim. He is very proud to be a christian.
    Other muslim people don’t have the rights to talk about MJ after all all the muslims hates Americans. So don’t interfere in MJ’s story.

  153. Mangy Jr

    Why don’t we just let the Man rest in peace? whether he was this or that is neither here no there and neither is it going to help any of us, the living for a living dog is better than a dead lion, so says the bible. rather it would be wiser to enlighten each other about the religions we proffess to belong, because for sure we would continue to have these perceptions, for example that Islam is an extremely violent religion?

  154. Mozzam

    The Truth

    Michael Jackson (MJ) was known as the most loving person in the world. He gave up most of his assets for charity and all his life, he fought for equality of the African Americans, AIDS victims, Against Drug Abuse, Against Abortion, Against Child Labor and secretly channelled his properties for the hungry children of the world. However, he wasn’t peace at heart. He always think of himself as a child trapped inside a man’s body. Being Peter Pan is all his dream, never to grow up, forever a child. That inspires him to build Neverland – a heaven for children. Children of all ages and races are welcomed to Neverland. MJ had so much love to give.

    However, he made a mistake which he didn’t know of the consequences. He saw the peaceful life his brother, Jermaine (Muhammad Abdul Aziz) had as a Muslim – true, Jermaine faced so much pressure that he moved to Bahrain.

    In 1989, MJ made a press conference which shocked the world, “I have seen the Islam in the life of my brother, I have read the books about Islam. And I’d love to someday feel the calmness and peace of Islam….”

    Since that, MJ’s life was never the same again.
    He was accused of so many accusations against child molestation. MJ was not someone who can deal with much pressure as he is a ‘delicate child’. All the extortion and black mail followed after that. Everything he did was being seen as wrong in the eyes of the Media. All these are to influence his fans to hate MJ. If he is hated, then he would not be influencial anymore.

    For several years, he stayed in England. Getting motivation from a long time friend, Cat Stevens, who had converted into Islam – named Yusuf Islam. From him, MJ learnt how Yusuf had survived being Muslim. He made friends with a song writer, Zain Bhikha too, who wrote a song titled, “GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH”, which he wanted MJ to sing whenever he is ready.

    Following his trial, MJ withdrew to Bahrain, where he was the special guest of sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s king. It was then that Michael began to give conversion more “serious thought.”
    MJ stayed in Bahrain for approximately 3 years. He studied Islam, the prayers and learn to read the Koran (al-Quran).

    Finally, he came back to Los Angeles and in November 2008 MJ had formally converted to Islam in a ceremony at a close friend’s house in Los Angeles.
    He perform Haj with the King of Bahrain and son on December 2008.

    He had a hidden agenda when he wanted to make a final comeback. He annouced in a press conference on March 2009, “This will be my final concert. I’ll see you all in July….”

    He planned that during his concert, he would announce that this is the FINAL concert as he wouldn’t be performing anymore. He will declare that he is a Muslim and will only sing with Yusuf Islam and Friends.
    At the end of the concert, he will be singing the song, “GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH” with Yusuf Islam. That is the reason why he chose London as his final concert venue instead of the USA. It was because he thought he could escape the USA’s extortion, and that he could perform with yusuf Islam who is in England.

    At 12.30am, 25th June 2009, he hugged his production manager and said, “After reherasing for 2 months, I am finally ready for the concert…”
    Before leaving to sleep, he waved his dancers, “It was a good night everyone. I’ll see you all tomorrow…”
    The next thing… He was pronouced dead at 2.26am….

    When 911 was called, there are so much questions asked. It is as if they didn’t know who MJ is and where he lived. The questions asked are more towards to delay time.
    The hospital said the autopsy result can only be obtained after 2 months – very illog ical as even the worst African technology could obtain the result in less than 2 weeks.

    MJ’s family members opt for second private autopsy as they started to feel something fishy is going on. The result came out in about 4 days – MJ was drugged with high dosage of anaesthetic – drug that brings about a reversible loss of consciousness, if used to much could stop the heart from beating.

    Another result which was not aired in the media was, MJ’s stomach is empty of this drug, but his blood were filled with it – same case as the death of Marilyn Monroe.
    The private doctors also found many needle marks, afraid to be forced injections given to MJ on his bed.

    In CNN Live after a week, Barack Obama was interviewed. And he said, “I love MJ, I grew up listening to his songs. It is a great loss, but rest assured that there is no conspiracy in his death…”
    Now, why must a President made such statement before the official autopsy result came out? How would he know that there is no conspiracy without the post-mortem result? Seems like someone is afraid of his shadows.

    MJ was known to the world as a person who is against drug abuse. Why must he be addicted to drug, then? If he wanted to commit suicide, why rehearse for his concert? And why will he want to see his dancers the next day?

    Enough about his death. I am sure people around the world are not stupid anymore. These supreme power can fool us during the Marilyn Monroe conspiracy, Martin Luther King and Princess Diana. But in this MJ’s case, they left too many loopholes for those who think…!!

    MJ’s family was about to give him a Muslim burial with the help of The Brotherhood of Islam. But, the CIA showed up at Neverland’s door – blackmailed them that if they do so publicly, Katherine (MJ’s mother) would be pull off from MJ’s 3 children’s custody as well as MJ’s estates. Instead, they’ll hire Debbie Rowe for the purpose, and the court will be in their favour. So much for democracy and fairness….

    Finally, they agreed to let MJ have a Muslim Burial in Neverland. But in condition, must show to the public a Christian Memorial Service, as to prove to the world that MJ was never a Muslim.

    So, Staples Centre was just a normal show. That’s why the coffin was closed and sealed.

    MJ was buried days earlier. The Gold Coffin was empty. They were about to bury the Coffin according to Christianity ways in Hollywood – as in their deal with the USA Government.

    These happened, because the USA is afraid of the rising numbers of Muslims in the world.

    (Sheikh Ha**d)
    The Brotherhood of Islam
    Buletin of Bahrain

    • Tulip

      Sorry Mozzam, you know this is not true. MJ never performed the Haj and probably also did not convert although he liked hanging around with NOI and saw the beauty in some aspects of islam, just as much as he embrazed certain aspects of Christianity.

      It’s time to let go of the CIA-crap.

  155. Emdad Khan

    I am still surprised that till to date no one even no one of our so powerful media of the world could publish the accurate news of the burial site of Micheal jackson, nor whether he was burried at all! If not buried, then where is his dead body? What is the fact behind this confusing and conflicting comments in this forum about Jackson? All we are really full and love to get fulled by the hypothetical newses. If any one know the facts of Jackson’s burial matters, whether he was buried in muslim tradition or any other beliefs, please let all inform through this forum and stop your brain storming on this issue. Thanks. Be blessed all.

  156. Jehovah God is the creator and and so he knows every part of our bodies, he gives life and takes it at an appropriate time. MJ was created by God let him be buried as a christian.

  157. ABUL ALLA

    nh is no name, please why u don’t understand that islam is flourshinh like any thing in the western world, and remember or rather understand this, islam is a religon of peace and love, i therefore invite you to join us in this world and thereafter, just for one minute think about being a mulim, where womens are treated like a respectable being, she enjoys all the rights, respected more then any one else, as a man you you will be treated equal to the king, you can eat from the same plate of the king, no matter you are a gardener , a butcher a peop, a cleaner or any one else, these are the very very basics i am telling you, when you join us you yourself will say what you had missed in your entire life, and your name i will suggest is NAJAM HAMID, NAJAM meaning moon, you will shine like a moon inshallah. god bless you my brother and inshallah you will recieve every thing in life you dream.

  158. ABUL ALLA

    nh is no name, please why u don’t understand that islam is flourshing like any thing in the western world, and remember or rather understand this, islam is a religon of peace and love, i therefore invite you to join us in this world and thereafter, just for one minute think about being a mulim, where womens are treated like a respectable being, she enjoys all the rights, respected more then any one else, as a man you will be treated equal to the king, you can eat from the same plate of the king, no matter you are a gardener , a butcher a peon, a cleaner or any one else, these are the very very basics i am telling you, when you join us you yourself will say what you had missed in your entire life, and your name i will suggest is NAJAM HAMID, NAJAM meaning moon, you will shine like a moon inshallah. god bless you my brother and inshallah you will recieve every thing in life you dream.

  159. May allah bless MJ,sincerely he accepted islam and as a true momen,Insha allah his soul willl rest in peace by grace of god(Allah).Might not be whether he burried with or without janaza prayer.Peoples supposedly done it.But truely he is a muslim and allah forgive his sins and rest in heaven..Ameen

  160. wish

    He was muslim but western world had difficulties to accept the truth.Of course yusuf islam and other canadian muslim singer denied being in MJ’s conversion because it did not happen and it was fabricated to give the image that MJ conversion was a lie. Ok they were not there but it did not mean that MJ did not convert It is as simple as that.

  161. t@y

    may ur soulrest in peace mikaeel we all love u

  162. wish

    Why is it so difficult to accept that the most famous star has ever lived finished as muslim??.They ask how people know that he was muslim?ok I ask How can they prove that he was not muslim?By looking at his funeral? silly of course it was not a muslim way.His family and fans and showbussiness all christian.Besides it should be in his will if he wanted to be bruied in different faith acording to laws in USA. Muslim pop star??ughgh no never there are alot of things to sell after him!! Islamic propaganda by the most well known person in the wold after 9/11 no wayy!!! Just keep quiet or deny it!!this is what are they doing!!

  163. look people my mom was christian and my dad was muslim (turkish) look brothers my mum died when i was 3 yrs old so i lived with my dad 10yrs and im 13 now and im muslim and give anyone respect but my opions that for me is michael jackson was a muslim ill pray for any one and hiss closest family was jermaine jackson and he made him convert toislam (But people are saying tht its media lie why would they do tht to a man which brings them money)but the songs tht he made for islam is fake .
    But only allah nows best

    But when people say tht he wasnt why did his brother say MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU BROTHER just think why he could of said( may god be with you )

    for me michaeld name was mikaeel is the name of angel


    it says cami and cami is in turkish means mosque put it on google it will come up

    thank for reading my commentt

  164. i beleve in mj is muslim

  165. Alli

    Sorry you are all wrong- MJ was a Jew-
    Yes a Jew- he hung around with Madonna and
    Rabbie’s and was drinking Kabala water.
    So he was Jewish- but so what does it matter
    it changes nothing
    Peace to all

  166. Not to insult your intelligence. You must read a lot. You must even read the Koran and make some comparison with Bible. Ottomans is not the only greatest era of Muslim ruler, we have plenty. Yet, all was destroyed by whom? Not to be mentioned here… go and seek the truth…………..

  167. I will like to look like Michel Jackson

  168. Mithas

    MJ is the muslim, he died as a muslim and in the day of decision he will stand up as muslim.


  169. Ahmand

    Mj is a muslim and a child rapist

    • katie

      No he was not a Muslim im 98& sure that is NOT TRUE.IF he was then WHY wasnt it on the news etc and on youtube there is a interview with his Brother Jermaine Jackson from earlier this year and he said Michael studdied a lot he read a lot of books apparantly there was Muslim security but he didnt say who hired them.And NO HE WAS NOT A CHILD MOLESTER.IF he was WHY was he allowed near his own children come on think about it he wouldnt be allowed near them hed be seen as a threat or danger or something

      Can someone please tell me if Michael Jackson did become a Muslim altho like i said i am 98% sure that he didnt.I have heard he died as a Christian.If anyone wants 2 email me my address is simikate2004@yahoo.co.uk.I look forward 2 finding out the TRUTH.

  170. Aslamu alikum,
    I am a muslim and i am very happy that mj chose islam whilst he was on his death bed. He will loads of good deeds and if allah swt wants he may be granted janaa as the quran speaks…….those who die as muslim or those who convert to islam and carry out enough good deeds in their lifetime in comparison to bad deeds……..then allah swt will definately grant them a place in heaven and to be honest i think mj was a very brave person to accept islam as i personally know that doing world service is a very hard task to complete and if you think about it mj carried out world servive although he chose to serve the world using the entertainment method but he kept the hearts of people alive and kept them going. I am no one to comment greatly on his achievements or what he provided us with………..but……….although he was accused of many bad things………but i think that was to give him a bad reputation. I doubt that he did carry out the allegations that were put on him cause what was he there for……he was there to serve the world which he was very brave to go ahead with.

  171. mikeal jackson was announced muslim last year and it was on the news but i think u were too busy with ur children or familes

  172. islam is the best because……islam is officially a representator of peace, harmony, and purification. U pray 5 times a day and it gets rid of all ur sins and it avoids agression and crime and poverty because…….even thought u may not be mega rich…..even if you have enough money for a house car and food thats all u need reli….why be mega rich for infact i feel sorry for those who are mega rich because they always have to worry about their monies and they go red heads!

  173. in the time of prophet muhammed all people needed was to have peace and quietness and everyone was ordered to make their children aware of islamic principles and what is the holy quran and where it came from and what it entitles.

  174. jermaince jackson is an awesomist person and what mikeal jackson could not complete mikeal should complete and that is to bring forward islamic cultures and values and to be honest jermaine is the perfect person for the job!

  175. i think jermain might be bilal and if you dont know what that is or who that was then u can always pick up a reference book from any of your local library and if they dont have one then theres no harm in ordering a copy from ebay but u must look out for the fake ones that condtion ur head!

  176. personally i love my islam because i love allah swt and i love all the descendants of islam. if anyones interested in converting you can contact any of the islamic leaders or il give u a website its called IRF ISLAMIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION and the head is Dr zakir naik. And hes a phd i think.

  177. i think islam is for everyone because……
    1)it brings peace
    2)reduces crime and if a crime is commited its because of someone u wants to harm that person
    3)i dont really know the third reason cause im very tired but if you contact me on Ayeshasana2010@live.co.uk.

  178. and he chose islam because he wanted to earn good deeds before he died and that gives u an opportunity to go to heaven else ull burn in hell all ur life to be honest cause we are human beings and we do make mistakes but when u die u are assessed on a scale and that is all the good deeds are compared to all ur bad deeds but if u die as a muslim then allah swt may possibly reconsider your position especially if u have commited crimes or done things that u shouldnt have like stolen something from the supermarket its not allowed cause u havent paid for it and its not ur property till u have to be honest.

  179. i am muslim forever and ever till the day of judgement inshalla tala and allah forbid me to meet anyone that trys to convert me and that goes to all the people that converted me to sikhism bhuddism and englishism.

  180. Michelle

    Allah is not God. It is satan pretending to be God just like he did in heaven. I am so sorry so many of you believe in him because he is leading you to hell not heaven. God loved us so much that he came and sacraficed for us to redeam us from our sins. Allah (Satan) asks you to sacrafice yourselves for him. Hello, how stupid is that. Unfortunately, a bunch of you might get to see Micheal when you die, since he was not a Christian and is in hell.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      May ALlah forgive you for your limited knowledge.

      How can a God sacrificed HIMself for you and others? For WHOM God sacrificed HIMself then? Is there other God or is there other superior than God? Is it make sense for a God to sacrifice HIMself or is it make more sense for a God to forgive those who commit sins?

      O ALllah, kindly guide my new friend Michelle to the right path, to the road heading peace and safety, to the road that will bring her to heaven not otherwise.

    • hyperisohypo

      wow~ michelle…it really2 suprises me…are you really a christian?
      If you are, you are not supposed to criticize or give any damn shit on the other religion. I’m not a christian; but i believe a good person like Jesus will not doing this to the other~ and he supposed to be good example to you.

      i’m really pity MJ for all he have in his live. He’s a christian and supposed to have so many companion that will motivate him. But once he doin’ mistake: all of you only gave shit to him (sorry~rude).Hey, you know it~ to err is human!

      And when people claimed he’s muslim, you denied it!

      Actually, i don’t really care if MJ is muslim or not. But if he is ~ alhamdulillah. His decision moving to Bahrain is brilliant; doesn’t care whatever you say. Rather than living in America- a depressing society, having a people that always keeping him down….he’d better go somewhere else!

      Is he’s a muslim: he’s not a first person in history. There are so so many people like him who moved to Islam in search of peace and tranquility. Even me; i would be thinking like that.

  181. mariyam

    MJ was a great guy. He loves the children so much
    its good that he was converted into the muslim but if would have do this little while ago then i think it was good

  182. Mariyam

    i think if he would do this before but this is also good that he had accepted the muslim.He was a great guy i donot have and comments if he was accepted this its good before he may be not know

  183. maryem barki


  184. Michael Jackson the best pop singer ever…


  186. Michael Jackson was threatened by the US government not to reveal his conversion to Islam. We exactly don’t believe in videos but we know that Irfan Makki was paid by the Americans to act upon Michael Jackson’s voice, just to make people believe that he didn’t convert. But we already know that Americans are full of lies, their crimes, their Fascism, their Nazism, their rapists are widely known by the people of the world.

    Michael Jackson wasn’t interested in any religion except Islam. He liked Muslims. MJ was black and white Americans showed strong prejudices against him. He realized that he was ensnared by the fake religion. And of course his brother (Jermaine Jackson) said there can be a nasty uproar against me when I became Muslim, why can it not be so against Michael Jackson. He is threatened for his getting somewhat closer to Islam. But who knows what would it look like when Michael Jackson embraces Islam. He also said when I came back from Mecca I got him a lot of books and he asked me lots of things about my religion and I told him that it’s peaceful and beautiful. He read everything and he was proud of me that I found something that would give me inner strength and peace. I think it is most probable that Michael will convert to Islam. He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I are the word of God, we could do so much.

    It was the secret planning by the US government and its agencies (FBI/CIA) to do investigation for 17 years on Michael Jackson and for what they found nothing and they tried to bring him down by defaming his popularity. That was so unbelievably misunderstood by the world. Michael had to face painful and hurtful allegations and he had to undergo 14 week trial during 2005 to prove his innocence. And we already know that former US President George W. Bush himself knocked WTC buildings down, and made shamelessly such an ignorant claim then went on to blame the Muslims for 9/11. So these statements are enough to make you believe that they killed him for his conversion because of having so much animosity about Islam.

    Michael Jackson never revealed that he converted to Islam for the reason that CIA operatives had warned Michael Jackson to be careful of showing his sensitivity with Islam. He actually had no option but to put up with anything they made him to do. He was murdered by the US government about 13 days before his last concert date. They were fully aware that Michael Jackson was trying to take this opportunity to publicly announce his conversion to Islam. They realized that if Michael Jackson was allowed to live, he would announce in front of people during his concert and people will convert to Islam.

    There’s a word (InShaAllah), which is only spoken by the Muslims. You might have heard it. I don’t know what it exactly means. But you can hear Michael Jackson saying (InShaAllah). That means he is a Muslim convert.
    Here’s the link:

    And remember: We’ll continue to write as much as possible on MJ’s conversion till every single person on the planet is informed that Michael Jackson embraced Islam and changed his name as Mikaeel. And the Americans lost him to Islam, so they killed him.

  187. Will you publish my comment or not?

  188. Mounawar Abdulrahman Ali

    Hi guys i realy realy like Mj may peace be upone him.

  189. What ever MJ’s religion was or what ever religion we are all in, love should always be there to one another. No killings and No hatred but only love and peace!!

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