URUMQI RIOT – do not supress the Uighurs


Uighur are being treated as a second class citizen and received the same harassment as Tibetian.

This is a systematic ethnic cleansing campaign by the China government to wipe out or at least to outnumbered the Uighur by exporting Han ethnic to their land, Xinjiang.  For thousand of years, the world knew that Xinjiang that lies in the Turkistan was the land and place of the Uighur and any attempt to break the majority will definately end with bloody campaign.

The process of bringing other ethnic to mix up with local ethnic is a tactic of multiple regime in the world to ensure continuous support and to stop nationalism from getting support.  Some succeed but some failed.

Another issue, the uprising of the Uighurs had been blanket by the government of China as the movement of terrorist or Islamic resistance.   By claiming that, they hope the world and the western media especially will not look into the matter deeper.  It is a cheap and dirty tactics to surpress its own citizen. 

The absence of international media in Xinjiang will be the golden opportunity for the government to launch the same scale or even worst ethnic cleansing than Bosnian war.  I have doubt that the police and military will protect the Uighurs, China record on handling crisis and uprising is not good at all.

China is using various NGOs and pro-China media to cover up the bloody riot in Urumqi as a terrorist plot to the topple the legitimate government.   They critisize western medias as being bias in reporting and supporting terrorism.  This propaganda game is well orchestrated and being monitored to ensure the world not to get the real story happenned on the ground.

I demand that the government of China to stop torturing and opressing Uighur Muslim and to stop transporting immigrant Han to the Xinjiang Land immediately.

Shahrul Peshawar, Alor Setar


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  1. Olympics

    I see a pure emotional cliche, no fact, no evidence.

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