Desperate or Sincere? Najib and Muhyiddin went to Ijtima’ Tabligh


Muhyiddin: Foster Islamic brotherhood


NILAI: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday urged tabligh (a movement of Muslim missionaries) leaders to place emphasis on fostering Islamic brotherhood and strengthening unity. He also urged them to adopt a moderate attitude on their stand in the propagation of Islam.

“I am happy and honoured to be here,” he said after meeting tabligh leaders at the World Tabligh Assembly at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) quarters mosque near here.

Muyhiddin spent 45 minutes with the more than 200,000 delegates from the United States, Germany, France and India who are attending the gathering which began last Wednesday.

He was also briefed on the assembly by Syura Malaysia member, Sheikh Mohamad Sheikh Ali before joining them for zohor prayers.

“This is among the largest assemblies so far and I am thankful to have been here,” he said.

The assembly is the second Tabligh World Assembly to be held in Malaysia since Terengganu played host 27 years ago.

Later, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak spent time with the delegates attending the assembly.

Najib, who arrived at 5.10pm, joined the delegates for Asar prayers and later delivered a brief welcome speech.

He later had a 30-minute closed door dialogue (muzakarah) with the Syura members Sheikh Mohamadi.

Later, one of the delegates who attended the dialogue said the prime minister had asked them to pray for the country’s peace and unity.

“We did not discuss anything political.

“It was purely a discussion on how we should become closer to Allah and spend more time in prayer,” he said.

KARKUN should think how to bring them next to IPB (India Pakistan Bangladesh), to visit Tongi and Raiwind.  Najib is no more scared to SINDROM Qiamullail I guess…

Shahrul Peshawar



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