PGPO Demands Release of Malaysian Peace Activists

June 1 2010
The Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) condemns the brutal attack by Israeli navy forces on peace activists on board the Freedom Flotilla which has led to 19 deaths and scores of civilians injured.
We are also immensely concerned about the fate of 12 Malaysians including two Astro Awani journalists who were on board the Mavi Maramara, the lead ship of the flotilla which was attacked by the Israeli navy. At press time, the status and whereabouts of the Malaysians are still unclear.
This is a clear act of abduction of Malaysian citizens by Israel and PGPO demands that they are released safely at once. Israel has no right keeping Malaysian citizens on their territory as we have no diplomatic ties with the Israeli government.
The flotilla, which comprises activists from all over the world, European Members of Parliament and humanitarian workers, was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast. There is no dispute to this fact as Israeli military spokeswoman Avital Leibovich has confirmed that the attack took place outside Israeli territory.
The fact that the Israeli navy boarded a civilian ship in international waters is an act of piracy and state terrorism. There is absolutely no justification for Israel to attack civilians on board ships filled with aid for Gaza that was outside Israeli territory.
There were women, children and elderly people on board the ships and it is a clear sign of international hypocrisy that the world has allowed this to happen. As has been the case for decades, Israel has once again acted as a rogue state that does not adhere to international laws and common decency.
We strongly demand that all peace activists be released unconditionally at once and that Israel does not punish these activists with trumped up charges. We also demand that all supplies on board be allowed passage to Gaza as intended.
We call for all Malaysians from all faiths and religions to pray for the safety of the Malaysians abducted as well as other members of the flotilla. We hope that the people of Malaysia will come together to demand the safe release of all the peace activists whose only objective was to deliver much needed aid to the people of Gaza.

Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir

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