TNB motto should be “Pulling The Nation’s Progress”

After two months, I havent seen my electrictiy bill yet. 

and yesterday, in a newspaper, TNB’s COO – Azman Mohd is making a nationwide statement that TNB will give no mercy to the so called “errant consumers”.

I dont understand why we should let this kind of thing to happen in a modern Malaysia?  A sole provider for electricity, yet unable to provide enough manpower to check and deliver the bill, but they have extra manpower to cut the supply even on weekend… doesnt this sound “bullshit” and errogant, put aside a “bodoh sombong” attitude portrayed by the COO press statement.

You should stand infront of a mirror before  making this silly statement.  In Europe and other developed nations, they are looking forward providing better service from day to day, cheaper and more cheaper, and their customer service is very upset should there be any complaint on their services.  But here in Malaysia, especially in this ugly company – TNB – they are finding ways not to improve their service but to punnish small house consumers… but to let go those sharks and whales… low class mentality in a corporate uniform.. shame on you TNB.

Dont tell me, TNB is another PDRM for saman ekor as the government is short on cash.

Shahrul Peshawar



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5 responses to “TNB motto should be “Pulling The Nation’s Progress”

  1. kamchoo

    nak letrik tapi tak nak bayar.

  2. zaron

    nak free elektrik boleh dapatkan tiket ke peshawar…sana hang boleh hidup tanpa elektrik….kat malaysia tak tpt utk org nak tumpang tui…

    tak kenang budi punya orang……buktikan ko dan anak2 ko (kalau ada anak), famili ko tak guna 1 sen pun duit kerajaan?????

    hampehhh…duduk indo, duduk thai, duduk filipine atau mana2 negara ko suka..kalo brani….anak jantan…jantan ke..

    • shahrulpeshawar

      susah deal dengan orang bodoh. kat peshawar pun kena bayar elektrik gak lah bahalul.
      cuma pasai apa yang tnb susah nak keluarkan bil tapi senang nak potong letrik… hmmmm… balaci… balaci…

      korporat kaya boleh kulikan ramai orang hahahahahahaha… kenalah pulak yang otak singkat…

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