Life is getting difficult after Aidilfitri in Pakistan’s Flood affected areas

It is surely going to be the toughest time for those who are living in the affected areas.

Scarcity of clean water.  Polluted air.  Mud covered land. Shortage of seeds.  Damage farming equipments and facilities.  

Who can help them? 

WE can help them.  1. By giving donations and funds to the right parties that are currently working inside Pakistan.  2.  By giving information on how others can help them. 3.  By organising fund raising campaign at your own level.

HOW to help them?

BY providing fund to support food, water, sanitation, health, and other programs.  DO NOT send used clothes, as it is not a priority now.  DO NOT waste your money by sending cargo through air freight or sea as it is costly and handling fee will be high.  Send fund through western union, we can purchase from local shop and traders.  It will help the locals to rebuild their economy and many people get employed.


Simple.  By asking for progress report and full report upon completion of the project.  You may request for the photo of the project and number of beneficiaries.  You may also request testimonies from them.  Lastly, ask for official receipt or any relevant documents pertaining the projects.

IF YOU WANT TO DONATE, BUT UNSURE TO WHICH ORGANISATION YOU WANTED TO WORK WITH… Contact MRA – Malaysian Relief Agency.  We are here to assist you in disseminating your contributions.  We dont look at the amount, we look at your willingness and desire to assist the needy…

More details SMS me – 00 6019 6159948  – Shahrul Peshawar


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