Farewell to Fan Yew Teng

I called him Mr. Fan.

Back in 1993, when I’m doing my practical training with ABIM at The Right Angle, Section 14, PJ.. I met this energetic and tired-less social worker, who had vast experience and depth knowledge in almost every conflicts in the world. After a while, then I knew that he was an MP before.

I was assigned to assist him in many projects including Timor Timor, Acheh, Burma, North Korea and others, he encouraged me to write more often in English, correcting my pronounciations etc.

I remembered, on my last day doing practical, he took all the trouble to lunch with me in Pizza Hut, Section 14. He advised a lot. He even gave me few of his books.

When I joined CENPEACE – Centre for Peace Initiative, we often meet each other in the office. I learn a lot from him… I lost contact with him when they sent me to Afghanistan.

It is an honour to know and to work with such a great “social fighter” such as him.

Good bye Mr. Fan…



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