Edisi 6 E-Majallah Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)


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  1. Assalamu Alaikum WW

    Dear Brother Islam
    Greeting from Citizen for Humanity Development Trust Foundation in Sri Lanka
    Appeal to Assistance
    Our organization is a non political non religion social service Non Government Charitable organization assisting the vulnerable people especially in the north IDPs. The main focus o our assistance in the following field.
    1. Assisting to relief and shelter
    2. Providing dry Ration to the Needy at time of Disaster
    3. Assisting the sick with Necessary Mediation
    4. Assisting in Employment.
    5. Assisting students in the field of Education
    6. Contacting programs in awareness and work shop in peace and Human Rights , women and child Rights ,capacity building , community development standing , HIV Aids and sexual abuse
    We have been providing with our .due to the lack of financial position we find it difficult to reach our full aim. Therefore sir/ Madam we shall be very much thank full to you of you would render any possible assistance for the benefit of the Needy

    Please help us to break the cycle of poverty in Sri Lanka

    Thanking you

    You’re since

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