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Peace Volunteers who gave their lifes



Today, suddenly my mind stuck at this name, Corrie Rachel.  I’ve never met her.  But my mentor, Khairil Anuar Khalid ex Malaysian Relief Sarajevo (Mr. Bon Bon) had met her when he was in Palestine a month before she was killed.


I start searching her name in search engine and together with her name I found others who had sacrificed their lifes for the cause of Palestinian.  I look into myself and compared with them and I realized that I did nothing for the struggle of the Palestinian. 


They had given their youth life for the struggle and died for it.  They took all the trouble to go to the land itself and protect the people, standing infront the merciless force of Israeli army… and I’m sitting in my air-conditioned office room.


We might be from different races and religions but we share the same concept of peace and freedom.  The families should be proud of them. 



Georgetown, Pulau Pinang


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