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dari Fussa, Tokyo

Assalamualaikum sekelian Tomodachi (sahabat) saya

Sekarang saya berada di Fussa, Tokyo dalam Misi Bantuan Kemanusiaan ke Jepun, Malaysian Relief Agency dengan kerjasama Alumni Look East Policy Society – ALEPS.

Saya akan update dari masa ke semasa mengikut kemampuan dan kelapangan yang ada.

Shahrul San, Fussa, Tokyo

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Climate change a growing humanitarian challenge: UN Source: Agence France-Presse (AFP)


06 Jun 2010 SYDNEY — Weather-related catastrophes brought about by climate change are increasing, the top UN humanitarian official said Sunday as he warned of the possibility of “mega-disasters”.

John Holmes, the Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, said one of the biggest challenges facing the aid community was the problems stemming from changing weather patterns. “When it comes meteorological disasters, weather-related disasters, then there is a trend upwards connected with climate change,” Holmes, who is in Australia for high-level talks on humanitarian aid, told AFP.

“The trend is there is terms of floods, and cyclones, and droughts.” Holmes, who is the UN’s emergency relief coordinator, said it had been a tough year due to January’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, which killed more than 250,000 people. He said while earthquakes, such as the 7.0-magnitude quake which levelled the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, were random, weather-related natural disasters were increasing in number and scale.

“It’s partly the very obvious things like the number of cyclones and the intensity of the cyclones, and the amount of flooding,” he said. “But is also in slightly more invisible ways — in Africa with drought spreading, desertification spreading.

” Holmes said officials were particularly concerned about places where a combination of factors — such as large populations, or likelihood of earthquake, or susceptibility to rising sea levels — made them more vulnerable. “One of things we worry about is mega cities could produce, at some point, a mega disaster,” he said. “Cities like Kathmandu for example, which sits on two earthquake faults, where a large earthquake will come along… and the results could be catastrophic.”

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Gegaran terasa di Alor Setar

Gempa bumi yang melanda Acheh tengahari tadi turut dirasakan di Alor Setar. 

Aku terasa berbuai-buai walaupun berada di tingkat 6.  Aku pernah rasa gempa yang lebih dahsyat dari tu lagi dulu semasa menghadiri misi-misi kemanusiaan suatu masa dulu.

Apapun, semoga kita mengambil iktibar diatas gempa yang kecil ini, jangan angkuh dan sentiasa ingat diri.

Shahrul Peshawar

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MRA 8th Group Progress Report


We were assembled at LCCT airport at around 12.30pm. Checking-in and money changing were swift as we sat in Marry Brown receiving our briefing from Ms. Diyana and soon after Mr Shahran came by for final instructions of our mission. It was the last call for our flight as we made our way through the boarding. There was a sense of uncertainty and excitement as we sat in our seats. It was a smooth take off, the pilot was excellent. The flight to Padang was a quick one, but the view from the sky was breath-taking. Landing was superb also, swift and graceful.

Our arrival at the airport was greeted warmly by Haji Hani and Pak Yus. We made a quick pit stop to Padang town to buy some medicinal supplies. The environment was so different from the usual metropolitan KL scene that I was use to. What caught my eye was house simple the pharmacies appeared, somewhat equivalent to our traditional herb stalls in KL? After buying the supplies, we had our first taste of Nasi Padang at a nice restaurant called Lamun Ombak. It was a nice change from our normal diet at home.

We arrived at the MRA secretariat located in Jati, Pariaman. It was a single storey bungalow already rented for a year under MRA. I would say it was quite neat with all the facilities. After a short briefing, we decided to do the first most important thing – rearrange our medicine stock and prepare our boxes.

15 NOVEMBER 2009

The one hour time difference messed up our clocks but luckily since Malaysia is earlier by one hour, we were actually overly punctual. Breakfast was simple bread and jam from bread bought earlier in Padang when we landed. The journey to our clinic site was a long one. It was situated in the region of Agam, north of Pariaman called South Melalak – a small village called Talago. Talago suffered a great impact during the earth quake where 7 houses were buried under heaps of land. A lot of houses were damaged and few died.

We arrived around 9.30 am and set camp at the Talago Mosque. Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia led by Uztaz Jamal was there too and they gave the ‘tazkirah’ for the people. Our clinic was a success despite the heavy downpour and the mini flood that occurred at our impromptu pharmacy. We treated 60 patients altogether with the main complaints of rheumatism and back pain. Before leaving, we scoured the small settlement to take a look at the remains of the landslide that occurred during the earth quake. Lunch was again Nasi Padang, at a nice small restaurant above a pond. On our way back, we dropped by to see the house that MRA built to help the people. Afterwards, we stopped by the market to stock on supplies. Dinner was simple fried rice courtesy of Azmee.

16 NOVEMBER 2009

It was only the 3rd day, yet everyone agreed that we were quite fed up of Nasi Padang. I whipped up some fried beehoon for breakfast from the items we brought from the market the day before. Today, we visited Sungai Rambai where we were greeted by the head of the village. We were given the community hall to be used as our clinic. It was a really hot day and there wasn’t any good ventilation in the hall. Luckily the toilet was quite decent. The clinic started at about 10 am and we found ourselves soon surrounded by locals of many ages. We saw 95 patients altogether, but ironically the main complaint was hypertension. Haji Hani wasn’t feeling so well, and I being surrounded in a small, stuffy area started to have a massive headache tending to patients that had difficulty understanding what I was trying to say. Luckily, we stopped the registrations, and Haji seeing me struggling to cope with the load came to help. I got up from my seat, feeling very woozy and giddy, sweating away in the hot stuffy room with traces of tobacco smell from the smoking male patients. I dashed to the toilet where I threw up, instantly feeling a lot better. I washed my face and quickly resumed my duties. My team was worried because I looked so pale. Luckily, we managed to finish around 2 pm. Lunch was Nasi Padang again, but the nice change that it was by the seaside, and I welcomed the reassuring breeze. We got home and I rested most the afternoon away. Haji Hani himself was unwell and I prescribed him some medication and antibiotics.

That night, we went to a nearby pharmacy to stock up on LMS and eye drops. We stopped by a mini market where I found some instant Cappuccino. Dinner was bakso from a nearby stall. With coffee in my system, my headache started to clear and I was more energetic than ever. It was caffeine withdrawal syndrome after all. Well at least I found a cure early. That night we had an unexpected guest. A man fell off his motorcycle after hitting a hole on the dark road. He sustained abrasions over the right side of his face, arm and knee. We dressed him and gave him some medications and sent him on his way.

To be continued tomorrow……


clinic2 group1
group2 tazkirah posko1
road rumah mra1 tanah runtuh1
 rumah1 accident2. accident1

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Latest dari team INSAF Malaysia di Padang, Sumatera


AHAD. 4 Okt
Sebaik sahaja pasukan INSAF Malaysia di lapangan terbang PADANG, mereka terus melaporkan diri di Pusat UN dan terus mengadakan mesyuarat koordinasi. Hujan malam itu sungguh lebat dan mencurah-curah. Sebaik sahaja selesai mesyuarat mereka telah merancang bergerak ke PARIAMAN dengan segera awal pagi esok kerana daerah disana rosak teruk.

Sebaik di sana mereka akan terus berhubung dengan Mer-C Indonesia untuk diselaraskan gerak kerja bantuan. Untuk makluman IFRC di PADANG telah mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa bekalan ubat sudah mencukupi. Mungkin disini sudah ada terdapat 5 buah hospital yang sudah didirikan iaitu Hospital Perancis, Jepun, Russia, German dan kerajaan Australia. Sedangkan Daerah PARIAMAN rosak teruk. Khemah perlu didirikan terutama untuk di kawasan sekolah. Perhubungan internet masih belum pulih sepenuhnya.
Bertolak ke PARIAMAN. Hujan lebat masih turun tanpa henti. Pasukan INSAF terus bertugas di hospital disini iaitu Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Pariaman.

Maklumat yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak UN disini:
Di kawasan PADANG PARIAMAN mangsa terkorban adalah seramai 276 orang dan yang hilang 285 orang.

Di KOTA PADANG pula jumlah mangsa terkorban adalah 231 orang manakala mangsa yang hilang 4 orang. Sementara itu jumlah orang yang terkorban di KOTA PARIAMAN adalah seramai 32 orang dan di AGAM pula seramai 32 orang.

Manakala di PERSISIR SELATAN 10 orang telah terkorban, di KOTA SOLOK seramai 4 orang dan di PASAMAN BARAT pula seramai 3 orang.
Jumlah yang dilaporkan terkorban semua adalah seramai 588 orang dan mereka yang hilang seramai 343 orang.

Petang tadi dapat bertemu dengan Bapak Kabupaten Padang PARIAMAN dan Bapak Pemerintah memohon bantuan segera dihantar disini kerana hampir 70% penduduk disini masih belum mendapat bantuan terutama makanan bayi, khemah, selimut dan ubat-ubatan.

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Laporan Misi Ke-2 Malaysian Relief Agency ke Padang, Sumatera

Wa’alaikum salam dan salam sejahtera,
Semua exco, sukarelawan dan sahabat Malaysian Relief Agency(MRA).
Misi perubatan MRA kedua akan berlepas ke Padang petang ini dari LCCT yang dianggotai oleh Dr. Suryasmi dan 2 jururawat. Mereka dijadualkan akan bergabung dengan misi pertama yang diketuai Sdr. Shahran Kassim. MRA telah menyumbangkan bantuan kecemasan awal rakyat Malaysia sebanyak RM40,000 melalui misi pertama yang telah tiba pada petang 2/10/09. Misi kedua akan membawa tambahan dana sebanyak RM5,000 untuk bantuan seterusnya.
Dr. Hyzan Yusof selaku Ketua Misi Perubatan akan pulang lewat petang ini untuk memberikan maklumat serta laporan awal dari lapangan. Sdr. Khairil Anuar Khalid akan menggantikan Shahran yang akan kembali pada hari Rabu 7/10/09 untuk meneruskan usaha penyelarasan bantuan MRA dan rakan NGO di Sumatera Barat. MRA bekerjasama erat dengan Dewan Dakwah Islamiah Indonesia (DDII)  dan Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia (BSMI). Kita juga telah memaklumkan kehadiran MRA di sana kepada pasukan Majlis Keselamatan Negara(MKN) yang mewakili kerajaan Malaysia yang baru tiba semalam. MRA telah mewujudkan bilik operasi sementara di Pariaman (kawasan yang paling teruk terjejas akibat gempa) bersama logistik asas untuk menampung kehadiran sukarelawan dari Malaysia.
Pasukan doktor, jururawat dan sukarelawan pertama dan kedua akan berada di sana selama seminggu dan misi perubatan MRA ketiga akan menyusul pada 10/09/09 yang akan dianggotai oleh 2 doktor, 1 ahli farmasi dan 2 jururawat.
Kita perlukan rakan-rakan dermawan untuk menghulurkan sumbangan dana kewangan ke Tabung Kemanusiaan Padang anjuran MRA untuk terus membantu mangsa gempabumi di sana. Terima kasih di atas segala sokongan moral dan juga doa semua teman-teman agar para sukarelawan kita selamat menabur bakti tanpa kesulitan.
Sumbangan ikhlas ke MRA boleh dibuat ke akaun ;
“Tabung Amanah Pesakit Malaysia”  (Bank Muamalat –  14-010000969716)

Sekian dulu.
Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman
SUA  Malaysian Relief Agency (www.mra.my)
(HP 012 2900150)

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Saya dapati beberapa pihak telahpun menghantar pasukan mereka “on the ground” dan ada yang telahpun menjalankan aktiviti bantuan kemanusiaan dan misi perubatan dan ada yang baru menghantar pasukan peninjau.

Apapun saya harap semua pihak dapat bekerjasama dan elakkan dari “photocopy” kerja-kerja bantuan antara satu sama lain. Mungkin tim-tim kemanusiaan dari Malaysia perlu mengadakan mesyuarat penyelarasan bagi memastikan semua pihak dapat memberikan bantuan maksima tanpa perlu bersaing dan berebut kawasan operasi. Ini pandangan peribadi saya, mungkin ada yang setuju dan mungkin tidak.

Dalam kesibukan di Padang, janganlah pulak kita lupakan mangsa Taufan Ketsana di Filipina.

Setakat pengetahuan saya, maklumat yang boleh dikongsi adalah seperti berikut:-


Telah melancarkan “Tabung Kemanusiaan Sumatera” dan telah berada di Padang sejak 2hb Oktober lagi, bertugas di Rumah Sakit Siti Rahmah, kekuatan anggota 2 doktor dan 2 jururawat terlatih.  Untuk maklumat lanjut dan sumbangan sila hubungi Sdri. Fauziah Tahar, Pegawai Eksekutif MRA – hp 012 2096577 atau Dr. Mohd Daud Sulaiman – hp 012 2900150  SUA MRA.


GPM telah pun melancarkan Tabung Gempa Sumatera Barat. Tabung bertujuan untuk mengutip dana bagi membantu mangsa gempa terutamanya di dua kawasan yang teruk terjejas iaitu Kota Padang dan Pariaman. Misi pertama GPM akan ke Padang pada hari Isnin 5 Oktober 2009 dijangka membawa bantuan awal sebanyak RM20,000 ringgit untuk keperluan khemah dan makanan.

Sumbangan boleh dihantar terus ke pejabat GPM seperti aLamat di bawah atau dimasukkan ke akaun berikut :

Global Peace Mission
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad – No Akaun 14 023 01 002922 4 atau
Maybank – No Akaun 564 221 611 602

Untuk maklumat lanjut, anda boleh berurusan dan menghubungi:-

En. Mohd Halimi Abdul Hamid, Exco GPM

2-2A Jalan GJ 2
Batu 5 1/2 Jalan Gombak
53100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-6188 3230  Fax: +603-6188 3233


Pasukan perubatan INSAF dan pasukan ‘Rapid Assesment’ akan bertolak ke Padang, Sumatera pada 8hb Oktober 2009. Pasukan perubatan yang diketuai oleh Dr Ahmad Abdul Wahid dan Dr Alvin Tan serta ‘Logistiction’ sdr Ishak Abd Kadir merangkap Presiden INSAF akan membawa bekalan ubat-ubatan dan peralatan khemah dalam Misi Kemanusiaan ini.
Namun begitu oleh kerana bekalan yang kami bawa hanya mampu bertahan untuk sementara waktu, pihak kami sangat mengalu-alukan bantuan sdr-sdr semua tak kira apa bentuk bantuan terutama bantuan kewangan.
Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi Sdr. Onn Abu Bakar, Exco Insaf di talian 012 2205282

The Malaysian Red Crescent “Mass Cooking Team” comprises of 4 members and Clinton Cooker set were deployed to Padang,Sumatera together with the government humanitarian mission. They departed for Padang, Sumatera around 9.00 am this morning (2nd October 2009) from the Royal Malaysian Air Force Base, Subang for 10 days mission.



Kuala Lumpur, 3 October 2009 – MERCY Malaysia will deploy a surgical and medical team consisting of an orthopaedic surgeon, a general surgeon, an anaesthetist, general practitioners (GPs) and nurses to treat the earthquake victims in and around Pariaman which is located some 80 km north of Padang, Sumatra.

After initial assessments conducted by MERCY Malaysia’s team, it was found that Pariaman (population 600,000), is the second-worst hit area and is in need of medical and relief assistance.  (read press release at their website)

Shahrul Peshawar, Alor Setar

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