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Aid Worker Diaries – Top 10 Critical Needs Facing Refugees & Persons Displaced in Emergencies

During the initial stages of a conflict or natural disaster, those who are forced to flee are particularly at risk—women, children and young people most of all.

The Women’s Refugee Commission has identified 10 pressing needs that must be met during the first weeks and months of an emergency to ensure the safety and well-being of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs)*. Some 43 million people are currently uprooted from their homes by armed conflict and persecution.

1. Keep refugees and IDPs safe. Ensure that they are settled in a secure location away from borders and ongoing conflict.

2. Provide safe access to basic needs, including food, safe and appropriate cooking fuel, potable water, sanitation and shelter.

3. Communicate with the people most affected and ensure their safety whether or not they have legal status or official documents. Ensure every adult is provided with individual documentation that allows him or her to access key services.

4. Provide life-saving health care, including reproductive health care. Ensure there are enough health workers and all necessary medicines and supplies to prevent and respond to infectious diseases and other health needs. Establish priority reproductive health services for women and girls.

5. Prevent and respond to sexual violence. Protect women and children from sexual violence by ensuring safe access to food, cooking fuel, water, latrines and other basic necessities. Offer medical services and psychosocial support to survivors of sexual violence.

6. Reduce the transmission of HIV. Enforce use of infection control measures by health workers; make condoms freely available; and ensure blood for transfusion is safe by screening it for HIV and other blood-borne diseases.

7. Prevent excess maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity. Provide skilled birth attendants for normal births; manage obstetric complications at health facilities; establish 24-hour emergency referral system; provide contraceptives to meet demands; provide clean delivery kits to all visibly pregnant women.

8. Identify vulnerable individuals with specific needs, such as unaccompanied minors, child- or women-headed households, pregnant women, victims of trafficking and persons with disabilities. Secure their care and physical security. Monitor, report and respond to violations against children.

9. Provide education to children and young people. Offer structure for children and restore hope and a sense of normalcy in a safe, adult-supervised space. Teach basic literacy and numeracy skills, and provide vocational training for young people.

10. Provide economic opportunities and preserve existing economic assets. Build on refugees’ skills, taking into account local market needs, to provide the best chance for a sustainable income. Protect women and girls from sexual exploitation by providing them with economic opportunities.

* A refugee has crossed an international border; an internally displaced person (IDP) has fled from his or her home but is still in his or her own country.


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NGO Warga Kilang… support this group

Aku suka promote kerja kebajikan orang lain agar kita boleh jadikan iktibar, contohi mereka, tanamkan azam nak buat macam mereka buat, berkerjasama dengan diaorang, bantu diaorang atau paling tidak bagitahu orang lain apa yang diaorang nie buat…

Kalau korang boleh sumbang botol kicap pun dah bagus (tapi bukan botol kosong atau satu botol je) bagilah satu dozen… besar sikit pahala tu…


SHAHRUL PESHAWAR – mari kita berlumba-lumba kearah kebaikan (fastabiqul khairat)

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World Humanitarian Day – 19th August


Aku pun hampir terlupa…

Kepada semua Humanitarian di luar sana… selamat hari pekerja bantuan kemanusiaan…

Kat luar, Humanitarian nie kerja profesional tapi kat Malaysia, Humanitarian nie kira kerja suka dan rela je (sukarelawan).

Shahrul Peshawar


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cinta di langit gaza & memoir tragedi memali

Aku membeli dua buah naskah buku yang diterbitkan oleh Jundi Resources.  Buku pertama – Cinta di langit Gaza – tulisan Ust. Riduan Mohamad Nor, buku yang mengisahkan perjalanan beliau berserta suka duka yang dilalui sepanjang melaksanakan misi bantuan kemanusiaan di berbagai buah tempat, antaranya – Lebanon, Acheh, Kashmir, Kemboja, Pakistan dan Bangladesh.  Juga dikongsi anekdot perjalanan beliau di merata pelusuk dunia.  Aku cuba juga untuk menulis pengalaman aku, tapi sering dihambat dengan lelah dan kesuntukan masa.  Mungkin aku yang tidak pandai mengurus masa…

Buku kedua pula, ditulis oleh Ust. Riduan Mohamad Nor berserta C.N Afghani, buku ini bertajuk duka – Memoir Tragedi Memali.  Aku tahu kisah Memali ini, dan aku ingat ketika itu aku masih di tingkatan satu.  Seperti rakyat yang lain, aku juga ditipu dan disuap dengan maklumat haram lagi palsu… hinggalah aku dapat menjejak letak berita yang sebenar.  Buku ini menjadi panduan untuk aku mengetahui kisah sebenar yang terjadi sebelum ianya menjadi sejarah songsang sepertimana perjuangan menuntut kemerdekaan ditulis.

Shahrul Peshawar, Kota Bharu

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Team 8 – Final Report 3 of 3 PDF Print E-mail
Written by admin
Saturday, 28 November 2009
hj hani n dr mar

19th NOVEMBER 2009

It is Thursday, and soon our mission would be complete. My patient from the other day did not make an appearance last night, although we waited. Perhaps the idea of having to travel to seek medical help did not appeal to the parents I presume. However, it was a total shame as his left distal thigh abscess was quite big and without a proper incision and drainage it would spread to his need joint and he is at risk of developing septic arthritis which in the long run without proper treatment may lead to injury to the knee joint and impair mobility. I’ve already explained to the parents concerning the consequences of no surgery. The least I did was give him antibiotics, which pray to God, he has the decency to take. Being trained in pediatrics for many years has made me extremely sensitive to child health issues. I feel that this is also a failure on my part.

I got up a bit later than usual, perhaps close to 8 am. Haji Hani was out handling some cattle issues for the upcoming Aidil Adha celebrations. Breakfast was fried rice courtesy of Norhayati, my only female nurse and company.

This morning we set out to see the progress on our home building projects. We were taken on a few sights near Sungai Sarik that was our next clinic destination of the day. These homes were a bit different from the temporary homes that we saw before because it still uses the old housing frame, and recycled rubble added to rebuilt the collapsed home. There were certain criterias to fulfill before a home is built for the victims, which includes the victims’ capability of income, presence of little children and elderly people.

After the short visit, we headed to Limpato, Sungai Sarik for the next mobile clinic. On the way there, Pak Yah told us that yesterdays drama was actually more than it seems. Apparently, it was not a matter of road rage, but rather crime of passion. The man beaten up was upset because the guy who beat him up ran off with his ex-wife and this was part of a revenge plot. They were actually having a chasing tail gating scene prior to banging into each other and fighting with each other and landing on our doorstep that night. I guess life in Padang could be interesting at times.


Limpato was a nice village which was related to one of the DDI ustaz, whom I’ve seen a couple of times visiting our home stay in Pariaman. We set camp in front of a school under an open stall. Luckily, there was a nice breeze blowing through which made the hot morning sun bearable. The response from the locals was surprisingly good, although initially the clinic ran slow. We saw 110 patients that day in a span of 4 hours. Haji and me even went to an extent of doing an incision and drainage for a boy with a right thigh abscess, this time smaller than the one previous. After a positive pus aspiration via syringe, I made a small X cut on top of the fluctuating area to remove the pus. We removed almost 5 cc of pus from the abscess, but what I was more astounded was the fact the boy could stand the procedure with only ethylene chloride spray given prior. He didn’t even cry, he only admitted to pain – and he was not even a teenager yet. Thumbs up kid! We washed and dressed the wound and I wrote a letter for the parents to bring to any nearby facility for dressing daily. I covered him with antibiotics and some panadol and he was on his way. Another observation that we made was that the people there were very patient and orderly, not like our previous clinics. They even helped us carry our boxes prior to the clinic and as the clinic ended.

We finished at about 3pm, exhausted and hungry. Lunch was again nasi padang, but this time the shop had more meat in it. I opt for simple plain rice and rempah fried chicken because I wasn’t feeling to good. The rest had the fried rice that we packed from this morning with some of the dishes sold. Buffalo stew was actually quite nice as we tried a plate to eat. After lunch, we went back to the ‘telekung’ factory we visited earlier to buy some more and then headed home. It was still early when we reached home and so we decided to take a look around the area. We went to a nearby stall selling ‘Bika’, which was something like our version of ‘Apam’ except for the coconut was blended into the dough. They used a special leaf found by the beach as the placemat that gives a very special aroma that adds to taste. It was quite sweet. We also went to visit a nearby telekung factory in front of the house, but we found that the designs and price were not up to our liking.

That night, we were pretty exhausted from the long day. It was Friday night, so we had our prayers and Yaasin reading. Dinner was chicken soup and mix vegetables with omelet. We were pretty exhausted after all the cleaning and rearranging drugs, and that night we slept early because the next day we need to get up early for our next clinic which was situated quite far from where we were.

20th November 2009

We got up early since we were to set out before 7am. Breakfast was simple bread and jam, some coffee and we were good to go. The journey was a long one. We stopped to fill up for gas on the way. It took us almost 2 hours to reach the last clinic spot which was near Maninjau Lake called Sigiran. Surrounded with natures finest greenery, we were awestrucked at the sight of the huge lake situated amidst the mountains. It looked like we were by the seaside, except for our brains telling us we went uphill. On the other side, there were remains of a landslide which made the road all too narrower.

We arrived at Sigiran mosque at half past nine. I was feeling a bit queezy. Motion sickness perhaps, more like morning sickness. We set camp outside the mosque. Time was limited due to Friday prayer’s but we managed to see 104 patients altogether. One boy had persistent rhinorrhoea with foul smelling discharge. I took a look and it appeared that he had put something up his nose. Thanking God for my 6 months ENT training before resigning, I found a curved forceps and managed to remove the foreign body with ease. It was all green and smelly. There was a bit of blood afterwards, and he cried mainly because of the blood I think.

My head was hurting and luckily the clinic was closed early for the Friday prayers. The men went on with prayers while Norhayati and me dispensed the remaining medications and then packed up all our stuff. After prayers, we said goodbye to the people of Sigiran and had lunch on the other side of the lake. Menu as usual, nasi padang. It was still quite early when we finished lunch. Since Bukit Tinggi was another half an hour drive, we decided to check out the place, just to see why people were really excited about it. The journey up was breath taking and altogether there was 44 bends to reach the top. It was quite cool, comparable to our Cameron Highlands I would say. The Bazaar was mayhem and it was interesting to see the different type of stalls. Mostly sold praying clothes, embroided clothes and bags. After a few hours we headed home. We reached Pariaman at around 9pm. Dinner was Pariaman Fried Chicken bought prior to reaching home. We packed our things for the journey home tomorrow.
21st November 2009

Dawn arrived and most of us woke up a bit later than we normally did. I wasn’t feeling so well, the Fried Chicken had caused me to purge all morning. My staff nurses helped clean up the house before we got into the car for our journey home. Of the many days staying in Pariaman, we finally understood what ‘Gempa Sumbar’ meant – we thought it meant earth quake, but actually ‘Sumbar’ was an acronym for West Sumatera (Sumatera Barat).

We reached the airport early at around 12 pm. Pak Yas cried as we said our goodbyes. Apparently in our short stay, he grew fond of our small team.

Whilst waiting in the airport, we met another group of volunteers from University Malaysia Kelantan. It was the first time they were there to offer humanitarian help. The dean wanted his students to be exposed to humanitarian work besides just studying for a certificate. He is also sending a bigger group to Cambodia for the coming Aidil Adha.

We got on the plane and I guess everybody gave a sigh of relief. One week away from our beloved home town makes the journey home the most anticipated part. The flight was a bit bumpy but the takeoff and landing was super smooth.

It was a wonderful experience, the journey, the people, the new surroundings and the new friends we made. Watching other people’s home being struck by natural disaster makes us feel so blessed that it did not happen to our homes instead. Despite the help given, it wasn’t really much but perhaps it was enough to remind them that there are people who care about them in the world. As for my team, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Definitely I need to say thank you so much for their cooperation and dedication. I couldn’t have done this mission well without all of you. A special thanks to Haji Hani also for his guidance and patience with us.


rumah segera haji hani1
team photo rumah segera1
mobil clinic4 mobilclinic1
mobil clinic2 makcik waiting
hj hani n dr mar azmi n shahril
girl2 girl1
boys two6 boy5
boy4 boy3
boy2 boy1

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Aktiviti INSAF di koran Indonesia


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Isnin 5 Oktober 2009

Misi selamat tiba di lapangan terbang Padang pada jam 8.00 pagi dengan penerbangan Air Asia dari Kuala Lumpur.

Penerbangan penuh dengan warga Minang di Malaysia yang pulang untuk melihat keadaan kampung halaman dan saudara mara mereka yang ditimpa bencana. Salah seorang penumpang menceritakan bahawa keluarga kakaknya terdiri dari empat orang telah meninggal semuanya.

Ketibaan kami disambut dengan hujan lebat yang hanya reda sekitar jam 12.00 tengahari waktu tempatan. Di lapangan terbang kami disambut oleh Bapak Ade Salamun dari LAZIS-DDII. GPM telah pernah bekerjasama dengan LAZIS-DDII dalam beberapa misi kemanusiaan sebelum ini seperti di Aceh, Yogyakarta, Solo, Pangandaran dan Bukit Tinggi.

Di kota Padang banyak bangunan yang runtuh dan tenggelam ke dalam tanah antaranya mahkamah tentera, mahkamah syariah, jabatan kerja raya sumbar, hospital selasih (milik usahawan Malaysia). Sahingga malam tadi telah ada sekitar 300 gempa susulan.

Kami telah dibawa ke Pusat Penyelaras Menangani Gempa DDII di Rumah Sakit Islam YARSI (Yayasan Rumah Sakit Indonesia) di Jalan Proklamasi.

Pusat Tiusyen GAMA yang terletak di hadapan Pusat Penyeleras hancur sama sekali dan dikhuatiri 60 orang masih tertimbus dibawah runtuhan itu. Menurut taklimat dari Ibu Aisyah Natsir, Ketua YARSI Sumatera Barat penyakit seperti flu, batuk dan cirit birit telah sudah semakin menular akibat terputusnya bekalan air dan juga cuaca yang kurang baik.

Bekalan letrik hanya pulih sekitar 40 peratus sahaja. Perkhidmatan internet masih belum pulih. Restoren-restoren besar masih tutup; hanya gerai-gerai kecil yang beroperasi menurut Pak Misbach Malim, Koordinator Nasional untuk Pusat Penyelaras LAZIS-DDII. Mereka sudah lima hari makan nasi goreng.

Kami akan meneruskan perjalanan ke Pariaman dan Maninjau; dan akan menghantar catatan dari masa ke semasa.

Laporan dari : Mohd Asri Abdul, Akmal Hisham Abdul Rahim & Aktifanus Jawahir

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Hati-hati bila bercadang untuk tidak makan (bila di Malaysia (Perak))


Tak nak makan pun kena tangkap.

Aku tak tahu berapa ramai yang akan kena tangkap dalam bulan puasa nanti.

Sesetengah pihak kat Malaysia nie terlalu emosional, kata nak jadi negara maju…

Kalau makan tak bayar kena tangkap masuk akal gak…

Shahrul Peshawar, Alor Setar

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Terpanggil untuk berkongsi serba sedikit pengetahuan dan maklumat yang ada.

Isu GAZA menyebabkan berbondong-bondong NGO dan Agensi Bantuan Kemanusiaan menderu untuk turun ke bumi Palestin dan negara sekitarnya.

Ada beberapa isu penting yang perlu diambil kira, antaranya ialah logistik, komunikasi, operasi dan yang paling penting ialah keselamatan (security).

Banyak pertubuhan yang keliru dan tidak pasti samada nak beroperasi di bandar sempadan seperti Al Arish atau masuk terus kedalam Gaza.  Bila hendak kedalam Gaza, kenalah pulak tunggu pintu sempadan dibuka (ikut suka hati kerajaan Mesir).  Bila dah sampai didalam Gaza, nak menetap di mana pula?  Dan bila nak keluar dari Gaza samalah seperti hendak masuk – ikut bila pintu sempadan dibuka.

Dalam kecenderungan dan semangat yang meluap-luap untuk membantu Gaza, jangan diabai aspek keselamatan.  Saya huraikan aspek keselamatan ni seperti berikut:-

1.  Sebelum Bertolak

  • Pengambilan Vaksin yang sesuai
  • Persediaan ubat-ubatan peribadi
  • Jaket Keselamatan (Kalis Peluru)
  • Vest Kerja (kena terang dan ada logo bulan sabit atau palang merah)
  • Set Walkie Talkie
  • Bateri tambahan untuk semua alatan letrik yang dibawa
  • Bawa kasut yang sesuai – ringan tetapi tapaknya sedikit tebal
  • Perlindungan Insuran

2.  Semasa Berada disana

  • Pastikan mempunyai partner / translator yang berwibawa
  • Pastikan mempunyai tukaran wang tempatan yang mencukupi
  • Pastikan walkie talkie telah di selaras dan berfungsi
  • Pastikan mempunyai penginapan yang selamat (berkunci dan boleh simpang barang)
  • Siapkan kontigensi plan – kalau-kalau kena keluar dengan segera
  • Masukkan sedikit dana untuk kontigensi plan ini.
  • Dapatkan kenderaan yang baik
  • Pastikan kenderaan nie takde insignia ketenteraan
  • Tolonglah pastikan bekalan spare petrol ada
  • Dapatkan peta kawasan yang lengkap dan cuba fahamkan
  • Elakkan memakai pakaian yang ala tentera
  • Pastikan bekalan air minum mencukupi (bawa dalam setiap perjalanan)
  • Pastikan makanan sentiasa bermasak dan boleh dimakan (jangan kompromi)
  • Elakkan makanan dan minuman terbuka di tepi jalan
  • Hati-hati bila masuk ke kawasan serangan bom atau pertempuran
  • Sentiasa beringat dan berjalan diatas jalan raya
  • Jangan cuba buka pintu atau angkat kayu runtuhan tanpa sebarang alasan
  • Jangan pegang sebarang objek pelik atau serpihan bom
  • Jangan terlampau syok bergambar dengan kelongsong bom
  • Hati-hati bila cuba mengalih hadangan di atas jalanraya
  • Jangan terlalu syok nak ambil gambar – mungkin ianya dikawasan sensitif
  • Jangan terlalu jauh dari kumpulan besar
  • Jangan masuk ke kampung atau kawasan pertempuran tanpa meminta izin dari pihak berkuasa
  • Hati-hati dengan sniper
  • Hati-hati dengan jerangkap samar
  • Elakkan diri dari masuk ke kawasan pertempuran

3.  Sekiranya terperangkap dalam kawasan pertempuran

  • Sentiasa yakin bahawa anda akan keluar selamat
  • Sentiasa yakin anda akan hidup
  • Cari perlindungan yang sewajarnya
  • Pastikan anda ada kain putih didalam saku untuk dikibarkan
  • Jangan cuba jadi hero – nak selamatkan oranga
  • Jangan cuba jadi hero – nak ambik gambar
  • Jangan cuba jadi hero – balik tengah malam tanpa pengiring
  • Jangan cuba gunakan walkie talkie atau handphone ketika serangan bermula
  • Pastikan anda sentiasa membawa air dan bekalan makanan ringan yang sewajarnya untuk kekal sihat
  • Kawasan yang tercemar dengan radioaktif dan senjata kimia akan kelihatan gersang dan tiada tumbuhan
  • Jangan berurusan dengan mereka yang tidak anda kenali.


Semoga dapat membantu


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Rapat Umum Selamatkan Gaza


Rakyat Malaysia di jemput hadir dalam Rapat Umum Selamatkan Gaza bagi menyatakan sokongan terhadap rakyat Palestin di Gaza dan mengutuk kezaliman yang dilakukan olah rejim Zionis ke atas mereka.

Anjuran: Aman Palestin
Tarikh: 10 Januari 2009m/13 Muharram 1430h
Masa: 10 pagi hingga 12 tengahari.
1-      Menyatakan kebersamaan rakyat Malaysia dalam menghadapi penderitaan yang dialami oleh rakyat Palestin di Gaza.
2-      Memberi sokongan dan kepedulian rakyat Malaysia terhadap saudara mereka di Gaza.
3-      Megutuk kezaliman yang dilakukan oleh rejim Zionis Yahudi ke atas rakyat Palestin di Gaza.
Aktiviti: Tayangan multimedia, deklamasi sajak, perasmian kempen Selamatkan Gaza, ucapan khas isu Gaza, doa dan lain-lain. 

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