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It is not MUSLIM against BUDDHIST or BUDDHIST against MUSLIM

Some medias are portraying the image of Muslim killing Buddhist and the Buddhist killing the Muslim in the Maungdaw Township in Arakan. It is a bad,mad and dangerous game played by certain peoples who doesnt want to see peace restored in Myanmar.

Rohingya and Rakhine had been staying and living together for such a long time, they knew their differences and they knew their strength and agreed in so many things, both races suffered under these SPDC, SLORC, NASAKA aka JUNTA etc.

Every quarters should try to stop the fighting from escalate to the whole Myanmar and by branding this as MUSLIM versus BUDDHIST is such a dangerous taglines as it will also harm other Muslim, especially those who are staying in Rangoon and other townships not located in Arakan, and these muslims are not even Rohingyas.

I urged, HE Daw Aung San Syu Kyi and NLD’s to intervene and to stop this killing, as people of the world wanted to see practical peace and justice being implemented and championed in Myanmar.



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