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Sheih on Sheih: Of Myanmar and Abdullah

About 40 years ago, Lew Kuan Yew’s word spread by radio around the world and this is roughly what he said, “I will develop Singapore like Rangoon”. My guide in Yangon, Mr. Auw (real name withheld for security reason) shared with me what his father told him about once the most beautiful city in Asia.

Mr. Auw also share with me the statement made by his 12 year-old kid recently, “General Aung San must be making a grave decision for fighting the independent from British for Myanmar”.

When he quizzed the child for making such statement, the child said this, “We are far better off under British, look at all those old colonial building and roads, the infrastructure, look at what we achieve today, we achieved nothing and life is so bad under our own ruler”.

Mr. Auw was left speechless yet he has to agree with his kid. “Our developments were far more systematic during the colonial time, but now, everything is in total disarray”.

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A very good journey reporting for Nargis Cyclone by a Malaysian.  Kijang Care was recently formed and had a lot to be implemented in their long-way-to-go in humanitarian activities.  Good luck Bro!

Shahrul Peshawar, Kg. Baru

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