Michael Jackson will be buried as Muslim – Insya ALlah..

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson publicly confirms the death of his singer brother Michael Jackson, asking reporters to give the family some time to grieve and respect their privacy.

While news regarding Michael Jackson’s death keeps inundating the web, his family has just released a public statement to the many awaiting reporters gathering outside U.C.L.A. Medical Center, where the late singer was pronounced dead for a reported cardiac arrest. On Thursday, June 25, the same day the King of Pop passed away, his brother Jermaine Jackson faced the press, sharing with them few details surrounding Michael’s death. “My brother, the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, passed away on Thursday, June 25, at 2:26 P.M.,” Jermaine told the media shortly before 6:30 P.M. After taking deep breath, he then continued stating, “It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until the results of the autopsy are known.” Appearing obviously distraught, Jermaine went on revealing, “The personal physician who was with him at the time attempted to resuscitate my brother. As did paramedics who transported him to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital at approximately 1:14 P.M., a team of doctors, including emergency physicians and cardiologists, attempted to resuscitate him for a period of one hour and they were unsuccessful.” He then ended his statement, saying “Our family requests that the media please respect our privacy during this tough time, and may Allah be with you Michael, always.” TMZ has the footage of Jermaine’s speech.




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29 responses to “Michael Jackson will be buried as Muslim – Insya ALlah..

  1. My heart goes out to the family of Michael Jackson especially his children. I am still in shock about his death. I believe that Michael Jackson contributed alot when it comes to the music business. He had a remarkable talent. He was the inspiration for a lot of other musicians. Michael has definitely left his mark and his music will continue to live on. I remember as a child growing up listening to his music. One of my favorite songs when he was a child was Ben. Michael has inspired millions of people through his music.

    I didn’t know him personally but I do believe that when people hit stardom things can spiral out of control. No matter what Michael stood up for what he believed in. In some of his songs he expressed so many clues it’s not funny at all. What happened to him was tragic and totally unexpected. It could have happened to anyone. It amazes me how when you are in public scrutiny there are some who seem to have no compassion. No matter what he was a person with a gift and talent that cannot be matched. Michael also did his own thing to change the music business and the crossed the boundaries which did in some sense bring about a change and unity within music. Michael said in one of his songs that :”They don’t really care about us!”. That is true and Mr. Jackson was making a bold statement that which in turn really turns out to be true.

    The saddest of all is that even though Mr. Jackson’s presence is no longer present on this earth, there are some in the media who are secretly rejoicing that he is no longer here. Some in the media have been after him. I believe he was hunted in the same sense that Princess Diana was hounded and also died unexpectedly. The media I believe is going to wear this out and continue to beat him until they are satisfied. Will there ever be a time when the media will not withold real TRUTH?

    The legacy of Michael will continue to embrace the hearts and minds of all who have enjoyed watching him grow from a child to an adult. No one is perfect!

    Thank You Michael for the gift of music that helped to inspire other artists and fans that will continue to love your talents though you have passed on.


  2. Rudolf

    People are born and die, that is a basic law of nature.. Even kings of pop, you can’t bribe the death..

    • I must agree, it was his time to go there is no doubt about that. Everyone have to go someday, even the king and queens and we cannot run away from that it’s life whether you like it or not. May he rest in peace Inshallah as his Brother SAID: May Allah be with him. Respect the choice he made… he chose to die as a muslim so bury him as a muslim.

  3. I agree with Rudolf. One day we will all die & meet our maker. I find it a bit sad to see someone so talented and creative self destruct towards the last years of his life.

  4. ajer1978

    assalammualaikum..jika kebenaran menyebelahi mikael dan beliau benar2 islam mari bersama sedekahkan al fatihah kepada mikael jackson bin abdullah semoga rohnya dilindungi allah swt..insya allah..

  5. azure

    Jermaine did not say ‘Allah’. He said ‘Our Love’.

  6. raja nasir mahmood

    i m nasir from pakistan i m one of the great fan of micheal jackson i m really worried about micheal death.i pray for him that God forgive him if he was a muslim

  7. RIP, Michael. Jermaine said “Allah be with you, Michael”!

  8. I don’t see anything in the quotes about him being given a Muslim burial.. can you please substantiate the claim with quotes or interviews?


    • shahrulpeshawar

      Thanks Josh.

      It is my hope that Michael will be buried Islamic way… the words Insya ALlah means by the permission of ALlah… I really hope that he died as muslim.

  9. Zahari

    Moga-moga dia seorang islam dan di selamatkan oleh Allah SWT. Paling penting doa dari anak lelakinya kepada roh ayahndanya pasti dimakbul Allah SWT.

  10. Rudi,JKT

    Innalillahi wa’ innalillahi rojiun.

  11. Saheed Computer

    “Inna li Llahi wa inaa ilayhi roojihuun”. I must agree, it was his time to go, there is no doubt about that. Everyone have to go someday, even the king and queens and we cannot run away from that it’s life whether you like it or not. May he rest in peace Inshallah as his Brother SAID: May Allah be with him. Respect the choice he made… he chose to die as a muslim so bury him as a muslim

  12. I don’t understand anything! What is the reality with his bury? Why is all so secret? Michael was muslim, he must to be buried as a muslim! this is my opinion.

  13. fauziyah


  14. Pat

    who told you michael was muslim? visiting barhein mean to be muslim? i hope you muslims who live in western countries will soon be christians. the natural way is to move from worse (muslim) to the best (christian). that’s why michael was the best, the king. it’s easy to become christian: just confess JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior, and He will visit You.

    • shahrulpeshawar

      You have no right to talk on Jesus… we Muslim have more right than you… where the hell is the tomb of Jesus if he had been crucified? Muslim believe he is in heaven now and waiting the right time to be back to correct some lies that ignorance had made on Him as SON OF GOD (nonsense).

    • awais

      hello this is awais!!!and i wanna say that to judge a person is easy but to love a person is really difficult!!!if u believe that he was christian why dont you visit you tube and search for the nasheed that he sang for allah the name of that nasheed is”give thanks to allah”and then say anything about youf fake religion bro!!!

  15. @ Pat, If u like it or not, MJJ was mulsim and his brother Jermaine too! If u don’t know that, then…now u know it! I am not muslim, but this is the truth! If he choose this religion was his right! His brother said after Michael’s death: “Allah be with you, Michael!”

  16. abujie

    kalau benar ia islam ,alhamdulilah dia di ibaratkan kain putih ,dia telah bertaubat sebelum mati dan dapat rahmat ketika mati dan insyaalah dapat keampunan sesudah mati, mudah mudahan allah akan matikan dia dengan iman dan masukan ke dalam surga bersama iman ,amin yarabal alamin.

  17. samiya

    he was a very sensitive person
    he alwayz says

  18. Noor

    We all love Michael Jackson may allah bless his soul and make jennah his last ever home..I’m still in a shock..it was my dream since i was a kid to meet him though i had the opportunity when he was in my country Bahrain but didn’t happen..love you Michael and will always be in our heart..people never left him when he was alive i think it’s his time to rest in peace with allah..I pray for him everyday..I still wake up in the morning not believing it

  19. awais

    he was a muslim or not!!! it was never between us and mj its has been always between him and allah!!!allah knows the best!!!i wish if he is muslim so may allah grant him to paradise!!!and i want my all brothers and sisters to pray for him!!because now he really need our prayers!!may god bless him…ameen!!

  20. roots

    He was muslim but I do not think his family will give him muslim burial.In other words he is still suffering from his maney grabber family and western evil media but we believe that ALLAH may help him and have mercy on him.No matter his filthy family make plans to get money out of his body!!!!!

    • Assalamualaikum,

      Heard that his jazanah will be buried follow the Islamic way. Alhamdullah, I wish all his fans don’t forget to “doa” suratul fatehah. I will always do so as long as I live. May Allah SWT forgive and grant him al-Jannah. Amiin……

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