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Berita MRA dalam akhbar Singgalang

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MRA Group 8 Progress Report – Part 2


dr mar2

17 NOVEMBER 2009

It was only Tuesday, but we felt that we have been here for quite awhile. We were getting use to the time difference especially the different praying times. We had sardine sandwiches for breakfast, and I had my dose of instant Cappuccino to start the day. By 8am, we were all good and ready to go, but Haji Hani decided to stay home since he was still feeling a bit under the weather. It was quite a surprise since I doubt before this he ever stood up any program. Given the task to lead the team, we headed out to our next destination – Tangah Sukur. On the way, we stopped by a wholesale dealer shop which actually belonged to Pak Yas’s (our driver) brother. We stocked on mineral water and I found a whole pack of instant cappuccino and mini chocolate tiger biscuits to add to our supply.


Tangah Sukur was a nearby village which took around half an hour to reach from our residence. We were placed in front of the mosque on a nice patio of an abandoned home damaged during the earth quake. The people of Tangah Sukur were very friendly and we treated 83 patients altogether with main complaints of hypertension and fungal infections. In view that we had just one big bottle of albendazole syrup, we decided to have a small worm campaign where the kids are given the dose of albendazole on the spot. After a lot of laughs, we took pictures with the locals. Most of the locals were pretty familiar with Malaysia, having relatives here. They even have interesting pets, and one of them actually showed her baby foxes. It was common for the locals to adopt these foxes as they can be domesticated and used to find good coffee beans. Yes, these were the foxes that eat the good coffee fruit and the locals gather the beans from their droppings. It is said that these beans produce the best coffee in the world, but despite being an avid coffee addict, I guess I was more grossed out with the thought of the beans extracted from fox droppings. Eww…

Lunch was again Nasi Padang situated by the beach. Despite the lovely scenery, all of us were quite fed up of the same type of dishes everyday. Azmee refused to eat except for some fish fritters that looked like ‘tempeyek’. Shahril, on the other hand, was craving for some tom yam. It was time to make a few changes; I don’t think I can survive eating the same menu day in, day out. Before we reached home, I told Pak Yas that we needed to go shopping. We headed for Pariaman market where we bought chicken, fish, prawns and squid. We tried looking for things like Tom Yam paste or curry powder, or even tumeric powder but apparently it was non-existent. We were forced to make do with whatever that was there but to me, this is where the fun is, creating food from basics. We then headed to the nearby pharmacy to stock on eye drops and LMS cream. When we reached home, Haji Hani was already feeling better. He then decided to take us to a nice place that made praying clothes for women. (Personal Note : For those coming – this is a must go place).

That night, we decided to cook for a change. We surprised Haji Hani by whipping up seafood tom yam and Fried Sambal Chilli Kerisi with omelette. Now at least the food feels more like home.

18 NOVEMBER 2009

It was our 5th day in Padang, and today we made nasi lemak for breakfast. Haji Hani was so happy, he grinned from ear to ear to get Malaysian nasi lemak for breakfast. We even packed some for lunch. We were scheduled to go to Sikabu at Lubuk Akap. The journey was a short one, less than half an hour.

We set camp in front of a fertilizer store situated at the main junction of the village. The villagers were excited to see us and many came despite the earlier rain. Altogether we treated 151 patients (actually a bit more but some of our papers went missing and some didn’t register). The main problem was symptomatic anaemia which I presumed mainly due to worm infestation since most of the people there were farmers and they walked around barefoot most of the time. It was like election come early and we were overwhelmed by the crowd. There was one boy who had a right lower thigh abscess. We advised him to go to the hospital but he refused. Finally, the father agreed to take him to our residence for an I&D. Towards the end, there was one patient who required a home visit.

I went with Haji Hani and Pak Yus to the old man’s house. The house was partly damaged from the earthquake. The wife was very happy that we came; previously she was one of our patients. She wanted to know what was wrong with her husband. Clinical examination revealed an old man with complete right hemiplegia and hypereflexia, with lower cranial nerves dysfunction. His blood pressure was 220/110 mmHg. There was no murmur heard. We advised the family to take him to a hospital for a better evaluation as we believe he may have suffered a stroke over the left side, but the family was more worried about who to care for him in the hospital as all the children were working outside of Padang, and the wife is too old. I left them with advice on stroke care at home and the wife gave us 3 durians to bring home.

We stopped by lunch at a nearby Nasi Padang stall. Nasi lemak and avocado juice does blend well apparently. After lunch, we made a quick stop to a mattress wholeseller and then went to look for some fabric with nice embroideries. I guess Pak Yas misunderstood what we wanted because he brought us to a shop selling wedding clothes. It was okay though, at least we had a nice look at the traditional clothes and items used for a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremonies held here are very colourful with yellow and red being a must. The groom would normally be seen paraded by the roadside towards the bride’s house. It would be interesting to actually attend one.

We went home exhausted and most of us slept. I got up to wait for the boy with the right thigh abscess to come. While waiting, there was a loud commotion outside. A man was brought in to our residence with sustained superficial lacerations from his head actively bleeding. Initially we thought that he was a motorcyclist being hit by a car. But after further questioning, it turns out the car only sustained minor damages, but the drivers ended up fighting each other. The assailant hit the victim with some metal object which appeared to be blunt, as the lacerations were not as deep. There were 3 superficial lacerations altogether ranging from 0.5 cm to 2 cm. Unfortunately, we did not have any ATT to jab him in case of tetanus, nor did we have any sutures left to stitch up the lacerations. Luckily, the bleeding stopped as we were rinsing the wound so it was suffice to just cover it. I still wish we had some sutures. Despite the wounds would definitely heal, but I felt like we could have done a better job. We covered him with antibiotics, gave him some pain killers and advised daily dressing at any nearby health facility. The assailant sustained minor cuts and bruises. Did I mention there was a crowd and the police was there too? It felt like a scene from a drama.

Afterwards, we packed our things and ate magi mee for dinner.

To be continued………

clinic group photo
hj hani n dr mar mobile clinic2
mobile clinic4 nurse
telekung telekung

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MRA hulur bantuan makanan kepada mangsa gempa Sumba

Pihak MRA telah menghulurkan lebih dari 600 pek barang-barang asas makanan seperti beras, gula, minyak masak dan lain-lain kepada mangsa gempa di sekitar Pariaman, daerah yang paling teruk dilanda oleh gempa bumi. Team bantuan perubatan MRA yang dianggotai oleh Dr Hyzan, Dr Dahlia, Dr Suryasmi dan empat orang staff nurse serta dibantu oleh rakan-rakan tempatan telah menyampaikan sendiri bantuan tersebut dan menyampaikan salam simpati rakyat Malaysia kepada semua mangsa yang ditemui. Setiap penerima bantuan melahirkan rasa terharu yang amat sangat diatas ingatan dan doa dari rakyat Malaysia dan mereka mengucapkan kesyukuran dan terimakasih diatas bantuan yang diberikan.

Dari hasil pemerhatian team disana, mangsa gempa masih belum boleh bekerja kerana seringnya berlaku gempa susulan (aftershocks) yang membuatkan mereka sentiasa bimbang dengan keselamatan ahli keluarga mereka. Disamping itu mereka perlu menguruskan hal-ehwal keluarga mentelahan lagi kediaman mereka telah ranap dan tidak boleh dihuni. Justeru, MRA menyeru seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk terus menyalurkan bantuan kewangan untuk membolehkan pihak MRA membeli bahan makanan asas untuk membantu mangsa gempa yang amat-amat memerlukan.

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MRA hulur bantuan perubatan waktu malam

Sunday, 11 October 2009 11:55
Ma Jo, panggilan mesra kami kepada salah seorang staf di Puskesmas Pedusunan Kampung Tengah, telah memaklumkan bahawa kampung beliau, Kampung Malintang yang terletak sejauh 30 km dari Pariaman amat memerlukan pemeriksaan kesihatan kerana masih belum ada bantuan kesihatan yang sampai.

Setelah berbincang dengan rakan-rakan, kami pun terus membuat persiapan dan bertolak kekampung beliau jam 7:00 malam selepas klinik di Puskesmas Pedusunan tamat jam 6:30 petang. Kami sampai kira-kira jam 8:00 malam dan para penduduk telah pun menunggu kedatangan kami. Dengan berbekalkan cahaya lampu dari generator, kami terus beroperasi melayan pesakit seorang demi seorang sehingga kami kehabisan bekalan ubat yang dibawa.

Jumlah pesakit yang dirawat ialah seramai 83 orang dan kami berjanji akan datang keesokan hari untuk merawat mereka yang masih belum mendapat rawatan. Kami bertolak pulang jam 10 malam dan sampai di tempat penginapan dengan selamat jam 11 malam.

Staff Nurse Zai, Gee dan Wan sedang sibuk menguruskan ubat-ubatan untuk para mangsa gempaKlinik sedang berjalan diterangi cahaya lampu
Dr SuDr Dahlia
Dr DahliaDr Dahlia
Dr SuDr Su
Klinik sedang berjalan diterangi cahaya lampuDr Su
Staff nurse zarina dibantu oleh pegawai perubatan daerah menberikan ubat-ubatanTeam mra bersedia untuk menjalankan klinik bergerak pada waktu malam

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Kenyataan Media Insaf Malaysia – 9hb Oktober 2009

2 Doktor Perubatan, Dr Alvin Tan dan Dr Koh Lee Min serta seorang ‘Logistiction’, sdr Ling Ing Hook dari MISI 1- INSAF Malaysia telah berlepas ke PADANG dengan pesawat Air-Asia jam 5 petang tadi dan membawa bersama bekalan ubat-ubatan yang dipesan ‘TEAM’ RAT dari Kota Pariaman.

Mereka akan berada di sana selama seminggu dan akan mengambil alih tanggungjawab ‘TEAM’ RAT yang diketuai Dr Ahmad Abd Wahid yang telah pun berkhidmat selama seminggu di PARIAMAN. Manakala MISI 2 –INSAF Malaysia pula akan bersiap dari sekarang dan dijangka bertolak pada hari Rabu depan dengan bekalan ubat-ubatan, selimut dan makanan bayi yang akan dibeli dari Medan.
Walaubagaimana pun jumlah bekalan Misi Kemanusiaan ini bergantung penuh kepada hasil sumbangan daripada orang ramai.
Sedikit latarbelakang ‘TEAM’ ini ialah Dr Alvin Tan adalah seorang doktor perubatan yang berpengalaman yang telah berkhidmat misi-misi kemanusiaan di Pakistan, Aceh, Sichuan dan Gangsu di China. Sementara Dr Koh adalah doktor prediatic Hospital Selayang dan Sdr Ling dari Perak akan membantu dalam penyediaan bekalan air dan tandas.
INSAF Humanitarian Relief Malaysia
International Social Welfare,Rescue & Humanitarian Relief, Malaysia
9-1, Jalan Setiawangsa 9,
Taman Setiawangsa,
54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 4251 9444 Fax: 03-4252 3813

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Petang semalam pihak kami telah menerima SMS dari Dr Ahmad bahawa bekalan ubat sudah kehabisan…!! Semalam saja lebih 180 orang pesakit telah mengunjungi ‘Mobile Clinic’ INSAF Malaysia untuk mendapatkan rawatan. Bekalan ubat 50 Kilo yang dibawa sejak Ahad lalu yang dibawa sendiri dari Klinik Dr Ahmad, Alor Gajah seperti yang disenaraikan dalam ruangan beberapa hari yang lalu sudah tiada lagi.

‘Team’ Dr Alvin Tan yang akan bertolak pada petang ini hanya mampu membawa ubat untuk beberapa hari sahaja.
Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan serta semua rakyat Malaysia yang dikasihi kalian, semua perbelanjaan yang telah digunakan sepanjang MISI Kemanusiaan ini adalah dari sumber dalaman sukarelawan sendiri iaitu hampir RM15,000. Dan kami masih belum menerima apa-apa bantuan lagi baik dari badan koporat maupun dari kerajaan negeri. Masih banyak barang keperluan seperti susu bayi, selimut dan khemah (tarpaulin) yang perlu diagih-agihkan dengan segera kepada mangsa-mangsa yang masih belum menerima bantuan sehingga hari ini.

Oleh itu kami sangat berbesar hati dan mengalu-alukan mana-mana badan yang sudi membantu Misi Kemanusiaan kami ini dengan kadar segera terutama ubat-ubatan seperti yang disenaraikan dibawah.

Sy PCM , Sy Phenergen, Sy Actifed, Sy Vent exp, Sy Amway, Sy Leporex, CMC eyedrop ,CMC eardrop ,Normal solve eye drop ,Bemorate, Miconezole cream, Fusida grit/cream 5gm, T.Ketocanozole (nizoral) 10s, Sy Bara (pack) 60ml, T.Dextoplan 10s x 100, Voren (Diclofere) 50mg 10s x 100, Zinnat 250mg 10s
PCM 500mg 10s x 100, Histac 150g 10s,T. Veneshi 2mg, T. Venthi 4mg, T. Lesparanaid, T. Prednozolone 5mg, Ceora 250mg

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No 2-2A Jalan GJ 2, Taman Gombak Jaya, Batu 5 ½ Jalan Gombak, 53100 KUALA LUMPUR

Khamis 8hb Oktober, 2009

Misi I GPM ke Sumatera Barat telah berlangsung dari dari 5-6 Oktober, 2009 yang lalu. Anggota Misi I terdiri dari dari Sdr Mohd Asri Abdul (Ketua Misi), Sdr. Aktifanus Jawahir dan Sdr. Akmal Hisham.

Tujuan Misi

Misi I merupakan misi peninjau GPM untuk melihat kerosakan akibat gempa, terutamanya di Kabupaten Padang Pariaman dan Kabupaten Agam di Sumatera Barat dan menentukan bentuk bantuan yang diperlukan di sana. Misi I juga ditugaskan untuk menyalurkan bantuan kecemasan di kawasan yang terbabit serta membuka pusat operasi GPM

Penemuan Misi

Misi mendapati kerosakan harta benda yang sangat parah meskipun korban jiwa tidak begitu tinggi di kawasan yang diberikan tumpuan.


1. GPM telah membuka dua pusat operasi; satu di kota Pariaman dan satu lagi di Maninjau untuk  memudahkan penyaluran bantuan seterusnya.

2. Misi I juga telah menyalurkan bantuan kecemasan bernilai RM 10,000 kepada mangsa gempa di kawasan Pariaman.

3. Misi I juga memutuskan untuk memberikan tumpuan kepada tiga buah desa; iaitu dua buah desa di Kabupaten Padang Pariaman kira-kira 60 km dari Padang, dan sebuah desa di Kabupaten Agam.

a) Dua buah desa di Kabupaten Padang Pariaman terdiri dari: Desa Durian Pulut Pulut yang mempunyai 72 isirumah yang mana hampir seluruh rumah di desa ini mengalami kerosakan berat. Sebuah desa lagi ialah Desa Padang Karambia yang mempunyai 63 isi rumah, juga hampir seluruh rumah-rumah di desa ini mengalami kerosakan.

b) Desa ketiga yang menjadi tumpuan GPM ialah Jorong Batu Nanggai di Kecamatan Tanjung Raya, Kabupaten Agam di mana terdapat sebuah pondok pesantren yang mengalami kerosakan parah sehingga 120 pelajar-pelajarnya terpaksa dipindahkan ke sebuah masjid berdekatan.

Jenis Bantuan yang akan disalurkan

1. Bantuan yang akan disalurkan oleh GPM ialah untuk mendirikan rumah sementara di dua desa di Kabupaten Padang Pariaman, iaitu Desa Durian Pulut Pulut dan Desa Padang Karambia.  Bantuan bernilai RM 3,000 untuk mendirikan sebuah rumah sementara tetapi akan disalurkan secara bertahap.  Sebahagian daripada bahan-bahan yang diperlukan untuk mendirikan rumah sementara itu diperolehi daripada rumah yang telah roboh, seperti atap zink, kayu, pintu dan lain-lain. Penduduk desa ini akan membina rumah mereka secara gotong royong.  Untuk tujuan ini,  GPM memerlukan RM 405,000 (135 unit x RM 3,000).

2. Bantuan makanan untuk pelajar-pelajar di Pondok Pesantren Prof Dr. Hamka seramai 120 orang yang kini tinggal di Masjid Bancah untuk tempoh 3 bulan. GPM  memerlukan  sebanyak RM 36,000 untuk menyalurkan bantuan ini. (RM 3 x 120 orang x 100 hari)

3. Keadaan bumi di lokasi pondok pesantren sudah rosak dan pondok ini tidak boleh digunakan lagi. Sebagai langkah sementara, dua buah rumah penduduk di kawasan berdekatan yang tidak terjejas dengan gempa digunakan sebagai tempat belajar.  Namun kedua buah rumah ini perlu direhabilitasi dan ini memerlukan biaya sebanyak RM 45,000.

Sumbangan orang ramai sangat-sangatlah diperlukan untuk menjayakan pelan tindakan  GPM di atas.  Untuk keterangan lanjut sila hubungi pejabat GPM di talian 6188 3230 atau layari laman web www.gpm.com. my

Sumbangan atas nama  Global Peace Mission (GPM) boleh di buat ke akaun berikut:

Maybank:       564 221 611 602

Bank Islam:    14 023 01 002922 4

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